Neumann Continues To Be ‘Stunned At The Lack Of Facts From The Conservative Info-Tainment Sector’

Neumann Continues To Be ‘Stunned At The Lack Of Facts From The Conservative Info-Tainment Sector’ 1


    1. @J For one thing those on the left are usually educated enough to know how to spell radical.

    2. @Michaela Francis Good one 😆. Most on the right can debate without reverting to such irrelevance. Sorry that’s all you got.

    3. @WARRIOR.OF.GOD wtf are you talking about?.. it was broadcast to the world on live TV.. along with HUNDREDS of videos taken/uploaded online by the TRUMP cult themselves because they say they thought they had permission by Trump. They weren’t wearing masks. We know exactly what these people are.

  1. It would be shameful if anyone in the GQP could feel shame. At least the numbers are dropping when 90% loved him last year, 60% claim voter fraud, and only 51% think the insurrection on January 6th that killed an officer and injured 140 others was peaceful…

    1. The 51% is people who say most people at the Capital on the 6th were peaceful. I know you hate Trump but they were. Infact it wasn’t just Trump supporters out there. The media was there, both main stream and independent. Counter protestors were there, even people from the neighborhood, which was thousands. Hundreds did enter the Capital and commit crimes though.

    2. @TubeToons Hundreds of trump base entered. The people who were there laughed at the idea there were any “antifa” (which does not exist as an organised group like the monsters who follow trump.)—if they’d thought there were “antifa” on hand, they’d have been battling them, but all were together, being directed by ProudToys to find and hang Pence. Nice try, dipstick.

    3. @TubeToons There were absolutely no counter protesters at the Capital building or anywhere near it; get a clue, they are manipulating you! And when we talk about the insurrectionists we mean the people who crossed police lines and entered the building, which was many hundreds of Trump supporters and most of them participated in the violence. Nice try attempting to minimize what went down, but it’s all on camera, how they pushed and shoved and punched and kicked their way through successive police lines and broke down doors and busted windows. Most of them participated directly in the violence.

    4. I know it was a few hundred out of thousands, that rioted but the fact that 51% thought they were “peaceful” or “ANTIFA” tells me that the majority of Republicon’s have a LONG way to go from Earth 2.0.

  2. 100% of the people that believe it was Left Wing at Capitol & Trump won are the EXACT people that do NOT need access to guns.


    2. Well Jason Platt we will be the 100% that defend not only ourselves but you and the rest of our confused lefty countrymen from the socialist rule the traitors in office are trying to impose on US in Our free country

    3. @Mike Thomas You are so scared of an imagined talking point that is designed to do exactly what it has to gullible fools that don’t have a very good cognitive grasp on reality or an ability to see when they are the subject of a con. You are a traitor the people in office were elected by the people to remove a corrupt, inept, wannabe dictator that is responsible for 100s of thousands of dead Americans.

  3. Let’s let GOP Reps and Senators serve a couple of hours of volunteer Guard Duty every day. Then they can tell us that there’s no danger.

    1. @WARRIOR.OF.GOD in most cases, yeah, people film things on their phones or tv cameras are there. Remember the INSURRECTION on Jan 6? All the footage we have of that came from tv cameras recording the former Prez or the hundreds of idiots filming themselves and then posting on Twitter or Facebook. No OFFICIAL security footage had yet been released, because it is involved in an ongoing federal investigation. In this present case, it was a random unannounced attack with no public cameras present, only WH security. Hope that answers your questions.

      Edit; I just read post where you explain your eyesight is going, sorry to hear that. Removed a vague insult I posted about the all caps.

    2. @WARRIOR.OF.GOD The footage is out, but you will not find it on msm , Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

  4. This is such a sad time in our country. If I were physically and younger I would gladly give my service to protect the Capitol and my country!!

    1. @Freewheelin’ Franklin GALATIANS 4:16
      Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

      Gandolf the Grey: Chapter 14 “You will not pass”. There’s just as much proof of his existence as there is of the barbaric deity you worship.

