Neal Katyal: Looks Like Trump Really Tried To Attempt A Coup 1

Neal Katyal: Looks Like Trump Really Tried To Attempt A Coup

MSNBC Legal Analyst Neal Katyal reacts to the latest reporting on  Donald Trump's 'cray cray' plot to apparently try and steal the 2020 election.
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  1. Took so long time to realised the obvious…… what’s wrong with American? Started before the election, sowing doubts in legitimacy of election if he lost.

    1. Religion is at the heart of this, it’s the glue that binds all of this disinformation together, if you’re a believer, you get to dismiss any and all evidence in favor of what you want to believe, and what your pastor is telling you. It is no coincidence that the US is the most religious country in the developed world.

    1. “Why arnt these guys in jail?” Because msnbc is not telling you the whole truth, nor is any mainstream media, including fake news fox… read epoch times, they tell you everything with no twists. Just think, this is a three minute video based on one sentence in a letter that could have been taken completely out of context. Epoch times would present the whole letter, and provide the pdf so that you may read it yourself. That’s honest reporting for you

    2. Because the letter they didn’t end up sending anyways is them asking nicely to do the investigations before Jan 6. I don’t know what they would be in jail for. Checking twice is a crime? Lock Santa up!

    1. Watergate was a J-walk compared to Trump. At least Nixon never schemed the downfall of democracy nor was he a fascist. He was “just” an awful man who valued self profiting over lives.

    2. t makes Nixon look like a choirboy, Bush look like a genius and Benedict Arnold like the hero of the Revolution.

    1. @becky doesit don’t dispair!!! Your beloved Trump will be ” reinststatd” on August 13 t, according to his friend Mike Lindell …the My Pillow guy!!! Yes!!!

    2. Even if they do lock him up the gop traitors have already started the destruction of democracy as they now can control who gets voted in everywhere in there states and eventually overturn any presidential outcome

    1. @balls strikes It’s actually not, the Democrats are the Party of Racism. Just because you pander to black people now doesn’t change the fact that you are the party of racism. Look at you, you’re obsessed with the shade of somebody’s skin color. You are the racists.

    2. @balls strikes Klan is a Democrat thing, was founded by Democrats and for Democrats. You can’t erase your history racist.

    3. Of course he won’t go to prison – this is the USA. Politicised from top to bottom, run by money not voters and the law only applies to some.

  2. If he needs a defence he could just say “hey i bankrupted casinos, do you really think I believed I could pull off a coup?”

    1. OK but Biden is a dictator he’s literally threatening people to get vaccinated extra something wrong with your IQ level baby

    1. I honestly believe the dossier that’s being assembled right now will put him away forever … sit back and put your feet up mate …

    2. Trump will probably be fine from both his company and jan 6th investigations. It is just too damaging to put him in jail.

    3. @Sionnach MacBradaigh Another sad little retrumplican minion. For your own mental health, move on and get over the loss of the POS you elected.

    1. @becky doesit
      You people are hilarious
      Your man lost snowflake, live with it.

    2. @becky doesit Look into the history of American elections and you will learn that No one has ever had an election stolen from them. Sorry Faux News & Right wing media have been Brainwashing you !

    3. It was just some “very fine” tourists killing cops by accident. GOP probably would say there were mostly violence from Cops and Antifa forcing the tourists to defend themself.

  3. if prosecutors are afraid of indicting Trump they should resign to allow for someone more competent to take their place

  4. Rosen kept quiet about, covered for trump and did not prosecute those he now says he knew were corrupt. Surely he must face some consequences or these enablers will do it again.

    1. Exactly although I’m glad it didn’t come out during the impeachment because it would have just been ignored and forgotten like everything else

    2. “Misprision of felony” is a crime that occurs when someone knows a felony has been committed but fails to inform the authorities about it.

  5. The system held? So he doesn’t pay a price? That’s like letting someone off with a shooting because they’re target wore a bulletproof vest.

  6. When will trump be prosecuted for his actions against the Constitution of the United States, and his acts of treason!

    1. maybe when merrick garland chooses to be a democrat instead of a repuke!! he is the one who is holding everything up & biden said he isn’t going to interfere!!!

  7. “Looks like Trump really tried…”
    He is STILL trying, and America is screwed if he is not punished for it.

    1. @Elaine Leithiser I believe the red side did a lot of diddling with 2016, because Hillary won the Most Votes, Trump told the red hats to vote more than once for him both campaigns, there itself should put Trump in jail for telling his poorly educated to commit fraud.

  8. The world looks on and wonders why the US legal system hasn’t done anything about prosecuting Trump following the large amount of evidence of his many illegal activities.

    1. Because the vast majority of current politicians in both parties are extremely corrupt. The Rethuglicans are completely corrupt, and the Democrats are mostly corrupt. That, lobbying, and the filibuster are the problems, as well as needing drastic term limits.

  9. “We need to get to the bottom of it” – this is not possible, because the moral depravity of former president Trump and his GOP is bottomless!

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