1. They also are trying to distract from the news Trump’s attempt to bring nationalist in military home to help What is insurrection on November 9

    1. @Joe Shaloom That’s the exact same reason the Muslims claim you ignorant dolt. The only difference is the Jews have been there for over 3 thousand years.

    2. @Joe Shaloom Do you realize the side you’re supporting would literally have you executed for your blasphemous remark? Israel wouldn’t.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera That’s easy, the Jews, who in 1948 were called Palestinians, were there long before the Arab invaders, and had been there for thousands of years.

    4. @Deborah Freedman No they were called Israelites. They have had that land since about 10,000 bc. After they were ethnicly cleansed by German socialist, they reclaimed the land that was theirs. No people in the history of the world have more persucted yet the left wants to do it more. What exactly do you imagine the Islamic world would do to these people if they just laid down their arms?

  2. I’m sorry, but that moment where joe asks him whether there’s evidence Hamas were in that press building, and the dude said “yes, but it’s highly classified and no one can see it, but just trust me, I’ve seen it”, was outrageous and appalling journalism. Joe didn’t pursue him at all. If joe were in the U.K. working for BBC or Sky he would have been fired for that.

    1. Yeah that answer was ridiculous and not in any way believable. I’m not surprised joe just accepted that answer.

    2. The Jews in the US are so embedded in our Government, they might as well be the same Country.

    3. Regev is a Netanyahu toady and has always been quick to blame Hamas for Israels war on Palestinian civilians. He’s a nasty piece of work who shouldn’t be given a platform by the BBC and world media who let him trot out his unapologetic ‘justifications’ for disproportionate revenge on Palestinians uncritically.

    4. @rwhunt99 Don’t undermine the legitimate criticism of Israeli government action by blanket blaming ‘Jews’ for their actions and the support of the US. That’s straying into antisemitism pure and simple.

  3. Listening to an Israeli Government Official is like listening to a North Korean Official.. You can’t believe a word they say because they work for a corrupt government..

  4. Mr. Kobayashi represents Mr. Soze. The illusion of confirmation bias becomes apparent when my coffee cup breaks.

  5. If they didn’t want a conflict why did they evict those families then attack people at prayer

    1. They didn’t attack people at prayer. The people at prayer attacked the security with rocks and Molotov cocktails. It’s what they do….

    2. @malik abuzir history. There is security everywhere in Jerusalem. There has routinely been violence incited there. I have to believe you know this.

    3. @Alan P China is saying they only put Uyghur Muslims in concentration camp Israel and America put Palestinian Muslims in concentration camps called Gaza and hit them with heavy missiles and bombs.

  6. Even the US must be getting sick of watching the Israeli government inciting an attack and then using it as an excuse to launch an overwhelming response for political reasons.

    1. @Allen Kracalik Biden did not move the US embassy to Israel’s capital, that was all traitor Trump!

    2. @Grim Reefer Then perhaps the time has come for something to be done that doesn’t involve ignoring the Palestinians or seeing them as a problem to be bomb as Israel does with the tacit approval of the US.

    3. @urbanimage I agree and my country should cut all funding to Israel. Israel made their bed, let the lie in it.

    4. @urbanimage dude, i wish you could send some of your sense of hope my way, cuz I aint got none. The “something to be done” to raise the conditions for Palestinians to live with safety, dignity and fairness not likely to be done in my lifetime.

    5. @table rounders Well, if you live in the US you could start by putting the frighteners on Joe Biden – or at least letting the bugger know how you feel.

    1. If Israel was committing “genocide” it would have been done a long time ago. Ignorant comments like this incite more violence. Or, perhaps that’s your goal……

    2. @Alan P not all genocide happens fast, we did it here in the US to native Americans for at least 283 years

    3. @NewLeftToday then you really are abusing the word genocide. It’s sad how people tend to do that these days. It dilutes your message when you describe something as such. I wouldn’t include me in your “we”. My grandparents came over as immigrants. But my history tells me that native Americans were killed on sight. Every genocide I’ve seen goes that way. Israel goes to great lengths to try to target the terrorists hiding in civilian areas. Palestine does need to be free. Free from groups like Hamas and the fractured leadership they’ve endured too long. Once they free themselves from these terrorists and have a unified voice for peace they will have support, especially from Israel, and be in a position to end their suffering.

  7. They don’t want conflict but chose the most vulnerable time to strike and continue their ruthless extermination of a group of people.

  8. That’s nice, dear.

    When you are done throwing your little tantrum, the pressure that drove you to act this way will still be there.

    It will be there every day going forward, weighing on you more and more, until you collapse or yield.

    It doesn’t matter to me which it is.. but it will be one or the other.

    Plenty of bigger fish than you said and did all the same things, and they all ended up the same way.

    Good luck.

  9. “We didn’t want this conflict… we’ve just done everything possible to incite it during the past 50 years.”

    1. We didn’t want this conflict…we wanted the Palestinians and Israeli Arabs to roll over and accept our illegal settlements, evictions, earlier massacres, and constant harassment of the poor souls stuck in the prison camp that is Gaza

  10. If they didn’t want this conflict, why are they still evicting the people and stealing their land?

  11. When I was growing up, my family was evicted and the land confiscated. That was in apartheid South Africa. What is different in Gaza?

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