New Book Chronicles Facebook's Actions Before Jan. 6th 1

New Book Chronicles Facebook’s Actions Before Jan. 6th

A new book reports that Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, emphasized a "company over country" mantra in the company's early days. 
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  1. facebook offers others countries for free a level of censuring any voice against thoses foreign dictatures simply giving extremist supporters a way to shut down any defender of human rights on a few clicks

    1. @OrcaBob 4337 you state in a prior comment that you won’t be vaccinated. I don’t see your form of stupidity as one to emulate tbh.

    2. @Sarah F. 4.2 Somebody is keeping tabs on me.

      It’s refreshing though. I don’t want anybody emulating anything I do.

  2. I quit FB months ago and have been happier because of it. Its a toxic environment and would recommend anyone to just simply close your account.

    1. @Charlene Pollard Same here. Deleted in 2017, got tired of constant barrage of Trump cultists and their idiotic vitriol.

    2. @David M Means that majority of this country is tired of your “prophets” and bullshitters. Just like the majority of modern world. You can keep your dogma, we just have no use for it in politics.

    3. @LF313 I wasn’t asking you for your opinion but I think people are tired of the politics as well. If you don’t like me that’s a different thing altogether and you can kick rocks anytime no problem.

  3. When a “twit” steals from his classmates, pays them off later, and claims to be something that he is not (educated) there’s reason to question a certain someone’s integrity.

    1. @Mal C Gtcha! I did a little research amd found a wondeful lady who calls herself Reallygraceful. Please look (and like) her channel.

  4. Is it surprising that Suckerbooger’s motto for employees at Farcebook was “company before country?” Not at all, as it perfectly reflects their business model.

    1. Do those childish nicknames perfectly reflect you?
      Probably not. But people will judge your level of maturity by you choosing to use them.

      It’s just a thought.


    1. Ew man that’s terrible. These companies make me sick.” I only work for you to provide for my family fuxk you lol”

  5. You mean how Facebook orchestrated most of the protestor communications with directed A.I. then blamed parlor the next day to cover it up. less than 10 percent of communication was on parlor…90 percent was Facebook. Confirmed by DC ISP’s. Just a matter of time Mark.

  6. “New book” Welcome to MSNBC books! Where we spam youtube with speculative reporting and book plugs.

  7. It’s funny some people don’t realize Twitter and Facebook have done way more harm than good.
    The “news” died years ago aswell. Julian Asan is the only real reporter and he’s been tortured and locked away for over 10 years now.
    “News” won’t even cover it for two seconds.

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