New Arrests In Pro-Trump Capitol Riot, Details Emerge On Death Of Officer Sicknick | MSNBC


    1. No no no no no no. Makes no sense at all:
      “Carpe is the second-person singular present active imperative of carpō “pick or pluck” used by Horace to mean “enjoy, seize, use, make use of”. Diem is the accusative of dies “day”. A more literal translation of carpe diem would thus be “pluck the day [as it is ripe]”—that is, enjoy the moment. It has been argued by various authors that this interpretation is closer to Horace’s original meaning.” (Wikipedia)

    2. No no no no no no. Makes no sense at all:
      “Carpe is the second-person singular present active imperative of carpō “pick or pluck” used by Horace to mean “enjoy, seize, use, make use of”. Diem is the accusative of dies “day”. A more literal translation of carpe diem would thus be “pluck the day [as it is ripe]”—that is, enjoy the moment. It has been argued by various authors that this interpretation is closer to Horace’s original meaning.” (Wikipedia)
      I would suggest the meaning is: “make fruitful use of”.

    3. eric swallwell slept with a chinese spy….u might wanna look into that u sickos…replace him with who ever u want…its juss disturbing that u idiots dont even care …sick sick sik

    1. @Koolhandluke Makemyday You do realize that the Republican and Democrat parties are polar opposites of what they were 100 years ago, right?

      While the Democrat party may have been involved in racism over 100 years ago, the Republican party now carries that mantle proudly and without shame.

      Stop focusing on the past, and focus on the problem in America, that’s going on now.

    2. And the Republican Party is also the party that supports traitors, insurrectionists, and conspiracy theorists! #TREASONOUS

    1. @S Goff both sides of the establishment. The thing is that everybody who is agaisnt the establishment is labeled a trump lover or republican. Its nothing to do with trump. Its everything to do with the media control, big tech censorship, big corp, big pharma, war. It all just happens to be calling the dnc home atm. Why? Because they are the same establishment. They are what the people are against. Only in the eyes of those deceived by the left is it about trump

    1. Yep unity is so important to the left and hollywood and the media. Right it never was and it never will be important to this administration or it’s supporters. Just remember 74million is a lot of people. Good luck to all.

    2. @William Steed 74 million does not make up 100% of the American population. By the time all the republicans that have left Trump’s party after Jan 6, your numbers will fall down the rabbit hole. The “Independent” voters now make up half of the American population. So you can kiss your 74 million, goodbye !!?

    3. Imagine joining the armed forces to proudly serve our country…. swear an oath to uphold this constitution…. survive an intense basic training program…. be deployed overseas to an area that could be extremely dangerous and hostile…. survive all that and eventually come home only to die by an enemy that beats you to death with the very flag that represents what you thought you were protecting. And right before you close your eyes to die, you are hearing the yells and screams from a multitude that refer to you as “traitor” and their violent intentions are to protect one single man who refused to serve his country with a selfish excuse of “bone spurs”.

    1. @Yongo Bazuk He was shot during the robbery miles away from the BLM March. The robbery occurred long after the march ended. I am aware of cops being shot by Boogaloo Bois, which is one of their stated goals. The BB made a tactical decision to take advantage of cops being busy monitoring BLM marches to achieve their goals. Stephen Carrillo shot three police officers, killing two. Looters with no connection whatsoever to the marches swept in and took advantage of the situation. Not saying every marcher was a saint but the mayhem in the end was primarily by other people. Nevertheless, this has been played as immensely successful propaganda. The reality is that the overwhelming majority of violent incidents are being committed by alt right groups and that’s according to law enforcement. Let’s start sticking to the facts. If you have other names or incidents, I’d like to hear them. Time for all of us to take responsibility, where ever the chips may fall for our nation to heal.

    2. @A. Munoz the Floyd riots resulted in billions of damages, thousands of assaults, hundreds of injured cops, and dozens of deaths. Blaming that on the alt right is completely absurd and delusional. The capitol protest doesn’t remotely compare.

    3. @A. Munoz Wikipedia lists 27 deaths.
      The actual number is undoubtedly much higher.

      Calvin Horton Jr. 43 Minneapolis, MN May 27 [48][49]
      Oscar Lee Stewart Jr. 30 May 28 [50]
      Javar Harrell 21 Detroit, MI May 29 [51][52]
      David Patrick Underwood 55 Oakland, CA [53][54]
      Barry Perkins 29 St. Louis, MO May 30 [55][56]
      James Scurlock 22 Omaha, NE [57][58]
      Marvin Francois 50 Kansas City, MO May 31 [59]
      John Tiggs 32 Chicago, IL [60]
      Chris Beaty 38 Indianapolis, IN [61]
      Dorian Murrell 18 May 31/June 1
      David McAtee 53 Louisville, KY June 1 [62][63]
      Italia Marie Kelly 22 Davenport, IA [64]
      Marquis M. Tousant 23 [65][66]
      Jose Gutierrez 28 Cicero, IL [67][68]
      Victor Cazares Jr. 27
      Jorge Gomez 25 Las Vegas, NV [69]
      — 20s Philadelphia, PA June 2 [70][71]
      — 24 [72]
      David Dorn 77 St. Louis, MO [73][74]
      Sean Monterrosa 22 Vallejo, CA [75][76]
      Robert Forbes 50 Bakersfield, CA June 3 [77][78]
      Horace Lorenzo Anderson jr. 19 Seattle, WA June 20 [79][80]
      Antonio Mays 16 Seattle, WA June 29 [81][82]
      Summer Taylor 24 July 4 [83]
      Jessica Doty Whitaker 24 Indianapolis, IN July 5 [84][85]
      Garrett Foster 28 Austin, TX July 25 [86][87]
      Aaron “Jay” Danielson 40 Portland, OR August 29

    1. @Laura Ly you’re sounding unraveled maybe lay off smoking that toxic Orange Crack. Need more tinfoil for your hat?
      QCult of Traitor45 = 💀GOP & 🇺🇸

    1. @Stephen Fitzpatrick I guess that is why corner found no injuries on his body….because he was murdered?….he died of heart failure.

