Neal Katyal Thinks Bill Barr Should Start Thinking About Retaining Legal Counsel | MSNBC 1

Neal Katyal Thinks Bill Barr Should Start Thinking About Retaining Legal Counsel | MSNBC


Former Acting U.S. Solicitor General, Neal Katyal, explains the significance of Judge Amy Berman Jackson calling former attorney general Bill Barr “disingenuous” and what kind of legal jeopardy he could be facing.
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  1. 46 years ago another U.S. Attorney General, John Mitchell, was indicted, tried, prosecuted and found guilty for similar offenses and ended up doing time in federal prison.

    1. Sid Manchester
      “Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” But that was another time. Today depending on your political views, the other side is always guilty with or without proof. Just ask Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. 😀

    1. @Robert Persson you are too far gone for any possible way for you to listen to the truth. You will only believe what you want to believe.

  2. He has to be up there with the worst USAGs we have ever had. He’s an enemy of the people, not their protector.

    1. @Craig Tucker like I said you were deceived by corporate media about barr. He did everything in his power to cover for the CIA and the FBI’s actions during the trump administration. He buried the Durham report.
      As for the three lying, it’s not a debate, I’m not asking you, I’m telling you they lied to Congress. If your a hyper-partisan and want to ignore it that’s your prerogative.

      Brennan did twice, once during Obama about spying on Senate staffers and during Trump about the Steele dossier.
      Clapper lied about not spying on American citizens intentionally.
      And Comey lied about FISA warrants.
      These people are above the law and act with impunity.

    2. He was deliberately appointed to the position for ONE reason only To Protect Trump no matter what..Time to pay the piper Billy Boy!

    3. @Biden has Dementia Except what you proclaim isn’t fact, but an opinion. If it were fact, it would have been acted on during 45’s term when he was looking to punish his enemies of which Comey, Brennan, and Clapper were all such targets. Yet this was not the case, I wonder why?

      The FISA warrants were legal, the Steele Dossier was originally a republican project that was just a collection of intelligence regarding 45, much of which was later confirmed as true. The difference is that Barr lied about doing one thing that he did not do and then manufactured evidence to cover his lie.

      You sound like an anti-government extremist type, not sure if you are libertarian, sovereign citizen, or militia.

    4. He tried to get a foreign government to interfere with our elections. Google it if you know how.

  3. He NEEDS to be charged! We are so sick of these crooks doing the crimes and not paying the time.

    1. @Robert Persson Actually trump is on more drugs that Floyd, MAGAT! LOL! but trump actually belongs in an institution for the criminally insane…..he’ll be six feet under soon anyway….and you’ll be crying even more MAGAT tears

    2. @watchin’ it Bill Barr’s pinup poster will be a big hit with Cell Block C. They’ll place it right next to Cohen’s, Manafort’s, Stone’s, Bannon’s, Flynn’s and hopefully (fingers crossed)…Giuliani’s.

  4. Even if I lied to a county judge, I would be in the county jail, and Barr walks free.

    1. Since Barr lied to congress and a judge,he needs more than county jail . Federal prison for several years.

    2. @Kennedy Suggs but Trump said CNN could not be believed. Which way do you want it?

    3. @Kennedy Suggs Steele had been a top guy in British intelligence, and van Jones was a special adviser for green jobs and set up nonprofit organizations. I wonder which one had the better sources on Russia and how they recruit assets?

  5. Thank God for Neal Katyal. The most intelligent insightful brilliant way of saying to us all simply “when you lay down with dogs” …

    1. I was being skeptical about the whole process but later gave it a try and it was of no regret Cuz I invested in a big way

    2. Barr should be forced to go and live with Trump and have to listen to Donnie whine 24/7. “They stole my election as King!” “The media is mean to me!” “C’mon, tell me I’m the bestest President ever!” “Waah! Waah!” And worst of all…”It’s time to change my diaper!” A week of this and Barr will be begging for a prison cell just to get away.

    1. @Zach Hogan Democrats and Republicans do it all of the time. Look how many baseball players lied and said that they didn’t take steroids when they had a hearing about it.

