Neal Katyal On Barr Testimony: ‘I’ll Believe It When I See It’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. Its coming the Blue wave will take this idiots down. Come on SDNY and Blue Wave. He fired berman because he was closing in

    2. @wing Man yes the SDNY was building solid proof on dump and dump’s people and dump’s businesses. yes then they fire the head man Mr. Berman….

    1. @Merrilou Neigenfind I don’t hate anyone unlike you liberal hate Nazis. 🎶

    1. @R L T lmfao. Wait until the election, and Trump loses. The Nazi party insulated its power by stacking their judiciary. You’ll see come November.

  1. Trump not slowing down testing ,2 days later trump government stops testing Lets fight about something else

    1. Joe Biden’s kid was on a board for a foreign oil and gas company that Joe quid quo pro to fire the prosecutor for some reason. Can’t make it up.

    2. @Fred Feldt Yeah?? bunker baby’s adult kids – and their creepy partners – are all *actually* blatantly corrupt.

  2. Bar waits 5 weeks so that people have moved on. He does it with everything to keep the outrage down an people fall for it. The media aids him.

  3. Barr needs 5 weeks, because he has to consult his attorneys and concoct a quazi legit rationale for his actions.

    1. …and fire people and destroy documents .
      They probably need those 5 weeks to get their judicial picks seated so his freedom is guaranteed .

    2. THIS! They need five weeks to get their stories straight. Plus, Barr is hoping Trump will do something stupid (which he will) in the meantime, to distract from his own criminality.

  4. Donald Ayer is an example of what rule of law and justice are supposed to be. It was so good to hear him speak truth. It was disgusting that Gohmert tried to drown out that truth with childish antics.

    1. That is how Louie Gohmert operates.
      No one should be surprised. He should have been hauled out of there by the Sgt. of Arms.

    1. Hey, take it easy on Texas, please. We have a republican governor who’s not terribly interested in keeping us alive.

  5. If Barr had been held accountable years ago for helping cover up Iran-Contra we may not be in this situation.

  6. Just by his face expressions Butter Ball Barr is guilty! He’s hiding something that doesn’t let him get any sleep!

  7. Flynn and Stone slither away from righteous justice. Watch for Parnas and Fruman to walk next.

  8. tRump used bone-spurs as an excuse to not serve during the Vietnam War. What do you think will be William Barr’s excuse for dodging & avoiding testifying upon Capital Hill next month?

    1. Hopefully they will get something on the Flynn case by then, though that case may drag on. No showing or not answering the obvious questions, use the President can do anything defense which implies the President is obstructing justice, or admit he had an opinion on this case and decided appeals or Presidential pardon for some perceived judicial infraction were old fashion so he decided to obstruct justice. I don’t think anything will come of this but they are compiling information that could lead to prosecution or at minimum end his legal career.

  9. Barr wants to wait 5 weeks because of all the stuff that will happen between now & then

  10. One of their strategies: delay. So they can figure out a way to wiesel out of it. It’s what they did with Flynn.

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