1. aurora_occidentalis The only women that are republican are the ones that had to marry a republican because he knocked her up and wouldn’t let her abort the fetid fetus.

    2. @aurora_occidentalis
      I saw the lies from Ted Cruz and others about a man being hung from the copter.
      It’s worth noting that the exterior of the helicopter in the video strongly suggests it had been in possession of the Afghan armed forces before it was seized by the Taliban, not left behind by the US military. In other words, it was almost certainly not one of the pieces of equipment left behind by the US military during the evacuation. The Pentagon says the departing troops rendered that aircraft inoperable.

    1. @Michael John Angel Yes. I served in the USMC from 1989 to 2009. I saw combat in Gulf War 1 and 2 and wherever else they sent us. I have seen thousands of them, as well as other Islamic extremists. I have been to every continent except for Antarctica. I have been to over 100 countries and all of the oceans. I spent far too much time in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, and Somalia. I went wherever I was ordered to go.

      Those were some of the best and some of the worst years of my life.

  1. This law creating vigilante lawsuits by other unrelated parties allows holding liable additional incidental, tangentially connected people and businesses such as drivers, whether they’re family, a friend, limo/car service, taxi cab or Lyft/Uber. This is where I suspect this law may crumble on constitutional grounds.

    1. I would like to think you’re right. But… given this SCOTUS, and the partisan state of our politics these days… I very much doubt it.

    2. @ishtarian It may depend on who gets caught up in this scheme. If a corporation or corporations get rolled up in it then the SCOTUS would almost certainly rule in favor of the corporate interest. That’s a firm pattern with this court.

    3. Your correct this fine portion of the law may fail over time… but I guess the point is time there isn’t any… for the impregnated woman/girl. With these new antiabortion laws, we have prison time for doctors. We have humiliation and punishment for girls and women. What we don’t have are laws to address the impregnators, the abandoners, the shirkers of personal, social and financial responsibility’s of the men who impregnated

    4. @EvilisWhereEvilThinks PRECISELY!! We always hear about how men should have a say. This is the “say” they go silent on. No punishment for men… STILL.

    1. @New Account …yes, I need you to explain how a non-sentient fetus is more deserving of life than a breathing, sentient, BORN person. If someone was actually ‘pro-life’, they would be anti-abortion (for ANY reason) and anti-death penalty. If you support the death penalty…you are really just pro-fetus.

    2. Theres a difference between earning death because of a heinous crime and a baby who never got a chance at living life. If a man viciously rapes a woman and cuts her head off once hes done yeah that calls for the death penalty. But a baby in the womb, who are we to decide if they live or die? We are not God, we dont have the authority. God is decider of who has life and when it ends. He is God. He has the authority.

    3. @Shantelle kiwi dragon White People who dislike vaccines and masks invlove one person. A pregnant woman involves 2 not one. The majority of people who dislike vaccines and masks dont want it imposed on themselves specifically, they dont care what other people do. If you want wear a mask or get the shot, go ahead thats your choice and I respect that.

  2. You know who else threatens personal choices, retribution and unleashing vigilantes against fellow citizens Fascists.

  3. This what happens if you allow the US version of the Taliban to run the country and impose their Evangelical Sharia Law.

    1. @OriginalPiMan good. There is some hope after all. I think it was democrats that started that filibuster thing. I could be wrong but they sure liked it when it benefited them huh?

    2. Anyway, abortion pills are available in many countries around the world. The effect of this de-facto abortion ban will be that in addition to drugs abortion pills will now become the best seller in the darknet.

    3. @Piotr Trebisz happens every time they ban something. Kinda like gun control. People will just get them on the dark web. So no use in doing that either.

    4. @New Account
      Even going back to the filibuster rules that existed when the racist Democrats of the early 20th century used it to block civil rights laws would be an improvement over today. Back then, the racists had to stand for what they believed in and talk; they had to talk until they couldn’t talk anymore, and then the filibuster was over. Today the Republicans are the ones using it, but they don’t have to do anything; they just have to say they’re filibustering, and then Democrats have to find 60 votes to end the filibuster, even if it takes months.