    2. “Anyone else…”
      That is because, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

    3. No one else was president and had an AG that served as a personal attorney. The peoples AG is pursuing justice, takinbg the time to do it right and make it airtight.

    1. Yeah, but the GOP as a party still had some morality in the early ’70s. Now? Not so much…

    2. @Donald Rider As robust as the prison industrial complex is, it can’t hold the 50+ percent of all of the nation’s registered voters who are Democrats… Not even the 17 percent of us who are independent would fit… and I just gave you the percentages so that you could know how VASTLY outnumbered you are.

    3. @ralph ledford Bill Barr LIED to us, his paying clients, about the Mueller Report. That’s why he’s in trouble, for Obstruction of Justice. Please learn the facts. Bill Barr lied to protect Trump, and Trump obstructed justice on 10 different occasions, as laid out in Vol. 2 of the Mueller Report. Read it.

  6. The big question is WHY did barr go through so much effort to run cover for Drumpf? What is he hiding?

    1. Well Barr likely benefitted somehow from a trump administration, read: money, but I think he honestly believes in covering for the president. He did it before

    2. @Razvan Zamfir Both Barr and his father as well as Trump had huge connections with Epstein. Epstein didn’t state he wanted a modeling agency like Trumps for nothing. Trumps long time connection to the oligarchs probably played a part too.

  7. The eagerness with which these guys sacrificed their reputations in service to a comically-stupid fraud, is mind boggling.

    1. @Leo Dragon,
      “Can you imagine…”
      Barr was AG for HW Bush.
      Barr essentially came out of retirement for one last gig.

    2. @Short Stuff compare and contrast William Barr with Merrick Garland. One person worked for a criminal, and one works in unison with the department of justice. and just so you’re not confused about anything William Barr positioned himself as the president’s personal lawyer. by virtue of that position as the attorney general for the United states, he was the lawyer for the people of the United States not one person. Merrick Garland is cleaning house. And so those who were in the Trump administration, they cannot rest easy

    3. @Short Stuff You have the nerve to say Bidens screwing us in just 100 days but Pres. Bone Spurs ran the ship into the ground throughout his presidency due to his incompetence and then did it on purpose when leaving office before he was kicked off the property!! Your still sheep! Wake up MAGA folks

  8. …it’s always the cover up that gets them. History won’t be kind to Bill Barr.

    1. @Dwight Vietzke The saddest part is he doesn’t care that his actions have ruined his reputation! This bunch has no shame!!!

    2. Were I to meet Bill ‘Bullshoot’ Barr, I wouldn’t be kind either. History might have to wait!

  9. If only these people would be held accountable. Lots of investigations, reports, evidence, etc. Now let’s see if there will ever be indictments. The American people want justice for all this corruption.

  10. You don’t have to be a lawyer to know how all the crooks operated over the period in question. Now, hopefully, justice can and will be served.

    1. Fred M
      I agree., You just have to be a Democrat with a left slanted view of justice and no proof to say someone is guilty.

  11. Bill Barr knew exactly what he was doing !he knew from the get go when he wrote the letter asking to fill that spot as attorney general.

    1. Debra Johnson
      Most attorney generals know what they are doing. You need to show proof that Bill Barr sent in a letter to ask for the job? You just throw crap out their hoping it will stick? LOL So show me where from the “get go” he asked for the job? The way the Democrats acted when he was before Congress at times he probably thought why did he ever come back having to deal with idiots LOL

    1. And Rudy Giuliani needs to have his license revoked,too. Permanently, please. Michael Cohen suffered the same indignity for his own shenanigans as the personal attorney for old Pumpkin Head. It’s deserved, and it NEEDS to HAPPEN, SOON!!

    2. He knew what he was doing. He did it deliberately and with forethought. That makes him guilty of lying to the court, the Senate, the country.

    1. Robert Dennison I want to see a lot of things also. Yet like you my wish won’t come true. All of those Democrats are still running free.

  12. Neil Katyal is so sensible in his legal ease. All of his words are crystal clear and relatable. I don’t need a lawyer to translate Neil’s words.

  13. “It’s not looking good for Bill Barr” are the finest seven words I’ve heard in years.

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