1. I just want to let anyone who’s reading this, and going through a tough time know that it’s going to be okay. You’ll get through it! ✨

  2. I have lived in the shelter and never had a free ride AA meetings are about salvation with twelve steps to go come down to the river and pray for salvation with the Lord Jesus Christ

    1. I think it’s more there’s always Murder. The media just makes it seem as if it’s always smart, pre-planned folk where the majority are in the heat of moment. This is a special case as such a powerful family to be destroyed and the lawyer father charged is alone news worth but then the fact this case is so complex just adds to it. It’s hardly the perfect murder either because he is clearly the most likely suspect still however the point is that the case is so messy that in reality no one can be sure beyond a reasonable doubt unless we have video evidence pretty much at this point. What actually will happen only the jury can decide…

    2. Here’s a thought to mess with your mind. All the people who’ve committed the perfect murders haven’t been caught and we’ll never know how many have been committed.

  3. When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have thousand reasons to smile 🤗
    Never give up, your day will come!

  4. Why people murder each other and especially with a kid…. Really, just stupidity at it’s best. The killing has got to stop 🛑

  5. I’m so confused by this case, I just hope the prosecution isn’t prosecuting an innocent man. How awful would that be, but at the same time, he could actually be the killer.. I hate this case..

    1. At best, this man has lied continually and consistently about the details of the circumstances surrounding this case. Ammunition found on the scene matched ammunition Murdaugh owned on the property. It’s extraordinarily unlikely he did not commit these crimes.

  6. Congratulations to CNN on becoming the 1st cable network to have more employees than viewers. Great job!

    1. I guess we could count all you losers interning for exposure in the comments section as employees *and* viewers.

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  7. Wow, these comments are an absolute mess. 😂 More bots and spam than anything. I was hoping to find someone who might’ve commented that people often blame themselves or express feelings of guilt when their loved ones have passed. I’ve been there. This definitely isn’t any kind of evidence that the guy murdered his son and wife. On the other hand, I don’t know if there’s any other evidence to suggest that he is guilty.

  8. I hear “they, NOT I did him so bad”. The vowel sound “eh” (they) is heard in the critical word, not an “ah-ee” (I) sound. They should not be putting “I’ on the screen of this video. It is being stated as if “I” is the definitive truth. Even so, this detail proves not innocence or guilt.

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