      And yeah, freedom of religion, but it is the religion of fundamentalist and evangelical Christians that has effectively banned abortions by anyone regardless of religious beliefs, because they know that most women don’t know they’re pregnant within the first six weeks of pregnancy.

    5. @New Account I think you should read the First Amendment, it’s called freedom FROM religion. And it helps the Evangelical and religious right to understand how they are trying to pass laws according to their religion and make people live by their religion by comparing them to the Taliban in Afghanistan. Like I said the Constitution runs our country and not the Bible, the Quran, the Torah or any other religion. You are free in this country to practice any religion you wish and we have laws to make sure that you can. But in the same token the people that don’t believe in God or have any religion want to be left alone and not have religion in their government and shoved down their throat. I’m not living by your religion. Practice your religion in your church, synagogue or mosque or wherever it is you practice it, just not in our government and that includes schools and any other government functions. If you don’t believe in abortions don’t have one but you’re not going to make that choice for any Other Woman. LOL

  4. Not only does this law give ten grand to anybody who wants to make a living accusing people of abortion, it FORBIDS the award of legal fees to defendants! In other words, anybody can accuse you and force you to defend yourself in court, if you WIN, you cannot have costs paid by the false accuser. It’s simply a pass for false accusers and a threat of bankruptcy to ANYONE who is accused.

    1. How many children will you adopt? How many children will you foster? Are you going to help any children? If you do not help children, mind your own business and shut up.!

    2. Yes. And it’s a denial of really, really basic constitutional rights as defined by the Supreme court some 50 years ago.

    1. @Marsh Wetland wow, what a long rant. You should tell that instead to Fauci and his Chinese cohorts who were playing with fire and screwed up and released this. And now lie to the world.

    2. Unreal…My husband is an Army Ranger Veteran, who got cancer from the burn pits in Iraq. Every box I sent Him had food for the women and children He saw being abused by their Fathers and Husband…and now we donate over 1k of diapers, clothes, toys, baby food every month to pregnancy centers, because we are pro-life. And now I’m somehow a terrorist???? Insanity!

    3. “ You don’t see conservative groups terrorizing people and cities. Looting, burning and attacking law enforcement and government”

      Umm.. pretty sure conservatives looted our Capitol, attacked actors of law enforcement, and literally tried to overthrow our democracy about 8 months ago. I guess you see what you wanna see. The irony of your post is beyond hilarious lol

    1. Taliban militia rides around in Toyota trucks. In Texas, the Republican militia prefers Fords, with the confederate flag flying. Same religious zealotry and need to control others, exists in both groups.

    1. @michael shultz I was alive and you aren’t right. I am from Arizona where one of the Romper Room teachers sued to get an abortion. She had the ability to leave the country to get the abortion. Because of the media spin, she lost her job. The child, had it been born, would have died painfully at birth or in utero prior to birth. Before abortion was legal, thousands of women each year died trying to abort the fetus themselves. My daughter, she and her husband are Pentacostal ministers, had toxemia five years ago and had to be induced. She had other children and a husband at home. The doctor asked her, “If we can save only one of you, do you want us to save you or the baby?” She answered to save her. Before abortion was made legal in Ireland, a woman with four children and a husband had to die because the doctor could not ask that question. Do you want that for our country? If abortion is illegal here, the only other places abortion is illegal will be Muslim countries and places without modern services. Won’t that be nice? No. It will be backward.

    2. @mj333 You are part right. Margaret Atwood is Canadian. She published the book in 1985. The first movie of Handmaids Tale starred Robert Duvall, Faye Dunaway and Natasha Richardson in 1990.

    3. In Arizona, and I imagine in many states, the welfare medical plan does not cover any birth control but a diaphragm, foam, or gel. It does not cover birth control pills, vasectomy or tubal ligation, not even for married people. This is because religious groups in the State complained. Now this. The religious crazies are going to be really happy now! Eventually, more children will be born into poverty, abuse, and crime. Our prisons will have more inmates and there will be more children to not adopt, or pay for, in the already broken and overcrowded foster care system. That will be wonderful for the pro-birth crowd!

    1. @K Mick I guess your current defense of abortion (and that’s what it is) is the “do whatever it takes” to suppress what you know to be the truth.

