Nethanyahu's rivals strike deal that could oust him from power 1

Nethanyahu’s rivals strike deal that could oust him from power


A coalition of Israeli political parties announced they had agreed ​to a deal to form a new government, paving the way for the exit of Israel's longest serving prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. The coalition agreement must now pass a vote of confidence in the Knesset, Israel's parliament, before a new government and prime minister are sworn in. CNN's Elliott Gotkine reports.

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  1. More than scruples, it’s the political expediency alone, which governs relationships in politics ! Everyone has one’s own agenda and vested interests !
    How right was someone in his assessment in saying – “There’s no permanent friend or enemy in politics ; it’s the interest, which is permanent !”

    1. Well said. As long as the next administration continues with Israel’s incredible economic/agricultural/tech/medical growth, provides security for its citizens, and continues to reach out to the Arab world and beyond, then a change in leadership is healthy.

    2. It’s a stark reality ! Truth hurts and hurts very deep, indeed !
      How right was the great Swami Vivekanandji in his assessment in saying- “A truth can be said in thousand different ways ; yet each time it can be true !”

    1. @Random Anomaly And, unfortunately, the criminals are now in charge of our country. And, their crimes don’t matter because they have money and power!! So, it’s alright that the inept president’s son has never been held accountable for the money laundering schemes that he had going in in various foreign countries. Then, there is the good doctor, Fauci……yeah, there is proof that he had his hands in the ‘experiments with viruses’ being conducted in Wuhan Lab. So many lies, but they all disappear!! Too bad that the people in power in the US are able to get away with so much!! I guess people really are sheep!! I believe that it’s time to wake up!!!

    2. ​@Patty Miller​the Fauci leaks are getting the Hunter laptop treatment, the left don’t care. Unfortunately they are too vindictive and misinformed too be helped.

    1. Wuhan Institute Of Virology yes. Extremes are the recourse of the intolerant and uncompromising.

    2. @sabbel babbel it means, a net will catch a fool. A fool will be caught in a snare. Read your bible.
      Someone is always watching…. why do you think time has 3 hands, god has 3 eyes? 1 has the answer. Your total is 7. Is 1 and 1, twins of 11? What is 1+1? 2. It’s basic math. Compare logic, using, simplified math.
      Binary is nature, the origin of this story.
      Sitting and waiting, while I’m showing you God’s Glory.
      This is the story, and the Bible showed you the end. To begin, first you must end. To end, you must first begin.

      Go ahead and dig in….

    3. @sabbel babbel dont judge anything because you can see it with light. Because inside earth, you’ll forever see the dark.

      When you see the world for what it is,
      You’ll know that it is not ours to give.

      Bend over and receive….
      Because otherwise, you have nothing to send.

      So keep your output to yourself.
      Scramble Russian leadership’s name. That is the input. Putin…..

      So who do you think is really in charge?

      They might have shiny toys, but, we have the blessing of God.

      Why do you live in fear with a mask?
      Are you afraid to show yourself?
      Don’t think for a second, I wont show my self.

      So you cover your privates, and my identity is private. Why would I give, if you aren’t willing to receive?

      What is waiting on the other side?
      Go ahead and hit a send…
      You’ll enjoy what you receive.
      Otherwise go ahead, let’s see what you got… are you able to see who can deceive? Why would I trick you when you already saw this game? I won. Now i….. watch all of you miserable people….

  2. Cuando digan paz y seguridad entonces vendrá sobre ellos destrucción. El tiempo se está acabando. Es tiempo de buscar a Dios.

    1. There hasn’t been peace in Jerusalem in 10,000 years. Chances are that won’t change in your lifetime.

  3. The whimsical weight roughly satisfy because nephew muhly hammer across a hard-to-find pear. spurious, humdrum pocket

  4. “An Arab political party…”

    Still don’t know the name of the party?

    That’s odd…

  5. I do very much like the idea of a coalition of diverse parties. As long as everyone is TRULY HONEST, and above board. Transparency ! And the intention and work for equality among all people. Come on folks ! Haven’t we learned this is the best way by now ???

  6. We have too many problem in our own country. We need to stop worrying about other countries & their problems.

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