NEC Director Talks Economic Recovery, GOP Infrastructure Counteroffer 1

NEC Director Talks Economic Recovery, GOP Infrastructure Counteroffer


National Economic Council Director Brain Deese joined Stephanie Ruhle for a wide-ranging interview on the state of the U.S. economy, President Biden's new budget proposal, and Senate Republicans' just released infrastructure counteroffer. He says that "the clock is ticking" to reach a deal.

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NEC Director Talks Economic Recovery, GOP Infrastructure Counteroffer


  1. Investments, instead of decades of limping around on used up transit and work force support? Yes!

  2. For all the little trumpys out there get your crayons out and think about all the mismanaging trump did for over 4 years Biden is trying to clean it up and with out golfing

  3. If Biden keeps focusing on bipartisanship four years will go by waiting as the Republicans block EVERYTHING he can say goodbye to reelection and welcome to a Republican President…on 2024, somehow Democrats do not seem to understand that the republican party does not play fair and they have to put their foot down at some point and use the republican tactics… DO SOMETHING other than trying to please everybody, do what is good for the American people AND the majority that elected you then move on to the next policy ffs!!

    1. He has to be SEEN to be attempting bipartisanship. Never forget: he KNOWS these senators very well. He just needs to give them every chance to hang themselves.

    2. @Elaine Daprano • I agree. President Biden has learned patience but he doesn’t overdo. Remember during the primaries when people wanted him to talk to Bernie, Biden gave him the space to soothe his own ego, drop out, then Bernie worked like the devil for Biden’s election.

      A couple of times Biden has mentioned his own temper. I suspect years of learning to control it has given him a deep understanding of how far to have patience before he brings the hammer down.

    3. @Luis Rosales • You must have a different Constitution than I do because nowhere in the Constitution nor any amendments is there any protection for bi-partisanship mentioned. Therefore, it’s hard for me to know why you consider the Democrats to be “steamrolling” the Constitution.

      By the way, this tactic is not new and is not used solely by the Democrats. You may not remember that the Republicans didn’t bother with bi-partisanship to pass their tax bill and to not pass their repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell evidently learned from Nancy Pelosi’s mistake in trying to get Republicans to work on health care and spent months negotiating with them to no avail so that bill passed on a party line vote. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell didn’t waste any time on bringing the Democrats in on the tax bill and neither did Trump. They just passed the former on party lines and lost the latter by just one Republican vote.

      Furthermore, President Biden does have some evidence that some Republicans are willing to work with him as shown by the recent vote when 30 or so Republicans split with McCarthy and voted with the Democrats.

      Ironic, isn’t it, how important bi-partisanship has become to the Republicans in the mere few months since they have been in the minority?

    4. @Elaine Daprano Well…it seems bipartisanship is out the window even when it comes to investigating an insurrection. so…now what?

  4. The businesses may get the money but in advance of that employees should get some of the benefit now in jobs and salaries.. Right now.

  5. Get on with it, the GOP is trying to stall and look like they have a hand in this. They just need to keep this tangled up till economic numbers improve, then say it’s not necessary … no win for Biden. There is no sincerity here. It is clear who is pulling the strings and he is a megalomaniac who thinks Biden stole from him. Move on, the GOP is dead.

  6. Infrastructure? How in a country where the president and a half of Congress members don’t know what INFRASTRUCTURE means in English!

    1. @ION • Are you referring to the American JOBS Plan. The Republicans call it infrastructure so they can complain about the non-infrastructure items in the bill.

      Republicans are much better wordsmiths than Democrats. Take “Defund the police” for example. Since the goal of many is to increase non-law enforcement response in many situations, they would have been smarter to come up with something like enhance community safety/protection. It would have been much esaier to convince people to provide mental health experts for suicide calls, social workers for domestic issues, etc. Then, once the bill was in front of whatever local government, they could have advocated for cutting police budgets to fund the new initiatives. Almost no one watches budget meetings.

      By choosing defund the police, all the Democrats have now is the anti-police, anti-rule of law monikers attached to them.

    2. Some people that infrastructure is just building roads so that Mitch Mc Connells can make loads of money for herself and Mitch. Thank goodness not everyone is a republican

  7. @Stephanie Ruhle • Check out the press releases on the Department of Justice website. They have multiple announcements of indictments and plea deals under the C.A.R.E.S. act.

  8. I wonder why stephanie never had any problems with the Gop giving the rich tax breaks and now she has a problem helping the people

    1. That was interesting wasn’t it? But Brian Deese knew his stuff so incredibly well that she couldn’t really say much to challenge. With people like Biden and Deese involved in new economic policy, America will be pretty strong moving forward.

  9. Great interview. Brian Deese knows exactly what he is talking about. It’s so refreshing to hear about great near and long term planning and investments by the Biden administration. Smart spending and a growing economy and bringing the pandemic under control. You would never, ever get any of this under Trump.

  10. Typical of the GOP. Don’t do diddly until it breaks down and then emergency spend. They could have taken care of infrastructure their way when they owned the house, the senate, scotus and the presidency. They only cared about giving the top 1% massive tax cuts while debt spending.

  11. ASCE estimates we need to spend $4.5T to fix basic infrastructure. Even Biden’s proposal is too low, too late.

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