NEC Director Brian Deese Discusses White House Plans on Inflation 1

NEC Director Brian Deese Discusses White House Plans on Inflation


National Economic Council Director Brian Deese joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss how the Biden White House plans to tackle inflation after a new report revealed that consumer prices increased 5.4 percent last month from a year ago. He also explains how President Biden and Democrats will balance the rising costs as they push sweeping economic proposals.

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NEC Director Brian Deese Discusses White House Plans on Inflation


    1. We’ve got Mormons for Trump for tax breaks and I’m sure stock market tips favors that’s screwed they probably promise judges young brides. Our religion is so corrupt now. Stick to small church’s.

    2. @No Show Joe Yeah. Creflo A Dollar NEEDS 3 Private Jets to get closer to God.
      Admittedly, the Catholics need the money to pay out for the damage they’ve done…

    3. @No Show Joe That distinction used to be valid. But when churches, especially the very vocal conservative evangelical community, began using their pulpits to become a political bullhorn for political influence, they violated the very basis of their exemption.

    4. @Maggie Mims The dark money that is floating around the Republicans, guess when it comes from. There is no way to track what is coming in and where it is going, legally?! That is better than the MAFIA and they get to control senators, judges, presidents. These Judas’s using Christ have shown their true colors. No backing down now and it is only going to get worse. Welcome to the second “dark ages”!

    1. Thank you sheep for paying off my mortgages. People who rent really have no idea how to thrive in life

  1. Upon taking office, Biden restricts US oil production to save the planet and slow down our economy. Now, gas prices at the pump are a dollar a gallon more today than last year and people are grumbling. Biden’s answer is to ask OPEC to increase their oil production. We have a problem America.

    1. @East End Long Island Girl l I guess, giving a trillion dollar tax cut to the top 1% richest people in this country is the way to go! Boy, I tell you people will follow that dtrump to the ends of the earth, while starving!

    2. @J M stop deflecting. While producers spend millions in taxes to both state and federal government, oil leasing, pipeline infrastructure taxes. You are spreading disinformation and you were spreading lies. The people who are getting the greatest subsidies is green energy in there subsidies are going to increase along with your failure. We learned from Germany the green energy is an abject failure.

    3. @T. R. Campbell, sounds like you maybe don’t like all this green energy stuff. LOL. You like being dependent on fossil fuel. Why is that?

    4. Libs can’t get it through their heads. Stopping the construction of the Keystone pipeline doesn’t stop the oil from getting to US from Canada. It now comes by trucks, trains, and shipping barges; all of which are hardly carbon neutral.

  2. They gave a trillion dollar tax cut to the top 1% richest people in this country. And that’s not just a trillion dollars, that’s a trillion dollars every year. So thus far they have received four trillion dollars. But when you talk about spending that kind of money on the entire country’s infrastructure it’s just too much! Well I know where you can get that money from…..

    1. The Democrats won’t spend it on roads and bridges. Remember Obama/Bidens “shovel ready” jobs? They dissappeared. Out of $800 billion for infrastructure less than $50 billion resulted in infrastructure jobs.Democrats waste the bulk of the money and somehow they ALL end up rich!

    2. @David Eby i know of a few bridges and roads in Texas it went too. strange part one was to be a two years job turn into a 6 year job. guess the republican in texas made their pocket full.

    3. @gary the great Yeah, there will be massive fraud. No doubt. Politicians are not the best humanity has to offer,but Democrats are down right scum.

  3. I do not know what is coming, but the COVID pandemic is not close to over. It is WRONG to say, “We just lived through the pandemic.” It is CORRECT to say, “We are continuing to live through the pandemic.”

    1. @Christian 153 Those jobs have been send over there 10 to 30 years ago and the US companies made huge profits due to those low Chinese/Mexican salaries. Those jobs are now transferred by those Chinese subcontracting companies to their factories in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam etc with the assistance of your patriotic US companies. For the more hi-tech products still produced in China like solar panels, the US consumers are paying the tariffs. You are fooled and f**ked again 🙂

      The century old trick the pastors keeps you dumb and the aristocrats-oligarchs keep you poor.

    2. @Bert Nijhof So your genius plan is for us to depend on China for everything. What a great economic and military strategy! Here I thought it would make more sense to become more self sufficient. Good thing I come on these socialist channels to here words of wisdom from lazy , weenee, kool-aid drinkers like you.

    3. @Christian 153 China is not the problem, the greed of the US companies is the problem. Thirty of the biggest US companies pay no US tax at all. Those Chinese subcontractors are moving their factories out of China to other Asian countries with the help of the US companies, but you are too naive too understand, how companies operate.

      Chinese and US companies will maximize their profits at all costs and over your back, like they already did since begin of time. And they distract you with China, stolen elections, inflation fairy tales and vaccine fairy tales.

      And like always they blame non existing US socialists and rich Jews like Soros and the Rothschilds.

    4. @Christian 153 Just google Reaganomics . That started the downfall of the steady 40 a week factory job . I lived through it . Within ten years most factory jobs were gone .

    1. @Louie Ruiz Excellent response!!! Some people just repeat talking points and do not understand some great things Reagan did.

    2. @Louie Ruiz
      Chernobyl killed the Soviet union. Russia is still in the shadow of the Soviet union and Putin and trump are best buds so your point is moot.

    1. Agreed, they produce nothing of value and the CHEAT the system by manipulating markets via coordination and media manipulation.

  4. Mike Lindell is showing proof of election fraud on OAN and FrankSpeechTV . We need to get our Government back!

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