    2. @Stephen Fitzpatrick Yes and the blood is on Nancy Pelosi’s hands she as the leader of the house is responsible for security at the Capitol and the report about the massive riot that may happen was on her desk at least 3 days prior to Jan.6th.

    1. 7 GOP crossed the line and found him guilty, so be careful of generalities. A majority found him guilty, just not a 2/3 because Of their loyalties over truth but let’s give credit to the 7 that said he was indeed guilty, still making the majority vote yes, guilty. It’s a technicality, due to lack of cooperation with the GOP who has just soiled themselves publicly! Their image just sank yet again, they could’ve redeemed themselves. Now they will have to fight harder than they ever have to get back on top. That can only happen with unity. They are completely divided now, from within. What a friggin mess!

    2. @ExposingMiLabs : And those 7 senators are now facing a backlash from the states and people they represent, and THEIR voices.

    1. yep, and felony murder relates to ALL the deaths; that. 5 counts, including a cop; that is the death penalty.

    1. @Ken Albertsen Well said Ken!! THEE ONLY 1 PERSON WHO TRUMP CARES ABOUT IN THE USA IS HIMSELF!! HE wouldn’t care less about the Flag Ken!! it was nothing more than for him to make himself look good AND STIR ALL OF THE LUNATICS UP MY FRIEND!!


    3. @Simply Filipino i know Comcast told you to believe that, but they also donated millions to Biden and the DNC and other dem candidates. the same company who owns your precious corporate media. it’s not my fault you can’t follow the money

    4. @icy purple please stop watching QAnon. Try to get back to reality. Life is too short to focus on alternative reality.

    1. And then prosecute anyone identified as Antifa, burning and looting across the nation.
      Jail anyone involved with purposeful election fraud, which absolutely occured..i have watched, heard and listened and it was stolen.
      In short, this was a setup to divert attention from the fact over a million legally marched answering that question.
      Psychology to divert.
      As leader of the House Pelosi had more police at her disposal then there were protesters.
      Facial recognition identified several as Antida.
      Video evidence shows they were allowed through security barriers..

    1. Why? NYT retracted their story. If you listen carefully the sleezebag journo here admits that the murder case has fallen apart.

    1. @Emily Xiong its the msm. The establishment. The big tech. Pharma. Corp. They are all in bed with the dnc. Thats the problem. Nothing to do with orange man. But, anybody who tries to stand up to these people will meet the same fate. They will be turned into the boogie man

    2. @Gabe Dudley ​ Conspiracy theory is the device of someone who cannot form a compelling argument or provide sufficient evidence. It is intended to preemptively disqualify any argument or evidence that could be brought against it. It is employed when its adherents cannot admit that the overwhelming consensus against it is a result of its lack of credibility. Their conspiratorial claims rely on statements like, “If I didn’t win, then it was certainly rigged”. It escapes them entirely that their claims are unfalsifiable and thus not verifiable.

      Subscribers to conspiracy theory conveniently and summarily dismiss all dissent with the non-argument that “That’s what they want you to believe.” They are unable and unwilling to consider the fact that the scale of the coordination necessary to pull off their conspiracy theory is so monumental that it becomes near impossible. They’ve convinced themselves that they are the enlightened few who have discovered a great but obscure deception.

  1. How do they feel now ?they go to jail Trump goes to the golf course and living large at Maralago.they picked a winner to fallow.

    1. “A sucker is born every minute, you gotta take ’em for all they got!”

      – Harry Wormwood (Matilda’s dad)

    1. They need 10 yrs. minimum federal prison time no early parole. The same trump time wanted for those confederate statues.

  2. No intelligent American who believes in Democracy or our Constitution, or the rule of law has ever supported donal. The inverse is also true.

    1. Pelosi says 9/11-style commission to investigate Capitol riots is ‘next step’ after Trump impeachment trial

    2. Every person who praised the BLM-Antifa rioting this last summer beginning with Pelosi and Harris is complicit in the murder of 49 people murdered in those riots. Especially the murder of 8-year old Secoriea Turner who was shot by Black Lives Matter protesters July 4, 2020, in Atlanta. Deceitful media like MSNBC made sure those murders, and especially hers, were swept under the rug. MSNBC has blood one its hands and so the zombies that worship its reporting even more religiously than fanatics do the Bible.

    1. @John Watt . . . The term “scot-free” has nothing to do with the Scots. The word “skat” was an old Norse word for “tax” or “payment.” When the word migrated to the British Isles and spelling was eventually standardized (such as it is in English) the word became “scot” and was basically lost to common usage except for the phrase “scot-free” — meaning, of course, to avoid one’s taxes or other debts.

    2. @cal88usa: Do not despair about this impeachment process, purely political. Criminal charges should follow and they are.

  3. You do what they do in armed robbery cases where someone dies – everybody associated with the robbery even if they weren’t even in the room is charged with the murder.

    1. @Em D unfortunately, those weren’t as isolated as this. You can’t charge someone in NYC for what happened in another state.

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