Netanyahu blasts ICC probe into alleged war crimes by Israel 1

Netanyahu blasts ICC probe into alleged war crimes by Israel


The chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced plans for a formal investigation into alleged war crimes by Israel in the Palestinian territories, prompting an angry response from Israeli leaders. Alleged war crimes by Palestinian militant groups like Hamas will also be investigated. The investigation will look at events in the territories from June 13, 2014 onwards.

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    1. @Michael DiTraglia aww look at you trying to be in adult conversation. Come on lil buddy you can do it. Oh wait your a right wing nut. Dont strain yourself trying to come up with some outlandish rhetoric

    2. @انمار جينار were not allowed a real nationalist leader here in america because the zionist billionaires say its not allowed. And the zionist owned media of course

    1. @Yashoor G what a coincidence? The beauty of gods torah, he chose the jews, not you
      The  3 fathers and 4 mothers of tbe jewish nation,  in the word Israel
      ר………רחל,…רבקה. Rachel,,,rebecca

    2. Are you all really arguing about religion?
      Just agree you all believe in God and call it a day.

      Doesn’t matter which interpretation you have, because it’s probably impossible to conceive what God looks like, and if there is one, it would probably be an insult.

      It doesnt matter what shape God is or is not or colour, why can’t you all just agree that you believe there is one and forget about what form God takes? If God even has a form.
      You all have religion in common at the very least, you all acknowledged a deity, a higher power, a creator.

    3. @M_117 – Integrated shadow lobster god gave the torah in front of millions of witnesses, Islam and Christianity no witnesses to their claims, and contradits the torah, and fully responsible for millions of deaths, both Jew and gentile.according to gods torah, gentiles just need to follow the 7 noahide laws to reach heaven, no manmade religions which state all non believers go to hell

    1. @a lader To piss people like you off, I am actually laughing and enjoying it. Got tons of replies of liberals crying and pissing their pants. Hahahaha

    2. @انمار جينار it’s not about being a liberal I’m not even a liberal… what’s not right however is the oppression of all the Palestinian people, and no one who is orchestrating the crimes is held accountable

  1. They always act as victims despite the fact that they are so often the cause of atrocities against Palestinians – it’s obscene in the eyes of the world!

    1. @Jacqueline WernettI hate bad , manipulative and evil people regardless of the origin and love good ones same way. Straight up and denounce these evil, perverted and hideous zionazi crimes against humanity and acknowledge the facts. Before you reply with something stupid do know this, I love some great jewish people I have met in my life . Zionazis freaks and pervs are not like them though and are nothing but twisted, disgusting and evil. Straight up before it’s too late.

    2. @Szymek gw did God pick you to choose. Did God anoint you. ? What did God speak to your right ear from Heaven. What Covenant did God give. What signs of God have you seen.

    3. “The Palestinians” ahh yes ALL of them huh…
      You’re supposed to judge people as individuals, not as an entire group.
      People are people.

    4. @M_117 – Integrated shadow lobster thank you. I agree 111%.. Sincerely Jacova. There are good Jews, there are good Christians, there are good Muslims, there are good Buddhists. There are people that have empathy and see themselves in others and they in them. There are people who are kind and then mean sometimes and repent. There are people on this day where I feel sorrow that bring Joy to my life as a flower blooms and a cloud feels like breath. It is the understanding that you express and the wisedom you earn. For God spoke to my right ear from Heaven, first next to a burning glowing spider web that did not burn. And since God spoke to me 20 times. I am only what God told me I am. Nothing more but much less than God. And the greatest reward that God has shown me is His Existence and His love, and to know that I love Him. I don’t need thrones in Heaven or jewels and riches or virgins or pearls. And when God gave me a Covenant I asked for nothing in return.

    1. Those who support oppression of one race or tribe over another will surely pay for wat they put forth…Allah will surely get ti them with a punishment unheard of both in this life an the next….
      First of all these so called jews in isreal have no links to abraham isaac or jacob they are European who converted to Judaism for political reasons..many original Jews are opposed to their inhumane action all in the effort of rullin the world and preparing for tha false one eyed messiah

    2. @Bryan Wint There’s no child molesting in the Quran…….And you obviously don’t know women, you need more knowledgeable in Islam and the nature of women.

    1. @S Ro she gave a perfect example. when Israel is being attacked and Israel retaliate, you have to blame the terorist, not Israel who is retaliating.

    2. No one is defending actual terrorists, they’re criticising the sloppy and reckless tactics of Israels armed forces.

    3. @Jay M who attack Israel to retaliate? the hamas palestinians. have you heard any recent attack? no because Israel is not being attacked. if hamas attack Israel then Israel retaliate. simple logic.

    1. @K J making it a republican or democrat thing is exactly what certain people want you to do. Well done for being a sheep.

    1. Why the ICC won’t investigate Iraq, Syria, Iran, Somalia, China, Russia, Sudan, Myanmar? only the Jewish state which also a democratic and the only free one among these countries? I wonder why

    2. Or in other words: if you criticise the only democracy in the middle east, you are anti democracy in the middle east.

      As simple as that

    1. ​@nevarran Dude, I haven’t argued whether or not it was a good argument, just told you about debate ethics.
      If you ask for my opinion then here:
      As I said, this isn’t the end-all-be-all of this whole thing. It was 1 argument from 1 side. Of course, there is always a reason for war crimes, now we need to check whether or not it is a good argument & I can promise you neither you nor I know all the details & can determine for certain.
      I believe that while Israel isn’t right about EVERYTHING, it actually didn’t have a lot of options to act differently. Unfortunately, I don’t know too much about Palestine’s options but those are my views on Israel’s actions.

    2. @Yael Feldman I understand that, what I’m saying is that his “argument” is not an actual valid argument. If there are suspicions of actual war crimes committed, they should be investigated. He’s trying to excuse his actions, by claiming the other side is just as bad. And that was my, granted, a little exaggerated, summary comment.

    3. @Rod Williams this court decisions will stay just a piece of paper without any value and certainly will not resolve the political conflict of 100 years,Israel does not recognize that court and will not cooperate with it.

    4. @Benjamin Ellert I know and it makes the whole thing a moot point really. Maybe the most suprising thing about this video is that he turned up to do it in the first place as it changes nothing.

    1. The only thing that can’t shrink more is your abysmal lack of knowledge about the matter

    2. @איתמר אור lack of knowledge? You mean the fact israel is illegally taking land from Palestinians and forcing them in refugee camps where they control what supplies go in and out of. That knowledge?

    1. @Corey Jafari i just stated the fact. his people love him that’s why they keep voting for him.

  2. When will Netanyahu face his own personal crimes? It’s not anti-Semitism when you are held accountable.

  3. He says that the ICC is anti-semitic but the definition of anti-semitism is predjudice on the basis of religion. The ICC is not criticising the Jewish religion or the Jewish people but the actions of the Israeli State and its forces which is a different matter

    1. The definition of anti-semitism of hatred of people from the Middle East which includes Arabs, Kurds etc, not necessarily religion. But you are correct that criticizing the actions of the Israeli state is valid and has nothing to do with the Jewish religioon .

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