1. Brooks should be removed from Congress. If he can’t respect the Constitution and the laws of the US, he has no place in Congress.

    1. @Devo, says you, just because you say it doesn’t make it true, you just assert something so it must be true, are you condemning what he did? Or are defending what he did?

    2. @Steve Guard, oooohhhh thanks Steve, commenting about something else. So are you defending what this moron did?

    3. @Tony Barden aww, says the media and his history. Or you dont find it odd that your precious propaganda doesn’t label him a Trumper? They sure did on anyone else.

      Denial, very common under those suffering from TDS.

  2. So Talibans taking over Afghanistan is impeachable but igniting insurrection on the American capital building is OK?

    1. Short answer; yes, long answer; stop attacking their freedom and religion or they will whine, complain and boycott

    2. Kabul is a capital attack Republicans find worthy of investigation, because, ya know, endless patriotism.

  3. If Mo Brooks were to be given the death sentence for sedition and treason his odious life might actually benefit America by sending out a useful signal to those who think their own personal views are more important than the democratic will of the people. No so simple for Donald Trump since hundreds of thousands of deaths could have been easily avoided had he never been born. His execution alone would not compensate for the atrocious life he has led.

  4. daily reminder: trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a democratic election

    1. @Turd Ferguson Mueller and Senate reports determined Trump colluded, which isn’t a crime. The evidence of conspiracy is in his taxes and financials—NOBODY looked at those–It’s why he’s fighting to the bitter end to keep them secret. Brace yourself.

  5. One whack job reinforcing another. Just like MTG and Gaetz egging each other on to more offensive heights. It’s the new American Dream.

  6. Imagine, just IMAGINE how conservatives would have reacted if after an Islamic terror attack against the US, Minnesota representative ilhan Omar had said “I understand the anger…”

  7. The mere fact that Mo Brooks is not in prison on charges of high treason is the best possible proof what a joke the USA really is.

  8. Mr brooks is quoting that French gal telling America to “eat cake’ let us not forget what happened to her.

  9. Socialism , really? What a Crock.
    Mo Brooks has got to be voted gone.
    McCarthy will once again just ignore Brooks inciteful rhetoric.

  10. mccarthy only cares about criticism of “green eggs and ham” his reading material.

    We needed to get out of Afghanistan along time ago, period. I stand with President Biden and against trump and his toadies.

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