New Ad From Conservative Group Angers Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

New Ad From Conservative Group Angers Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC


A new ad from conservative group The Lincoln Project criticizing the president's handling of the coronavirus is drawing Trump's anger. The panel discusses the ad and new projections for the virus. Aired on 5/5/2020
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New Ad From Conservative Group Angers Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. From 15 to 1,200,000 infected in less than 90 days. History will show that Trump is the most corrupt and incompetent President ever.

    1. Where do you people get your info from.??? You have any idea where this virus originated and who flew thousands of people all across the globe spreading it among the people.??? you just repeat what Meeka and Beady-eyed Joe say………..Do any of you people have an original thought of your own.?? Really SAD.!!!!

    2. @Information Warfare The FLU Virus mutates, every year, and their are FLU SHOTS everywhere EVERY YEAR, they are FREE, to anyone. Millions of people do not elect to get these shots. Their negligence, to do so, is NEVER mentioned. In China for years, when there is a FLU Epidemic, everyone is wearing a MASK, and social distancing, to prevent the spread. We NEVER have seen that in the U.S.A. The FLU is spread here due to these three, reasons, and others too, such as, STAY HOME when you are sick.

    3. @Information Warfare CDC reports 34,200 deaths from influenza in the 2018-2019 season. There is no data for 2020 yet since the flu season is not over. There was a CDC estimate of 24,000-60,000 deaths for the 2019-2020 flu season, but no final numbers yet.

    4. Our Corrupt, Controlling Democratic Establishment gave Us Crooked Hillary to go Against Donald Trump in 2016 ?? = now, to make matters Worse- they put up Sleepy, Creapy Joe ?? c’mon guys , this is the Best we got??? – I’m writing in Bernie

  2. The entire GOP are responsible for Trump. They have propped him up all the way. They all share the guilt.

    1. The chickenshit spineless GOP had the chance to get rid of this ORANGE TURD and they failed miserably. They will go down in history as the most gutless corrupt Senate ever. So much for “Draining the swamp.”

    2. @William H – It’s MORONS like you that enable Bonespurs and his spineless GOP SWAMPRATS to bankrupt America. Doesn’t matter whether you’re liberal, conservative or whatever label you want, Trump is destroying this country and we will never be great again until he’s GONE. WAKE UP!!!

    3. 1:48 TRUMP vs STALIN
      Did Stalin Pluck a Live Chicken as a Lesson to His Followers?
      A common tale expresses the thought that a dictator can do anything he wants to “the people,” so long as the people believe he is the source of their survival.

    4. @Lediff Zitro man how little you know about history i do ot know what you know i can bet you you do not even have 20% of my knowledge

    1. @That Weird Guy yea.. cant admit your own faults? when did the original comment mention anything related to CNN?

    2. j Joe I feel for the lost families but I will be voting for trump. Biden is a fraud from the DNC. We should’ve had bernie.

    3. @That Weird Guy And Trump is better? please explain how Trump has not done what BIden has done. Trump has genuine proof of Dementia just like Joe Biden. ALSO just like Joe Biden, Trump has just as many sexual assault allegations. BUT GO AHEAD PICK AND CHOOSE WHICH BATTLES TO FIGHT.


    2. 1:48 TRUMP vs STALIN
      Did Stalin Pluck a Live Chicken as a Lesson to His Followers?
      A common tale expresses the thought that a dictator can do anything he wants to “the people,” so long as the people believe he is the source of their survival.

    3. @Lediff Zitro that’s were the cult like following come from those people see the geography changing and they think Trump can save them from the inevitable which is everyone being treated equal NOTHING CAN STOP THE WORK OF GOD

  3. Trump said it’s a hoax, “this Corona virus” in March at a rally, I heard it with my own ears, but he is 100% not responsible??? He needs psychiatric help

    1. @Oliver Matthews very well and accurately stated >>> U cant debate these Sheep , just make sure U vote for TRUMP and bring all your unswindled Friends and Family with U on Election day

    2. @Page Page because Nervous Nutty Nancy padded the Pockets of all her Special interest groups and Democratic Lobbyists = TRUTH ! research the list she demanded on the House floor LOOK , RESEARCH , EDUCATE

  4. I don’t think he would care even if it hit his family. He’s a sick man and he will NEVER change. We have a Hitler clone in our mist.

