Neguse Reacts To Redistricting Map That Would Put Boebert Against Him In 2022

“Our world views couldn’t be more different, and obviously we have a very different view as to governing and ultimately how to represent our respective constituents,” says Rep. Joe Neguse on the possibility of facing Rep. Lauren Boebert in the 2022 election if Colorado adopts the new redistricting map. 
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  1. The fact that she was voted to congress with a GED in 2020. She was the best person to be sent to congress. Something is really wrong in this country.

    1. @Flamingo Girl You are? That’s great news. And, as stated wayyyyyy back, we agree she’s not a genius. And there’s plenty of cuckoo nutters within the GOP with law degrees, even from Harvard. The degree she has is not the issue. A nut, is a nut, even with a Ph. D.

    2. I guess I get peoples points. Our infantry men have to score rather highly on the ASVAB just to die. Surely our leaders can do better then a GED.

    3. The GED is a red flag to do actual research on the candidate. She has multiple arrests, married someone who was arrested for expossing himself to minors, not a person you would want in Congress.

    4. To be fair, that GED is probably the closest any Republican has been to being qualified for literally anything.

  2. Daily Reminder: On January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of congress certifying the 2020 Election.

    1. @James Bell Well frump gave you a temporary tax break on employment taxes using language you probably did not understand. Frumppy wants a dictatorship — be careful what you wish for.

    1. @George Gawellek I mean, she didn’t, and that’s been proven over and over again, but FAKE NEWS, TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP, screw you people, I’m sick of Trump nuts shrieking into the void about the nonsense they’ve been force-fed

    2. @Shmluh no actually it was just proven to be true. Some private investigator followed them both around for there dna and proved it. Haha. Dot saying she does her own brother but she cheated her way into being an American citizen. The FBI admitted that they knew about it and it was to late the statute of limitations had ran up. They won’t do anything about it. 100% true.

    3. @Jason Mccracken Even worse is the government that asked for Pakistan to release the head of the Taliban, then conducted talks with him, and made it so the next administration couldn’t reverse the pullout of troops from the country in a proper timeframe. Wonder who did all that?

    4. @Masonic Puppet Did she advocate attacking the head of our government on Jan 6th? Does she downplay the insurrection and say those good people should be released for doing nothing wrong? Then she is not as worse as this clown Boebert. Sounds like the one you’re talking about is just running her mouth, while this clown (and a few others) should be on her way to jail for helping to incite the insurrection.

    1. She also failed the GED test 3 times before she finally passed it but honestly I think they just felt sorry for her!

    2. @Liquid Devil exactly nd education opens up ur thought process nd expands ur thinking forcing you to look beyond ur surroundings nd experience

    1. @Senam Lawson you girls can’t handle an online argument, how on earth do you expect to win the gunfight that’s brewing? Too funny.

    2. @Senam Lawson how did your eyes get all crooked like that? Looks like momma might’ve been smokin something eh? You think whatever that was only affected the way you look and not the way you think? I highly doubt it dummy

    1. @george welsh they sure are… these idiots are going broke sending diaper Don their money cause they think he’s coming back 😂 and they have the audacity to call us sheep..

    2. You forgot “I never graduated from high school to qualify me for this job which made Frump and McCarthy very happy!”

    1. Yes the Dems have done it all over the nation in their long going insurrection attempt. We now need to fix it.

    1. Yes , colo rad o , a red state and just as desperate as all red states ! Losers desperately attempting to find some corruption in their dismal future of white supremacy and terrorism. Remember Rethuglicons , WE DEMOCRATS ARE ALSO WELL ARMED AND TRAINED !!! Please start something , anytime , anywhere and for any purpose ! We true American patriots will be more than happy to see you all to your fate ….. and this time around , treason means DEATH 💀 !! BIDEN/HARRIS 2024 Democrats vote blue in “22” 🇺🇸💙🇺🇸💙

    2. I live in CO-03. The last Dem rep was “Blue Dog” Joe Salazar. The district has only reddened since then. Tipton would at least talk to us, even if he didn’t really listen. There are a few blue strongholds in CO-03 but it’s definitely red. I’m not sure who or what we’d get instead but I’d be pleased to see Rep. Glock gone.

    3. @John Quinn Yah no we’re not, the small communities like hers are red and her idiocy is turning them blue very quickly and the other red areas will probably be taken out by covid so I think Colorado is pretty secure in it’s blue status thank you very much!

    1. I’d congratulate anyone who obtained a mature-age qualification – though I would have thought that a person elected to congress would have qualifications just a wee bit higher than that!

    2. It’s always hilarious to me when someone’s trying to shame another on intelligence… while using bad grammar. 😹

    1. Remember the Biden and Palin debate? It would be about the same. She won’t answer any questions posed to her and stick to 3 talking points. She will claim victory afterwards for the rebellious way she made her own rules and her supporters will cheer her on not realizing their cheering on incompetence and stupidity.

    2. @Don vito Corleone Any politician who refuses to debate a political opponent in election season tells you all you need to know about them. Amazing anyone would vote for her let alone enough to win.

  3. You know how low this country has sunk when someone like this represents people in this country. A really deplorable individual.

    1. @Grunchy And a great deal of them want to bring him back. Very scary. Sane people better get to work and speak up. Thanks for responding. Have a good day.

    1. @DAvid Cook I have a lot of family in her district and almost everyone I have talked to about her had high hopes but she has let everyone down and now they do all hate her, except for maybe a few older staunch Republicans who back her blindly!

    2. @TiffYG2133 Again I hope your right. And again I live in her district too and there may be a lot of people who no longer support her, but there are still ALOT of her campaign signs in my neighborhood. And the local hardware store has a shelf full of mypillows right next to the check out by the way. I would love to see Neguse debate her though,we would all see how stupid she is!

    3. @TiffYG2133 Yep! She has written zero legislation to help anyone . Especially now. Has voted against legislation that would help her state and district. She will be voted out!

    4. @Bernard Booth No we don’t!! She is as good as gone! She voted against our interests for the last time. We don’t need a clueless bimbo representing us any longer!

  4. So, it’s either the guy who sounds articulate, focused, and professional, or the lady that speaks like she’s always filming some kind of poorly dialogued late night infomercial for cheap knife sets. 🤔
    That’s gonna be a tough one.

    1. The future of politics! Instead of politicians we’re getting youtubers and tik tok influencers who spend all their time making stupid videos and not the job that they’re paid to do!!

    2. She’s what happens when you mix LSD with reruns of Charlie’s Angels and she shoots “Charlie” in the head.

    3. @DarkSideOfTheGuitar She don’t take orders from no one! Takin orders is socialist and leads to inter-species marriage. Charlie has to die TO SAVE DEMOCRACY! Because tmrw he could be indoctrinating the children with Marxist ideas! IT’S FOR THE KIDS, stop freaking out over old man murder.

    1. @Daydreon Mckinney I’m really curious to know what these republicans are hiding, and what role they played in what happened.. they are really fighting hard to keep this from coming out.. I wonder why that is..

    2. @Rose Faulkingham the video showing the hooded person walking away looked feminine to me.. I didn’t think it was a man, but I don’t know

  5. *I really like Rep. Joe Neguse! He doesn’t have to carry an automatic weapon and threaten voters to make SENSE!!* 👍❤️

    1. The fact you just said “automatic weapon”means you know absolutely nothing on the subject so how does your opinion hold any merit?

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