Nevada’s Legislature Strengthens Voting Rights, Health Care 1

Nevada’s Legislature Strengthens Voting Rights, Health Care


The first – and only – state where women make up a majority of lawmakers, Nevada’s Democrat-led legislature passed bills to expand mail-in voting and create a public option for healthcare, while Republican-led legislatures across the country are restricting access to voting and healthcare.
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  1. Keep fighting for the people sister!! Your creation energy is needed right now vs the male who destroyers

    1. I’ll take any good news. Like the end of The Shawshank Redemption. “ Hope is a good thing.”

  2. If it were not for the more then a decade log Republican attack to chip-away and destroy the Affordable Care Act, the Public Option would already be a reality everywhere in the country.

    1. Far left Democrats refusing to consider a public option in order to ONLY support a complete universal health care plan doesn’t help.

    2. @Skippy Skipperson Ha ha ha more like centrist dems & all the repubs refusing to allow anything but the profit motive to prevail here in the U.S. dispite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

  3. So in months, Nevada did what Trump promised for years and didn’t even come close to doing.
    Well done Nevada…that smacks of governance.

    1. Careful there, that’s a slippery slope that could lead to legislators actually legislating.

  4. But – can mail in voting be trusted while dejoy still heads the post office?? He needs to be ousted asap before the next elections.

    1. I’ll take any good news. Like the end of The Shawshank Redemption. “ Hope is a good thing.”

  5. Perhaps the efforts to increase women in state politics should use Nevada as both an example and an incentive .

    1. It’s been long said that the best known way to reduce poverty is the emancipation of women. Freedom cannot be given, only taken, women emancipate yourself the need is urgent.

  6. Weird how this can be done in Nevada when other states are oppressing their constituents. It’s almost as if we should have a national voting rights act.

  7. *Everyone in America should be represented the way we have been in Nevada for the last few years.*

    *Thank you from a grateful Las Vegan!*

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