1. Have all of these judges handed over all of their phone records along with their families phone records & signed papers stating they did not do it? They need to do it all before asking their clerks to do it.

    1. @Nicky Krystals You do NOT know that at all! You assume that. Open minded people know that it very well could be one of the justices as they are definitively not above reproach. Try not being so quick to assume things not in evidence

    2. @J Johnson A liberal did it. Conservatives like Ginni Thomas have RESPECT for the rule of law, unlike liberals

    1. I think rules only apply to others. But if they do, that tells me how serious they are taking this. Also, it may get a result. My gut says that this wasn’t a clerk.

    2. If they find no breach pf rules by clerks then there is only one source. All justices can then resign.

    3. Good and relevant question. Also, maybe the family members of the Justices, like Ginni Thomas…..

  2. Seems to be a lot of assumptions that it was a Law Clerk who did the leak. Are the Justices and spouses of the Justices also having their phones records asked for?

    1. 10 points…

      Sorry,….CNN loses credibility every time they put Toobin the tuggmaster on their network.

    2. Make sure they can see his hands & should be on the table at all times when he’s talking.

    1. Because it’s not a country. It’s simply a financial territory. That’s what happens when you start letting a piece of paper define the value of citizenship. Amongst many other wrongs.

  3. Anyone Ever: “Do you think I should retain an attorney for this?”

    Me: if you need to ask that, the answer is yes.

    1. @Doc Rock LOL getting a lawyer for legal proceedings is just common sense. It’s NOT an admission or inference of guilt.. LOL

  4. A justice could have leaked. Therefore, clerk’s should agree only if each justice agrees to hand over their phone & email records. BTW, I know the likelihood of that happening.

    1. We get it, you’re afraid that the truth is going to be bad for your side politically.

  5. Because we put everything in our phones, committing a crime causing a breach may not be a good move. Breaching trust is more important than a cell phone

    1. @Nancy yes I am aware that’s why you don’t commit crime or other acts with your personal phone with personal data

    1. @Crispin Fornoff true , they just can’t go on a fishing trip . Excellent point 🙂Zoe , Canada

    2. Because they’re in charge? Maybe you could attempt to inform yourself about the structure of the court.

  6. I thought it would come out right away…looks like this may be a while. Really need to find the people who did this. Needs to be accountability.

  7. This the “expert legal analyst” where the phrase “doin his toobin” came from.
    Can’t believe he is still on CNN.
    They lost all credibility years ago.

  8. What’s remarkable is that someone leaked confidential information from the supreme court, but that doesn’t upset you, despite being unheard of. Instead you bring on a man who pleasured himself on camera for a work meeting for his opinion.

  9. When 9 justices are overturning 50 years of law depriving women rights to choice, it is almost human nature for this type of unfortunate leak to happen.

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