Neighbor paints yard bunny black in show of unity | Humankind

When Carlos' elderly neighbor came outside with a tub of black paint, he had no idea what to expect. But this one simple act sparked what could be a lifelong friendship.
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Nashville resident James Martin used a simple lawn ornament as a way to stand up for racial injustice and the killing of George Floyd.

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  1. Some people GET IT and SOME DONT! Glad the neighbor showed some SOLIDARITY in his OWN WAY!✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  2. This is beautiful. But I’m concerned that even before meeting James & seeing his age, that Carlos had no mask, that they didn’t social distance, etc. I checked bio to make sure this is current, didn’t want to assume, even with the content, saw it is. Why did they do a fake high five but Carlos had arm around James & they both acted like it’s any other day? I guess even if it’s a low virus area, noone is even in phase 4 & all states still masks. ….I’m sad and upset about this, with Carlos bc I’m 64 & lost 3 friends over 50, my son 25 list a friend, my neighbor lost 31 yo cousin AND uncle all to COVID-19……please be smart if you care about your neighbor, even if you won’t wear mask SMDH 😣🙄 glad they’re beautiful friends, I wish James continued good health to enjoy his new friendship with Carlos.

  3. MSM does NOT support unity. Division and hate gets ratings. People love gossip and discord in their boring lives. Truth is rarely accepted. Justice and liberty is no interest of MSM, just chaos. Pathetic

  4. I cry. é bonito demais ver isso, ver uma certa transformação no senhor idoso. acho que ele é quem se transformou nessa história, mais um que Floyd converteu o coração

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