New Book Goes Inside Trump White House During Jan. 6 Riot 1

New Book Goes Inside Trump White House During Jan. 6 Riot


In Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig’s new book, "I Alone Can Fix It," they reveal that the White House counsel feared potential charges for Trump as the Jan. 6 riot unfolded.
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    1. @Benjamin de Montgomery And when it rains “golden shower” around Sleepy Joe, we know he soiled his adult diapers.

    1. ​@Chaos Your statement is unclear. Using the word fact in isolation after a question doesn’t make sense.

    2. @Chaos Are you going to believe the court transcripts when Trump gets tuned up by prosecutors, or are you going to have to hear about that through your right-wing (nut) media outlets to believe it? Ha ha ha…

    1. @Lao Tzu so is that what you say when looking in the mirror? you’re debating your opinion and what you see/read on Q sites and not facts. go home to mommy and cry yourself to sleep. you’re not winning anyone over.

    2. @Dragon Fly He sure did, if only we can get the Left to admit it and to stop deleting my comments.

    3. @Lao Tzu If he did, why is he thinking about running in 2024? You see how if you apply a little logic everything makes sense. Come on, try harder… i know u can do it little timmy.

    4. @Mr T If Trump didn’t run in 2024, you Socialists would have turned this entire country into a regime because you’ve already monopolized vitals sectors like our executive, legislative, and judicial branches; law enforcement agencies, our electoral system, and the way we shared information through mainstream and social media. You’re want to end the United States of America to make room for the United Socialists of America, sheep. The sad part is your descendants will have to live under the new regime. I hope you’re ready for it.

  1. History is going to be very interesting about the “DARK CULT 45 ERA” in the U.S. government and the county its self.

    1. @Lao Tzu you are really stupid. You should educate yourself on the differences between socialism and anarchy. Biden is not a socialist. Trump is a facist. I am from Denmark. We have socialistic democracy like most European countries. We have all or more freedom than Americans. Free hospital, free education, free voting systems for all. We have more equality for all people to pursue a healthy and happy life. Sure it is not perfect but what country is? Every year a Scandinavian country is no. 1 in happiness, education and low crime. We trust in our government to do right by us. Our police is trusted and well liked. We do not have millions of guns in the hand of normal people. Only hunters get permission to have hunting guns. No children is living on the street or starving. Everyone that gets sick can go freely to get treated in the hospital. Our living standard is very high and our quality of life is very good. The only thing we complain about in north Europe is the lack of sunshine in the winter😂 I feel so lucky to have been born in one of the best countries in the world. You should come a visit, you will get educated on what socialism really is and you will have a very good time with the friendly Danish people🇩🇰❤️

  2. Stable Genius: “I alone can fix it!!”
    Also Stable Genius: “Someone come help me! I need a new diaper!”

  3. Trump violated his oath of office by inciting an insurrection, and then doing nothing to stop it. On the contrary, he stated he loved them and told them they were special. This is sedition. The former Commander in Chief cannot delegate what was his sole responsability and must be held legally liable.

    1. 😂😂😂😂….oh you’re serious?
      I guess you didn’t read that the Fbi planted agents in organizations trying to create the situation. Just like they did in the Whitmer “kidnapping” ordeal. FBI needs to be questioned along with Pelosi and Bower on wjhy they refused extra security…’s almost as if they knew something was gonna happen 🤔

    2. @Emv The the senate should put together a special committee to investigate the Capitol riot to get to the truth……oh wait……………….. You Trump followers could not get any dumber. It was ANTFA/BLM, no wait it was a peaceful protest, no wait it was the FBI. I am sure next will be we did not have a Jan. 6th it went right to the 7th so how could a riot happen on a day that did not exist?

    3. @Emv yea.. the Trump appointed FBI director Wray was part of the Trump cartel attack on American democracy

    1. @Conservative Interrupted he’s a commie William….
      He declared bankruptcy 6 times…. That’s debt forgiveness…. It’s an insult against commerce…. it’s disrespect for our currency….. It’s the most gutless commie dream ever imagined….. He declared bankruptcy 6 times…… He’s a commie 6 times over…. So is ANYONE that supports him…..
      It’s time for a commie roundup….