    3. @Allan Pattison 2 THESSALONIANS 2:9-12
      9 The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, 10 and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 *For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie* 12 and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have


  5. HOW ❓ The World winessed it ❓
    I think it time that people who want to run for an office should undergo a Mental health check for any deep rooted issues. I don’t want to go back to what the GOP calls the good O’ld day’s . They want two groups of people The Very Rich and the very poor AND the very poor should serve the very rich AND THEN be greatful that we had a meal today.

    1. These people don’t believe Trump won the election and the Capital rioters were peaceful. They’ve given themselves permission to be intellectually lazy in order to reframe reality to match their agenda. These people are entitled. When he was elected, Donald Trump promised his base he would make America white again and that’s the promise that’s fueling their so-called beliefs.

  6. Why? That’s the question? Watching from the UK, it’s so sad. We’ve all got issues around the world, this is too much

    1. That, and US education has been so dumbed down and contaminated with crackpot religion that a large segment of the population is effectively brain-dead and gullible.

    2. @CFR Andre Not to mention that private schools have much more lax rules in what they must teach. In some cases, they are fully allowed to spread misinformation.

    3. @Sleepy Crim You have that backwards. Private schools aren’t teaching racism as the way out of racism.

  7. Perhaps the lie peddlers need to meet, face to face, with those impacted. The widowed, orphaned, and all who lost loved ones.

    1. It’s been done, with no results except embarrassment for the victims being subjected to liars lying, spouting meaningless platitudes and running out as fast as possible.

    2. Alex Jones immediately came to mind when I read your post, he claims lying is his First Amendment right. Given the Supreme Court ruled against his appeal, perhaps if he and his cohorts have to pay out big these walking bags of you-know-what will think before spewing such garbage. As long as they have fan bases and make loads of money, they do not care.

    3. The only emotion they have is self interest, and that’s not even an emotion.
      They understand “hit em in the pocketbook”. They’ll negotiate under that threat.

  8. 10 year from now, GQP would say the Jan 6th, 2021 capital riot never happened. Very much like their IQ.

    1. Lol that is not what they are saying at all.
      If BLM didn’t riot, there was never a riot at the Capital.

    2. @Anti Factoid True, that is part of their programming. Their instructions are To not believe what anyone says except the right wing propaganda points. They will then help push the propaganda points even if they don’t believe them. They like others to make decisions for them because they cannot comprehend the reality of the universe.

    3. They have not waited 10 years. They are saying this right now. January the 6th was police-hugging fest day.

  9. When one loses they grasp for straws or alternate realities that’s the state of the GOP…future doesn’t look bright for them.

    1. @Bruce on the bright side 50% of them are over 60 years old
      That’s the real reason the Republican party is in trouble they are not attracting enough new voters to replace those who die of old age

  10. Every time a so-called ‘News source’ tells a lie, they should be fined one dollar. That should be enough to bankrupt Faux Noise, OAN and News max in about a week.

    1. Vote to remove section 230 liabilities. Make all these media sources liable for their lies and censorship. There is in fact one truth.


  12. When a person walks through life devoid of facts he is proven by his own words and deeds to be a genuine knucklehead.

    1. @j T Honestly, the Democrats are in power and they – of course – have not made the first step to ‘defund the police’. Cause that is a right-wing fantasy.

    2. @LardGreystoke in Portland, Seattle, New York, Minneapolis it went in front of the City Council to take money away from hiring police and give it to hire counselors. Honest question, when is the last time you tool your time and money and went in to a poor community in America and assisted with anything?

    3. @LardGreystoke Are you understanding what is said, they cut funding to have less police to hire social workers.

  13. These people care more about careers, money and power, and obviously don’t care about their families and loved ones, otherwise they’d have some kind of conscience for these deaths. Wives/husbands becoming single parents, children growing up without parents, financial problems, WTH!

  14. This is unbelievable that some of these people are so lost in the sauce, I believe it’s hatred feeding them

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