New Body Cam Footage From Jan. 6th Assault On Capitol | MSNBC 1

New Body Cam Footage From Jan. 6th Assault On Capitol | MSNBC


A newly-released video shows the moment Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick is hit with chemical spray and the immediate aftermath. Scott MacFarlane reports.
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  1. I’m glad that the attack on the capitol is still being paid attention to. That day was so messed up to watch happen live, and what more keeps coming out. Just, wow. Talk about an angry mob…

    1. @Kathleen Lackman 1 woman died, maybe, the video looks fishy, but we’ll go with her dying. NO ONE ELSE. your side said the cop was beaten with a fire extinguisher, said that on the Senate Floor. We know THAT WAS A LIE. Unlike the RIOTS the Dems had not a single issue with .

    2. @Wisconsin Man – Awwwwe darling, trump loves you and you’re very special. Meanwhile , he took his sorry bloated @$$ to play golf in Malarkey, Florida.

    3. @Wisconsin Man
      You have your “facts” confused.
      I would correct them but it’s not worth the effort because you know you’re lying and I know you’re lying.

    4. @Barbara C Sure it’s not worth the effort. You can’t dispute anything I said with a FACT to back up your rebuttal.

  2. I don’t need that many angles to see thousands of felons
    that should be easily found and locked up.

  3. And to think. Congressmen backing this day and the people’s actions consider themselves “patriots”

    1. @Chaos In case you aren’t an authoritarian yourself, fasist groups use goofy names and uniforms. They present a false front through low ranking members or PR men. The nazis had leftist “allies” until they gained power. Guess who gets the knife first. The Boogaloo boys have done murder, bombing and had a shootout with the cops in my county. They are authoritarian white nationalists.

    2. @Tee Pee Please check out the 12 Republican senators who voted against honoring the Capitol police officers with the Congressional Medal of Honor, for protecting them during the attack on January 6th.

    1. Yeah, hugging that one officer so hard with the door, that blood was coming out of his mouth. If that doesn’t scream “loving patriots”, I don’t know what does.

    2. @Chaos
      You again. lol
      Here to distract and muddy the waters, huh?
      Why don’t you prove your “facts”?

    3. @Colt Dude Keep pushing little girl. Biden and company have sold us out to China, brought us to the brink of economic collapse, nuclear war, and civil war.

    1. @Bart Anderson you haven’t even bothered looking. I just found loads by putting Antifa attack police in the search. And there’s probably loads deleted by YouTube’s politically biased algorithms. Fact!

    2. @ChaosSend me the link. I’ve been searching since they first started calling the protests a riot. Millions of people with cameras at all of these “riots” and I never saw a video of anyone attacking cops like the red hats did on Jan. 6. I’ve seen fires. I’ve seen looting. I’ve seen people cowardly throwing rocks and bottles of water into crowds. Send me the link of your proof that BLM and Antifa attacked officers as they did on Jan. 6. Good luck!

    3. @Chaos You just found loads? Where is the link? More empty words. Show me a video proving me wrong. I saw a video of a person swinging a hammer at a US Marshall. Not a riot. I have yet to see a group of protesters attacking police in similar fashion to Jan. 6. It doesn’t exist. Fact.

    4. @Bart Anderson The dude, “chaos” is autistic or something. Just feel sorry for him and move on. I tried previously in another video in a different convo. It goes right through him.

      Also, his account is fishy af. Like, it was made specifically to aggravate people.

    1. @FORENSIC AUDITS ACROSS AMERICA!! Deflection is an admission of guilt.

      Were you there on Jan 6th? Asking for a friend.

    1. @Chaos Whereas Blue Lives only matter to MAGAZombies when they can be used as an excuse to tell BLM to STFU.

  4. All those insurrectionist traitors can move to russia with putin so they can call him daddy.

  5. Find all insurrectionists … including those in Government positions! Charge them, them and throw away the

  6. The spray must have precipitated Mr. Sicnic’s ultimate demise. I hope that is part of the charges against the attackers.

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