    2. @Lao Tzu can’t connect two dots together let alone apply some logic. kids, this is a prime example of a person with a weak mind… easily manipulated and cannot escape the cult thinking. cannot accept facts from raw videos and continues to back a person with a history of crimes, fraud, lawsuits, etc. he won’t go far in life, will have no friends besides Q online fools, and will continue to cry “trump won” until he croaks.

  4. It ‘s a relieve to see my chancler regarded with respect from Pres. Biden after the insults from the ( former) traitor in chief.

    1. It was lovely to see AM here in the United States and smile and tear up up at the civility, over the repeated cringes and waves of nausea with the rude clown, fg.

  5. Abraham Lincoln once said, “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.” To be a good liar you have to keep track of all the lies you’ve told, and to whom, in order to keep the truth hidden. But Honest Abe never knew Trump, or perhaps anybody like him.

    Trump is a successful liar because he refuses to remember. Not only that: He refuses to anticipate that he will remember the current moment in the future. If you live mainly in the current moment, then the future consequences of your lies will not matter to you. And if you have lived your entire life this way, and to great acclaim and success, why would you ever want to change?

    Trump was annoyed when Dr. Fauci stole the spotlight by throwing out the first pitch for Major League Baseball’s opening game. In response, he falsely claimed that the Yankees invited him to throw out the first pitch. His lie was roundly refuted a short time later. The incident recalls Trump’s false boast that the crowd attending his 2017 inaugural address was the largest in history. Objective photographic evidence decisively refuted that lie.

    And yet Trump never pulls back on blatantly false statements — lies that are so obvious that they often defy the laws of physics, chemistry and common sense. Defying biology, even in the face of soaring coronavirus cases and mounting deaths, Trump claimed that the virus at some point is “going to sort of just disappear.”

    The key to Trump’s psychology is that he moves through life as “the episodic man.” For Trump, each day is a temporary moment of time. Psychological research shows that nearly all adults develop stories in their minds about their own lives.

    These stories — what psychologists call “narrative identities” — reconstruct the past and imagine the future. As you make daily decisions, you implicitly remember how you have come to be who you are, and you anticipate where your life may be going. You live within narrative time.

    But the episodic man does not live that way. Instead, he immerses himself in the angry, combative moment, striving desperately to win the moment. But the episodes do not add up. They do not form a narrative arc. In Trump’s case, it is as if he wakes up each morning nearly oblivious to what happened the day before. What he said and did yesterday, in order to win yesterday, no longer matters to him. And what he will do today, in order to win today, will not matter for tomorrow.

    What is truth for the episodic man? Truth is whatever works to win the moment.

    For most people, and every other president in the history of the US, an episodic life would be unsustainable in the long run. There is a primal authenticity in Trump. He tells you exactly what he feels in the moment. He lies straight to your face, without shame, without any concern for future consequences. It is the stark audacity of untruth.

    1. God Bless Donald Trump has been fighting to save America from those who want us to be a Communist Country! If you can’t see what they are doing, take your head out of the sand and do some research on “Build back better”, “The Great Reset” ” The New World Order”, Rockefeller’s “Lockstep” “Operation Mockingbird” We need to come together as a country to fight this!

    2. @J P The Charlatan needs delusional people like you. You are important, he couldn’t dupe the masses without your help.

  6. Trump: I’ll see Biden in prison.
    Biden: What makes Trump believe that I would want to visit him in prison?

  7. I’ve never watched any trump coverage in 5 years till now???? Now I see it all ?? God have mercy on our souls, I pray for the American people. And, I’m a Democrat from California. My vote counts.

  8. “Lock them up”. All of them. Starting with Traitor Drumpf, Vampire Guiliani, Not bright Eric Trump, Crackhead with a rifle Don Jr. Eric wife, Don Jr. Girlfriend. Ivanka, Mark Meadows, Josh Hawley, Ron Johnson, McCarthy, Jewish Space Laser Marjorie. The list is endless.

    1. 🎼 I’m dreaming of a tRump PERP-WALK!
      It doesn’t matter who goes first.
      Maxi, Minnie, Micro,
      Or Don, the psycho…
      Still can’t decide which one’s the worst!
      I’m dreaming of a tRump PERP-WALK,
      With every comment that I write.
      Once again, days merry and bright…
      When that tRump PERP-WALK is in sight!

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