Negligent JLP Govt. Episode – PNP | Double Murder in Falmouth | TVJ Midday News – June 23 2022


  1. Country of Savage, State of anarchy, environment of insecurity and chaos. A lot of talking but no actions. Curse! Curse!! Curse!!!

    (EXODUS 20:13, DEUTERONOMY 5:17).

  3. I can’t for the next general election, it will be my first time voting, I finally made up my mind

    1. Go vote the PNP back in. I’m sure they will be the answer, after all, they only had 2 decades to get it right….right?

  4. Now is not the time to criticize get on board and support HELP our government to stop the blood shedin, you are Not smarter stop it , we care zero about politics

    1. Really the government the security minister making a blunder like that This is more than time to criticize because they are doing s*** How could the government make a big blunder like that That’s the same way the minister of national security could have let out top secret

  5. Who is responsible for reviewing these regulations b4 they r tabled in parliment .. isn’t the opposition b able to look over the documents b4 parliment meeting to see if everything is up to standard that’s y we av an opposition party..

    1. mark golding is more interesting in a rally every month saying how terrible the PNP is and how people should hate and not vote for them. Actual solutions? nowhere to be seen

  6. Lies, the price of eggs has not remained the same, eggs can be bought not at $1100 per tray before covid it was between $600 to $700 per tray. In fact every December the price increases.

  7. The Prime Minister of Jamaica said. “As the World Order is evolving”. What world order is he speaking about?

  8. Mark Campbell was my English teacher on H S. He used to come to class with a cane that he nicknamed ‘the panacia’.
    He was/is one of the greats! Thank you sir.

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