    1. @Richard Batchelder just take the downtime to pray u n yr family do not get the virus. Your supreme leader gets checked routinely….but u? U are just a number he can ignore. Just like he does for the last 70k plus Americans.

    2. ​@nora jim ..The “experts” said 2 1/2 MILLION people in the U.S.would die.. Trump will keep it under 100,000
      So you could say he’s done a good job… The MEDIA will not give him any credit, so that’s my job…. ..

    3. The 12,00 hundred bucks you got from your so called president are not going to help you when you or one of your family members get the virus, think about that!

    4. @Felix the cat ..Achy body, slight fever, nagging little cough for a week.. chug down a bottle of Mucinex.. Nothing to get excited about.. Already been there…..MEDIA has this completely blown out of proportion… if one has health problems, that might be a different situation.. I’m going back to work Monday…

    1. Just as they should have dropped you on your head at birth. You don’t even know what your talking about. As if he gave you a virus if he did its because you were grabbing your ankles.

  5. “I wonder how many times you have to be hit on the head before you find out who’s hitting you? It’s about time that the people of America realized what the Republicans have been doing to them.”
    ~Harry Truman

    1. And five decades later, they’re still getting slammed by the Republicans, and blaming the Democrats for it.

    1. @Andy H The US has 6 times the population of South Korea, a very densely populated country, and 250 times the number of South Korean dead.That’s really all that needs to be said.

    2. @Swamp Yankee If what you say about conservatives is true please feel free to meet the left and the middle of this country at the polls come Nov.We need you to help us rid our nation of the orange scourge in DC.

    3. Obama had brenan and comey take out Flynn and attempted to remove Trump illegally. Ha Ha, I hate democrats for good reasons.

    4. @Richard Batchelder Trump is USING China as a SCAPEGOAT. China did their best to prevent the virus. Trump claimed that himself. Now that the BLAME is due Trump and his pals at FOX, news, Trump LACKEYS, as well as the GOP KISS UPS have nowhere to go. They are COWARDS, and will be held responsible for GENOCIDE. What you call BASHING TRUMP, is your excuse to KISS UP to, an amoral, buffoon. Trump is being exposed for what he truly is. A FRAUD, a DANGER to the world, and a MURDERER, Inept incompetent, uncaring, selfish, and SATAN Personified.

    1. I used to think he was just nasty ,selfish & clueless but now he’s one of the cruelest people I’ve ever seen in my life.

    1. @Gurvinder Parmar Trump can’t be the president anymore because he’s doing a bad job. He lost his mind so the people are going to rise up against him and throw him into a mental institution

    2. @Gurvinder Parmar I take it you assume I’m a Democrat lol. I really do enjoy Trump, I find him very entertaining

    3. This is what happens when Republicans use the electoral college to negate our votes (project redmap)

    4. Yeah but what good does it do when the CORRUPT electoral college is gonna decide the outcome no matter what the people say? This election process STINKS!!!

  6. Oh, but he won’t follow any of his guidelines or any other! He’s too evil and stupid to do so. Period.

  7. Trump needs to be in an asylum. He is no leader and the crisis exposed him completely. He just craves power and now is losing face value (and power). And America is paying the price.
    By the way, in South Africa we are on the same track with the ANC leadership that has ruined the economy and Covid is now the scapegoat. So what do they do to keep face? Declare a curfew, take away rights and blunder forward with loads and loads of regulations that they cannot enforce in a failed state and economy. The are also trying to stop NGOs delivering much needed food to communities, saying it is the government’s function (ANC government!) to do that.

