New audio: Trump falsely claimed he gave Kim letters to National Archives

CNN's Brianna Keilar and New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman discuss former President Donald Trump's false claim that he had given the letters he exchanged with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to the National Archives. The exchange occurred during a 2021 interview with Haberman for her forthcoming book. Haberman also asked Trump what he was doing on January 6 during the Capitol riot. #CNN #News


  1. Just remember, there is a small minority of Americans that believe this man is a “leader”, and that he’s “smart”. These same people will call Joe Biden slow, sleepy, and incompetent. Joe Biden is many things, but he can put together sentences, seems to genuinely care about all Americans, and appears to be trying to right what’s been wronged from the previous administration.

  2. “I was really being tough – and so was he. And we would go back and forth…And then we fell in love, okay? No, really – he wrote me beautiful letters, and they’re great letters,” – Trump on Kim Jong-un

  3. It blows my mind completely that a large population of the United States still think this man has value of any kind. It’s it’s very discouraging for the rest of the world to realize that there is a base of human beings in the United States that actually thinks this man is important when in reality he is nothing but criminal. Simply put

    1. It’s beyond comprehension. And it’s impossible not to judge those who still support him, especially after Jan. 6

    2. @Bradyn Lotterman I live in NY 40 miles from NYC. Just bought gas today at 3.04, you’re lying!

  4. The fact that everyone is afraid to hold a simple narcissist responsible, shows how pathetic and primitive our society still is.

  5. So no one else remembers his son going LIVE on social media on the day it happened, literally showing Trump watching tv? I know I do🙄

    1. @carol Lund This is just about impossible. Trump Jr was not at the White House. In fact he was texting the White House to get his father to condemn the attacks.

  6. One thing you can count on with Trump is if he tells you ONE thing, you can count on the opposite being true. Trump has got to be one of the most prolific liars ever.

  7. Trump does what most fortune tellers and con men do: cold reading. Except in his case it’s more like “cold lying”. He makes up lies, watches your reaction, then instantly changes them.

    1. His cold reads were apparent in his earliest 2016 rallies and he’s been adapting his utterances to crowd reactions ever since. He hand-jobs his audience and they don’t want that to end, so they’ll believe anything that keeps his hand in their pants. He, in turn, needs the attention and power they grant. It’s a 2-way dynamic, a “folie a deux” or shared delusion.

  8. The fact that Kim wrote him kind letters was disgraceful in and of itself. The fact that Trump was actually proud of it, took it to another level of both disgrace and stupidity but it was also revealing in the sense that it illustrates how he envied Kim wished to become OUR Kim.

  9. My God what a liar. Even if he wasn’t watching tv (which he was) does he really want us to believe he was not informed immediately, as the president of the United States of what was going on? That is beyond ludicrous.

  10. The fact that everyone is afraid to call out the mass psychotic break with reality by followers who were already harboring personality disorders.

    1. I’m not so sure they *essentially* have personality disorders so much as their fears and biases were taken advantage of to twist them until they became unrecognizable cult members.
      (sincerely, someone with a personality disorder)

  11. It’s so clear he’s lying. God, he’s such a teeny tiny man, just disgusting. It still boggles my mind how so many love him… it’s crazy.

    1. @Susan Kay wide representation in our population, no?
      And trump, 45? Has a very high iq.
      How does his high iq figure in?

  12. How infuriating that he gathered and riled a crowd and then blames the Capitol for “losing control of the crowd” as officers were attacked and people died. What a horror of a human.

    1. That is idiotic. Gathering and riling a crowd is a horror for you? Blame a democrat, they love to do that.

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