Neal Katyal: Trump's Legal Team Is The Best... At Losing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Neal Katyal: Trump’s Legal Team Is The Best… At Losing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


MSNBC Legal Analyst Neal Katyal, who's argued dozens of cases before the Supreme Court, reacts to the near-fatal blow the high court issued to Trump's attempts to overturn the 2020 election. Aired on 12/9/2020.
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Neal Katyal: Trump's Legal Team Is The Best… At Losing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @HalfCrazy520 The now multi-state TX lawsuit is suing over multiple and broad ballot counting irregularities already in the public sphere. (MSDNC is covering up) the suit cites equal protection clause under the constitution, The lawsuit also cites legal precedent. Not only is it a state lawsuit, there’s nothing political to mince here, it’s cut n dry precedent which makes this lawsuit particularly strong. The suit is already on the SCOTUS docket, which suggests the evidence is compelling enough, to say the very least. Enjoy the show.

    2. @B the Change
      Well, as your first I will cherish this moment for ever too.
      And as a male, I’m obviously a gentleman (with a perverted mind,) now I’m just imagining being your first and now things got awkward! *See what you did!*

    1. @Jai Dee You don’t have any evidence of anything except baseless claims by a conman narcissist who cannot accept reality. And people who don’t accept reality are by definition delusional, like you!

    2. @Jai Dee tell me why you believe the claim about the voting machines in GA? I’d like to understand and why wouldn’t Trump present this evidence to the court or to the Republican officials in GA such as the Secretary of State or the Governor? Help me understand your point of view.

    3. @Jai Dee Okay, disregard my request above. This is the explanation I was seeking. First, why do you say don’t bring up race? Trump made race an issue when he made an Alt-Right (white nationalist) his Chief of Staff at the White House. He made race an issue when he entered into an alliance with two groups who have a long history of racism and bigotry to bring him the presidency of the United States in 2016. He has kept many of his promises to the evangelical right and delivered to them the conservative platform they have sought for decades but I will have no part of this alliance. Both parties have racist and bigots which neither party can do anything about. But it is another thing to enter into an alliance with these folks to be your primary base upon which you base your decisions and seek to please over everyone else. So, yes, the issue of race is part of the discussion. Second, President Obama was not the worst president in history. For a numbers in his presidency, he did not have enough Senators to pass critical legislation and they blocked him at every opportunity. Because of Trump who spread lies about his birthplace and religion, this same evangelical base and others attempted to undermine him at every opportunity and spread malicious lies about him. I knew both the Obamas from law school and the false claim that President Obama was a Muslim was done to directly inflame this evangelical base. But the truth is that the Obamas married in a prominent Church of God in Chicago, regularly attended and baptized their daughters at this church. Obama was raised by his white grandparents in Hawaii yet Trump continued to spread false information about him. Now, you say that Biden is the racist but if you look at his VP pick and his cabinet pick , than I would suggest you are wrong. Not only did he select the first African American/South Asian woman as his VP, his cabinet that he is selecting will be one of the most diverse in the history of the country. Just yesterday, he selected the first African American to serve as the Secretary of Defense. Compare this to Trump’s administration which had little diversity especially with African Americans. This is also true with respect to his selection of judges. Now compare this to the selection of known Alt-Right and white nationalist in the Trump administration. Actions speak louder than words. When George Floyd was murdered, Trump did not want to upset his base and refused to offer any sincere condolences to the family. The protest in the US that expanded throughout the world was a direct result of Trump’s response to the issue. We have never seen protest at this magnitude. Now on the issue of COVID-19, Trump assembled a group of experts including Dr. Fauci and then refused to take his advice or the advice of the experts.

    1. @Mouseball160t T “I’m positive I have more capability than you do under all circumstances”

      Sure you do… it’s okay…

    1. @eyeoftheebeholder00 If I was simple I’d be screaming and crying that Trump won the election but because of voter fraud Biden is winning and your comment shows whose the simpleton lol. I’m not even a Biden supporter but I’m absolutely sick and tired of ignorant brainwashed delusional Trump cult followers and their fake news crazy conspiracies.

    2. @Jacob what a long drawn out way to show your ignorance. Republican, Democrat they both/all lie & cheat. You honestly believe what any of them say?…how stupid.

    3. @eyeoftheebeholder00 You’re something else, your entire argument is that I’m simply, ignorant and stupid because you believe all Republicans, Democrats and the media lie lol. Wow! I didn’t realize I’d be blessed with being able to communicate with a man of such deep intellect lol. Just give it up already, you’re seriously embarrassing.

    4. @Jacob well kinda, you thought I was a republican or defending Trump from my comment. All I’m pointing out is what’s happend so far. There’s no shame ‘your’ side won, so just relax no need to worry anymore.

    1. @Bj Lucas apparently you didn’t make it to Valdosta Georgia. Maybe I’ll see you in DC in two days. Come join in there is going to be a lot of really good people there.

    2. I saw the Martians drew their antennas and voted by Millions for Trump.. Count their vote.. I saw Jesus jumped over the Mexican wall, he said I am Jesus, I am here to vote for Trump.. He is the chosen one.. Then he had a bean burrito and went to vote for Trump.. Believe on Miracles. Believe on Trump.. Trump is a liar, His Diaper is on fire.. Stick him up with a pacifier…

  1. wait did i miss something did the definition OF DEMOCRACY and now it means giving up your freedom throwing all morality out the window

    1. @tbx76 A lot of people don’t understand that a democracy is an ideology and not a form of government. Our republic is a form of government that uses democracy in the way of voters electing representatives by majority vote and they are supposed to “represent” their voter base. There are many democratic processes in the US, but we normally do not directly vote on policies…our representatives do.

    2. @tbx76 now im not gonna respond like the left and i was just asking a question and there was no need to be snobby about. teach those who dont know or might not be aware no need to go into your smartest guy in the room routine. thank you

    3. @Vintage Blu that wasn’t meant for you!! It was a comment for some of the other comments! Sorry for the confusion.

    1. see my Playlist called soulwinning demonstration it explains how to receive eternal life with bible verses….

    1. I’m only 22 and my hairline is receding so I know how hard it is to take that plunge and shave it off though.

  2. Now do child slave labor, which isn’t egregious, at all.

    After all, corporations are people but not liable because they’re nOt people, at the . . . same time.

    1. Reminds me of a South Park episode. “Let’s go child labor force, let’s go!” **clap clap** I love the ‘Chinese’ guy (who is actually a white guy with multiple personality disorder).

  3. Media in 2016: Trump cheated with Russia’s help. We have an anonymous source.
    Media 2020: Despite multiple eye witnesses signed affidavits and witness testimony cheating did not occur.

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  4. They are the best at making money, even if they lose, they’re putting money in their pockets at people’s expense. Geniuses!

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  5. Call me crazy but when a journalist is reporting, I like when I can’t tell how he feels personally. I want info

    1. @CynAnne1 I’m going to have to fact check that…. Nope I don’t watch newsmax… You are spreading false information


    2. Cite the ‘source’ of those “fact-checkers”, mike…is it *convicted felon* Jimmy O’Keefe or that *still-sobbing “Infowarzez” con* A. Jones…?

  6. At last trump,really has claim to a world record,he’s lost more court cases in the shortest time than anyone in the whole wide world, well done donnie the doughnut,award yourself a smirk,hahaha.

    1. I suppose when the electoral college votes in Biden. Trump law team will take a lawsuit against everyone on the electoral college who voted in Biden and still say Trump won?

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