  8. I wish America would rise up! As a Canadian, it is terrible and disturbing to watch our neighbors get sold a complete bag of $h!t.

    1. @Tiniest Violin basiaclly. becasue the people argiue over everything, starting from reasons for creation. they have no clue who the real enemny is

    2. @Julie Utley 70,000 has also diedfrom flu this season. have you denied the CDC deatyh count is half what it says on MSMS? so you say you are a christian, yet you dont purposely deny the true death counts as listed by the CDC,. to you julie, who holds the power on earth? same people as listed in LUke chapter 8?

    3. Our Corrupt, Controlling Democratic Establishment gave Us Crooked Hillary to go Against Donald Trump in 2016 ?? = now, to make matters Worse- they put up Sleepy, Creapy Joe ?? c’mon guys , this is the Best we got??? – I’m writing in Bernie

  9. Trump is insane ..why is he even discussed as if he’s even vaguely human , much less president. ?

    1. Indeed. trump has no soul. putin has it in a small vial along with the other souls he has collected.

  10. I agree with the other American citizens commenting here. At this point, President Trump is a criminal – he needs to get out of office ASAP. Everyone please #VoteBiden2020. Anyone is better than Trump at this point. The Trump administration has FAILED America.

    1. I totally agree. A ROCK would be better than this corrupt loser. Although I feel Andrew Cuomo should be the Democratic candidate.

    2. jpjulz Right on,even a dead candidate will do and get rid of Pompeo ,Pence, Abrams.we need someone to fight for peace not trying to ripoff other countries.But most of all the working people need a leader
      Whose on their side.
      This time vote with your brain not your feet.

    3. Agreed, this is an emergency, let’s stop the bleedings (stop people from dying and save the economy first) meaning, get Trump out. Whoever comes doesn’t matter at this point, anyway whoever comes in will try to prove his worth initially so when we’re at the bottom, the only way is up. First thing first – Trump must leave, end of story.

    1. @Richard Pierpoint Indeed, and right to the bone. He probably has ugly marrow, for that matter.

    2. Where is all the Love and tolerance with you folks..??? or is that just another myth about Democrats.???

    3. @Richard Batchelder No , that’s a generic Christian attribute. *In theory.*
      In practice, the religious right if anything more inclined than any other group to intolerance, isolationism, exceptionalism, jingoism, death-dealing (they do however make a remarkable exception for fetuses), gun worship, and electing leaders whom Jesus would have thrown out of the temple and who also happen to be absolute fuckwits.
      Enough with your “love and tolerance”, save it for GIngrich and McConnell who engineered us in to this hellish corner.

    1. Morph – Unemployment 15% only because of the coronavirus which has now morphed into a democrat conspiracy to ruin the economy and our healthcare system. Obviously the Democrats got tired of winning. You idiots all want socialism, single payer healthcare, but it’s not going to work. You people are on the fringe. All my Democrat friends are voting for Trump because they are sick and tired of the hate and lies from the Democrats and socialists.

    2. @Bret A. Mason nice comeback bro. you sure showed me… zero substance all superficial. youre a moron to own the libs.

      you are exactly the kind of person who would love trump.

    3. Morph – “a moron to own the libs?” WTF are you even saying? Never mind, you are a total waste of time.


    1. ..Right after we find a cell for Obama and H.Clinton..  Trump HAS the right. where were you Nov.8th 2016 ..Hiding in your cry room.????

    2. What is wrong with the GOP, he’s a Punk make he resign he can’t Handle This, God Help Us

    3. ​@Cassandra Smith ….Awwww..  just back away from MSNBC and things will get better.. Trust me.!!!

    4. if U were in America , U saw that the Democrats selected Crooked Hillary for Us vote for in 2016 = to make matters worse, they now nominate Sleepy Joe in 2020 ??? c’mon this is Our Best ??

  12. “Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction”-Kelly Eileen. Sending hugs from South Africa .

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