1. It’s hard when you live in an open air prison and you loose a child to the violence every 3 days as Palestinians have for the last 10 years

    2. @Danger Close *fascism combined with ignorance and bigotry, with a bit of greed sprinkled in for good measure. Fixed it for YOU!

    1. Israel returned fire, they were attacked. The animosity is from the Jew haters who don’t know history, what’s actually going on, or who even started the current situation.

      People who make these stupid comments, would have been defending Hitler and the Nazis if Israel shot rockets back at the Nazis.

    2. @gin-N-aujus Let me guess your Jewish ? So your okay with Isreal’s actions against Palestine since 1943 ? I’ve notice Palestine is smaller since 1943 . Look at a map starting in 1943 and look at a map of Palatine now .

  1. Bibi put Biden on speaker, muted his own microphone, gathered his cabinet around and they all laughed until their sides split and tears of laughter rolled down their cheeks. Biden is irrelevant in this matter.

    1. @P1 Smith Well, sure feel free to. However, you seem dead set on a Trump/Russia discussion, just saying…

    2. @P1 Smith Facts of a false narrative pushed by libs. Fact Biden cancel keystone but gives OK to Russian pipeline. Fact Biden himself says he was going easy on Russia. His master Putin is pleased. and his other master in China is happy as well as Biden weakens the US at their command.

    3. @Truth Seeker Wow. You should be a movie with all the projection.😡💩😜 😂😂 😆

    4. @Billy Joyner I’m using the same standards that “news” outlets like MSNBC use to justify their narrative on all things Trump. Surely that’s not a problem is it?

    5. @Truth Seeker You should really try fact based and empirical evidence. Much more satisfying.

    1. Israel is hoping their buddy, the orange youtan, will throw his support behind them. Like most orange youtan supporters, they will find out you can’t depend on that.

    1. We the American people support our allies when they get rockets fired at them. Our hard earned money was sent to the Palestinians after Biden got in office, then they fired rockets at Israel.

      Get educated, quit spreading propaganda.

  2. I”ve got an idea – why don’t we offer to Hamas a removal from the terrorist list in return for a cease fire? The chief advantage of this is WE CAN TALK TO THEM! It’s ridiculous not to talk to an elected government, no matter how disappointed we are in their governance. Since my suggestion to break diplomatic relations with Israel will probably not go, let’s try this instead.

  3. Great I can see once we shoot back they will shoot us back I just can see this being a disaster happening – but it’s a loose loose situation anyway so

  4. America: Stop this, and engage in a cease fire.

    Netanyahu: No. Gimme more money punk.

    America: Ok. Check or cash this time?

  5. So US using their veto to stop an UN resolution 3 times in a week and a $735m arms deal is the same as pressuring Israel to stop…. 🙄🙄🙄

  6. “US is putting pressure for a cease fire”

    The US ” please stop dropping bombs on civilians”

    Also the US. ” we have your $500 bil. Also where do you want this $735 million worth of bombs?”

  7. Netanyahu is running the purity test Survival game
    what do I need to say to survive till next month
    it’s appears to be never about building a mutual community

  8. G Israel and Hamas the perfect rivalry ,time for a money making reality show…wailing ,crying ..u realize ur on TV..I AM…get the widow on the set we love dirty laundry

  9. “Pressure” as in approving $700M weapons deals and blocking a UN resolution? Wow, this guy doesn’t mess around – I can see why Cornpop ran for the hills.


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