‘Negligent’: Bravo TV Stars Slams ‘Mishandled’ Breonna Taylor Investigation After Protest Arrest


  1. Well, she’s a “Bravo TV Star”, so she’s also totally an expert on police shootings. 💯🤮

    1. Actually Portia’s grandfather was a man named Hosea Williams. He was a long time Southern civil rights leader and was also in Martin Luther King’s inner-circle. Portia’s dad, brother and uncle have all been active in civil rights actions and Community organizations for years. This is not the first time Portia has been at a rally I believe it just so happened to be the first time she’s been arrested. Yes she is on Bravo, but to suggest that’s all there is to say about her or her presence in this moment is incorrect.

    2. The Cuteness well said! Hosea Williams was a civil rights icon, businessman, minister, and philanthropist.

  2. If the phrase black lives matters bothers you and it should be all lives matter but the term blue lives matter doesn’t bother you..,.then the word black is what bothers you!!!

    1. You have worked at being racist without coming out and saying it. All lives should matter,
      but since black lives didn’t matter it became a protest. I never heard blue lives before.
      I’m sure that means police for you. It could be also be Union or Democrat. That’s what happens
      when you use vague terminology. The word black doesn’t bother me and never will. It’s a color.
      I have never met a black man in my entire life, and I know I’m not white, even if you think so.

  3. She’s shot 8 times in her home with no weapon or aggressive behavior.
    Unfortunately another murder like George.

  4. cuomo says “nobody” should be prosecuted in N.Y. for deaths caused by coronavirus, but i remember he spread covid19 by lunar new year parades+rioters+mandate nursing homes without preparation

  5. dems spread covid19 in large cities by lunar new year parade, smaller counties cancel lunar new year events to avoid pandemic early stage but that is ruined when blm and rioters run wild spread covid19 to those unaffected areas, dems are traitors for blaming in dining/salons

  6. blm never fix chicago under 8 years of obama, media is silent when asian holding a pen was shot by dem cop, dems use thugs to attack people with stand down cops in san jose, dems break glass of businesses during in inauguration like nazis, dems incite violence leading up to 50 shot in vegas, dems are dictators that did voter fraud in broward with mail in ballot concealment

  7. Three names have been permanently seared into my mind. Breonna Taylor, Amaud Arbery and George Floyd. I evoke those names every time someone denies systemic racism in law enforcement because all three were murdered in the single month of May. When more savvy deniers mention that Arbery was killed by an ex-cop in February, I remind them that it was covered up By an entire county’s criminal justice system until May to keep a former officer and his son out of jail.

    1. I still cry when I think about them and knowing we had to be made to watch a murder live on television.. Thank you so much for understanding and caring..

    2. @ღSwnsasyღ _ You are very much welcome. As a fifty six year old white guy raised in the midwest, you might find it hard to believe that I’m troubled by these deaths and this situation as much as you. I was really hoping that after Rodney King 1993, institutional racism would be relegated to the pages of history books like VCRs and the Soviet Union. i certainly didn’t want my grandkids to ever see it. Now I relive my entire adult life wondering if my complacency or lack of open aggression against archaic ideas played some role in allowing it to exist.

  8. I’m so happy to see Porsha use her legacy and voice to bring awareness and seek justice for Breonna Taylor.

  9. Good heavens. Is it me or is it that the politics in Louisville is that corrupt that an investigation into the unjust killing of an innocent civilian was deliberately botched by the mayor who’s supposed to see to it that justice is administered without any bias or favour to anyone? Mayor Fishcer needs to be recalled and the Louisville Police Department must be disbanded.

  10. Portia while I admire your commitment to this issue. When you speak on behalf of Breanna Taylor you should be informed of how government works. The Supreme Court can not “step in” because no legal case has been filed in the criminal court by the county prosecutor or the state Attorney General. No one has been arrested. This reminds me that Portia thought the Underground Railroad was an actual train station. 🙄 So again while I admire Portia’s sincere passion please read up on the criminal justice system and the specific details about Breanna’s case. It will make you a better advocate for Breanna when you are on air like this. 🤨🤨🤨

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