  5. I remember when the “pro-life” groups was killing doctors who performed abortions, as well bombing their clinics. How pro-life was that?

    1. Nice try, blame it on Christianity! Obviously, you believe murder is fine and the church is wrong for not condoning murder. Very ‘intelligent’ of you!!!

    2. @Trailin’ Annie People have long committed acts of murder in the sake of religion! Don’t pretend that it’s otherwise. While the Church itself may not condone acts of violence its “spiritual leaders” can incite it!

    3. @michael shultz While that may certainly be true many others showed support for that. Are they any less guilty? Whether they believed they were doing the right thing or not is irrelevant as they are still committing murder.

    4. @MerchMazing your response was childish af and uncalled for. He doesn’t know his father just because he’s black? How ignorant do you sound? If you don’t have anything of value to contribute to this conversation, please save your nonsense for someone else.

    1. @The Northern Spinozist I mean, of course it can’t. It’s just written words on a paper. But I don’t see that horror scenario as being realistic at all. I think you guys are seeing the other political side as pure evil nowadays, as the mortal enemy. I don’t think this is true at all. And I think this black or white thinking is what led to Trump and to the storming of the Congress.
      I’ve watched a lot of the hearings regarding the newer judges in the SCOTUS. They seem like incredibly competent, highly idealistic jurisdicians to me that will defend the constitution.

      That said, that doesn’t mean an educated citizen shouldn’t be on the lookout. That’s an awesome quality to have and it’s necessary to protect democracy. But when someone is seeing ghosts it very rapidly turns into the opposite. And the whole “Nazis vs Communists” rhetoric I keep reading about in American comment sections is definitely seeing ghosts. It’s ridiculous.

    2. @The Northern Spinozist but if you wanna entertain this civil war rhetoric I hope you guys wear uniforms at your judgement day. So you know which American brother or sister you have to shoot.

      Edit: now I got carried away to use exaggerated rethoric as well. Sorry for that. But I hope you get my point. It’s very worrying to me what’s happening to your society for a couple of years now. The political climate never was worse as far as I can tell and it unfortunately can even become a lot worse.

    3. @Pilot Petrov Trust me I have lived here most of my life and I know that people are easily triggered and this issue is one of the worst for triggering people. People have been gunned down over a parking space for God sakes! Moreover your argument about taking people to court is an over simplification. As was pointed out in an article I read today, going to court is expensive up front to say nothing about all the complexities of ligation. The “reward” offered is simply to scare woman and their supporters into submission–that is it.

    1. Have you US women ever come across the ancient Greek play Lysistrata by Arisophanes? That might suggest a way to concentrate the minds of these male lawmakers who want to control your bodies…

    2. @Jacob Schneider I don’t know if you are aware of this, but Texas legislature’s next step is to try and make contraception illegal in Texas claiming that contraception is another form of abortion. So what do you say about that?

    3. Needs to be in every state, every ethnicity, including from the states where abortion is legal. Thousands of women from every state come together and take this all the way to Washington DC like MLK did. Peacefully and well represented.

    4. Yes, an too many of us silent males have let this be a “Women’s Issue.” Where Women are discriminated against, it’s an issue for all of decent humanity.

    1. @Trailin’ Annie Unborn children don’t have american citizenship yet, only after birth. Therefore american laws don’t apply to unborn fetuses and therefore it’s no murder.

  6. If the right wing in America can’t be fascist, at least they can be medieval. Didn’t something like this happen during the Salem witch hysteria? Turn in your neighbour as a witch and you get to keep some of their property.

    1. @jones I love the way you write, Jones. I feel like we’re kindred spirits. That, and you’re absolutely right about Zappa.

    2. “As more people become more intelligent they care less for preachers and more for teachers.”
      ― Robert G. Ingersoll

    3. @Mark David
      *_”Tanya told the teacher that the preacher didn’t touch her. The preacher told the teacher that he simply couldn’t reach her.”_*
      ~~ Saturday Night Live, November 19, 2016

    4. @jones That’s the most long-winded tripe I’ve seen in quite some time. If truth and facts were a virus, you’d both be immune.

  7. This will turn into a disaster. Folks identified by vigilantes will be targeting the vigilantes. GQP mess in Texas.

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