Nearly 1,800 detained at protests in Russia 1

Nearly 1,800 detained at protests in Russia


Hundreds of protesters have been detained in Russia at protests calling for the release of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

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    1. @Digitalhunny “Im feeling better!”
      “Quiet now you arent fooling anyone.”
      Life feels like a Monty Python sketch I swear… annnnnnnd now I have to get my Cleese fix. Holy Grail or Faulty Towers here I come!

    2. @Redda – Fat guy: “Hey, you better.”
      Poor waiter: “Better?”
      Fat guy: “You better get a bucket, I’m gonna throw up.”
      Enjoy you movies. Next time don’t be so rude, invite me to join ya.

    1. @Nathan Schumacher hatred?? Loooool ok troll.

      Since you’re too blind to see it or too dumb to understand, let me spell it out for you – it’s a video apparently about protests in Russia but they’re clearly using footage from Quebec.

    1. @0xsergy they clearly used footage from Canada for their “Russian protest”. It’s a misrepresentation. Why couldn’t they just use footage from Russia only?

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