Neal Katyal: Trump Asking To Stop Counting Votes Is Always A Losing Strategy In The U.S. | Deadline 1

Neal Katyal: Trump Asking To Stop Counting Votes Is Always A Losing Strategy In The U.S. | Deadline


Former U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal argues that Trump’s legal strategy, where he is attempting to force election officials to stop counting votes, is fundamentally un-American. Aired on 11/05/2020.
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Neal Katyal: Trump Asking To Stop Counting Votes Is Always A Losing Strategy In The U.S. | Deadline


    1. When will you learn to stop relying on stereotypes to judge a nation filled with 300 million people. Pretty sad how you don’t have the basic knowledge of common decency to know how to respect people from a certain country. Clearly you’re not very educated

    2. AFter we deport all of you losers. And sink/wreck/destroy the shipping cargo containers you send all of you out in.

    3. @Alvinius Alviniathan Need a brain to be brainwashed. Google a list of the least educated states and you find that Trump is statistically the champion of the uneducated.

    1. @The Insane Shecklador their other vid said Savannah’s gonna sleep on it and report tomorrow lol wanna see that blue peach

    2. @Lily Zavala I’d rather watch the courts tear his businesses apart first so there’s no inheritance but after that be my guest

    1. @Mr Penya Richard Nixon did not want Evangelicals Christians in the party in the 1970’s. He said that one religion is tied in to politics, no compromise can be reached. Democracy would die.

  1. Yeah we should stop counting votes, we’ll just award the person currently ahead with the electoral votes.

    Congrats President Biden & VP Harris!

    1. LOSER Trump just doesn’t know how to lose. Now he’s trying to prevent ballots from being counted. He’s sad and pathetic.

    2. I ran a marathon once,i lead after the first 100 meters or so,I anointed myself the winner when I finished 4.5 hrs later

    1. @L W Trump will be issuing his Jim Jones style “Clorox Order” from his bunker soon, will you obey dear leader?

    2. @L W How embarrassing that the president of the USA is behaving like a failed dictator who LOST an election but is trying to STEAL it back by whatever means he can.

  2. Trump will be laughed out of court “count the vote”! “STOP counting the vote”! And in his speech an hour before this was posted, he’s crying over “fraud” in Penn, a State he NEEDS to win, but went on to call corrupt! Sheesh.

    1. America is so resilient, can’t believe we live through Trump past 4 years. Except for those 240k ppl who died of covid thanks to Trump mishandling.

  3. Trump’s losing so all he can do is sow distrust in our electoral system. He will do a lot worse before he’s forced out.

    1. @Michael H I agree with all you said EXCEPT: I know Trump said to do it, but you cannot vote twice, unless you do something elaborate like steal another registered voter’s identity, and then THAT registered voter’s ballot could not be validated. Believe it or not, the vast majority of votes for Trump are probably valid. There ARE that many idiots in the US.

    2. His last EO was to let him fire without cause all the career civil servants while making it very hard to get rid of political appointees, which is the opposite of how things are supposed to work. This lets him get rid of all the competent experts (people like Fauci who advise admins impartiality) and stick in a bunch of his unqualified guys with personal interests in undermining the work of the agency or department they work in or lead (like DeJoy)

  4. Trump is the same as Adolf Hitler in that he is prepared to burn everything down despite all the evidence against his fraudulent claims delusion.

    1. @Solarisaint1 little triggered today? Hopefully your misery will be over soon, oh no sorry for next 4 year’s or maybe 12?

    2. @Solarisaint1 Hitler wanted to be a dictator never having to worry about being voted out that’s what Trump wants do and say whatever he wants with no one to answer to

    1. I seriously have to wonder how stupid this man is. He is demanding an end to the vote count, but he is behind in both the popular vote and the electoral college. That would be an automatic loss.

    2. @Owie40 He wants to end the count in states where biden is coming back and continue the count in states where he is catching up

    1. Loser*

      “Looser” refers to something being loose. Something being “looser” means that it is ‘more loose’ (i.e. less secure or tight) than it was before.

      Not trying to be a jerk. But mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation distract from the strength of your argument/comments/rhetoric.

    2. Matchbook GED winner. Notice the big schnozz on your hero
      It’s true what they say, air being free and all.

    3. @Alvinius Alviniathan Spolit Rich manbaby, born with money who thinks he’s successful? I sure most of us could be a success if our parents could give us millions of dollars

    1. @GOOD LOVE yup…..just add that to the 14 BILLION DOLLARS THIS PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN HAS COST THE AMERICAN TAX PAYERS…….are you all tired of this nonsense yet? NO WONDER you still don’t have free healthcare…

    1. Loser Trump is now doing everything to PREVENT votes from being counted. Sad that the pathetic turd was elected in the first place.

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