Nearly 100 Unaccounted For After Florida Condo Building Collapses 1

Nearly 100 Unaccounted For After Florida Condo Building Collapses


Search and rescue crews worked through the night searching for nearly 100 people unaccounted for after the collapse of a 12-story condo building in Florida. NBC News' Sam Brock has the latest details.

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Nearly 100 Unaccounted For After Florida Condo Building Collapses


    1. Bri Elle: Your advocacy of prayer is wrong. We need action, not prayer. WE can make our own lives ACTUALLY safer by having the will to ACT. Stop telling people to do nothing except hope that God saves us. There’s every appearance that asking God is NOT going to work. WE need to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for our OWN fates and WORK to MAKE THINGS BETTER. Trying to feel better by trusting in God is going to be as ineffective as taking h’eroin to make ourselves FEEL better while doing nothing to MAKE things better. H’eroin only saps our will to work and f’ight for change. Prayer is equally bad. You are instructing people to feel helpless rather than take charge and DO something.

    2. @Mutton Chops
      Aren’t there like dozens of gods?
      Did they all have to go on vacation at the same time without leaving anyone to watch the office?

    1. at least for most it was a quick death. But I struggle to imagine the horror and excruciating pain of those trapped alive, twisted, mangled, and dying for these next 2 to 3 days. Life is so significant and yet so fragile, I’m sure there’s more to come even after death

  1. They knew there were safety concerns in the building structure. Did they disclose that information to the renters they accepted payment from? If I were a family member I would be calling an attorney.

    1. @UTubeKookDetector is this the best you can do to advertise for your channel? I’ll stick with MSNBC. If by chance I want “fake news” I’ll tune into Faux or Newsmax.

    2. @UTubeKookDetector You’re better off talking to a wall. These people that watch MSNBC are so brain dead they can’t even comprehend that everything MSNBC says needs to be triple checked for truth. If you’re watching any MSM network without your filter on, you’re definitely being brainwashed.

    3. @Tom Durkin I’m sorry, did you say something? I’m brain dead. I can’t comprehend anything. I don’t even know what a filter IS.

      I don’t know why you keep wasting your time coming here. Am I talking to a wall?

  2. 2mm a year between 1990-1993. Sure that’s only 6.2 centimeters in the 31 years since 1990, but only if it stayed sinking at that rate.
    You’d think if you found it sinking at that rate you would monitor it every year. 12 stories. That’s a lot of weight and pressure on concrete and rebar if the land beneath half of it is giving way.

  3. 5:50 There was a study done a year ago that showed the building was sinking, and was deemed unsafe.

    Were the people living there told about the study?

    I bet the developers paid off the inspectors, and government officials.

  4. Florida is it’s own worst enemy when it comes to Safety standards and protecting its people. Thought and prayer to the people and their family involved in the incident. Now however the people of Florida need to wake up and start demanding better engineering standards. Remember the bridge that collapsed a couple of years ago.

    1. We better not try to get politics involved in this. At the time this building was approved for construction we had Democratic governors and a Democratic mayor that approved all of the plans and conducted all of the building inspections.

    2. @T. R. Campbell so uve seen the voting registration of every single inspector thats ever stepped foot inside that building? Are u waiting at the door for em or something?

    3. @Mike Mckimm Of course not but I read the laws pertaining to voting in various states. This is what we need to do concerning election laws in various states. All of our state representatives need to be very familiar with the laws of their state. If identification is needed we need to contact those who do not have any identification, transport them to areas where they can obtain ID and if necessary we need to pay the fees. We need to follow election law in order to prevail with upcoming elections.
      I was in Atlanta with Joe when he addressed the crowd prior to the Georgia runoff election. I was there. You Gotta hear what you said about Stacey Abrams. It was not at all complementary.
      One of our friends in Georgia received for ballots prior to the runoff election. Because she was a top Democrat official I suggested to her that she fill out one of the ballots and then burn the remaining. I feared that she was being targeted by Republicans.
      We talk about voter suppression but basically what they were doing is removing registered voters who have not registered in years, removing the dead, removing those who have moved and making sure that people are indeed domiciled in the states. We can no longer say that 50 to 100 registered voters are living in a church. I think they are catching on to some of the tactics we have used in the past.

    4. at least for most it was a quick death. But I struggle to imagine the horror and excruciating pain of those trapped alive, twisted, mangled, and dying for these next 2 to 3 days. Life is so significant and yet so fragile, I’m sure there’s more to come even after death

    1. Unless the details about how much the building was sinking each year was included in the leasing agreement, buried deep in the fine print.

    2. Finger pointing and lawsuits will come, certainly. And they will come again when the next building comes down. They were warned this was coming but, obviously, even the finger pointers ignored…
      You got flooded streets, sinkholes, softening soil, yet you still build build build. Citizens begged RickPrick Scott to stop development for climate and soil studies, even paid for Dutch planners to advise…IGNORED.

    1. Apparently you were listening to propaganda. The building was not deemed to be on the safe but it was undergoing an inspection. We have to remember that when this building was built in 1981 we had a democrat governor and Democrat mayors who approve the plans and the inspections for that building as it was under construction.

    2. @T. R. Campbell Bahahahaha, you’re not too bright are you, you obviously don’t have very good comprehensive skills, the original comment was about the building being unsafe and you go on to write that the person commenting had listened to the”propaganda” and then you wrote “the building was not deemed to be on the safe” therefore you agree with the “propaganda” as you called it, if you’re going to troll don’t agree with the one you’re trolling.

    3. @Hopsta i’m really not all that bright. There are a lot of people out there who are a lot smarter and a lot brighter than me. However, you are not one of them. Apparently your reading comprehension is lacking also because when I was warning against is injecting politics into this. Let’s keep politics out of it, let’s rescue those who can be rescued and let’s recover those you can be recovered and let’s have a scholarly investigation as to what happened to cause this collapse. Let’s keep politics out of it. That is what I was cautioning against.

  5. Oh oh…… Lawsuits are about to begin… Blessings to the rescue crews & please please hope for survivors. Prayers to the families

  6. Good god , I pray that some are found alive and I also pray for the safety of the rescue workers . The rest of this building could collapse or the rumble can shift .

  7. I think it’s possible that an entire room fell as a unit, did not have enough weight falling on top of it to make it collapse, and that the people in it are still alive. As long as it is remotely possible I would certainly never write it off (just because it’s UNLIKELY) until I had actual knowledge that nobody survived.

  8. Anyone else remember reading John D MacDonald ‘s novel “Condominium “? – written in 1980’s

  9. Someone needs to look into those other handful of buildings the professor found “unsafe.” Best wishes to all who reside on those fragile barrier islands during our sojourn through climate change.

  10. Maybe is DeSantis spent more of his time governing instead of fighting fantasy woke boogeymen this type of thing might not happen.

  11. I’m not in Miami but I’m in Florida. It’s time to just admit being so close to the water isn’t viable anymore. Rain floods us easily and the ground is like a wet soggy sponge. No doubt there’s corruption, but I think the ground just can’t hold there anymore.

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