New Book Notes Christie's Contentious Relationship With Rudy Giuliani 1

New Book Notes Christie’s Contentious Relationship With Rudy Giuliani

New reporting from Washington Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker in their new book 'I Alone Can Fix It' shows former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's contentious relationship with Rudy Giuliani. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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New Book Notes Christie's Contentious Relationship With Rudy Giuliani


  1. Uncle Rudy really thought he could make it happen…
    Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power. ~ Abraham Lincoln

    1. @Jay Buck I heard he’s developed a pale sickly ashen grey color under his face powder.
      But I am sure that he is healthier than any man before in history because he has “great genes”.

    1. Hey. I like Mr. T.
      He was awesome in Rocky III and The A-Team.
      I pity the fool who doesn’t like Mr. T.

  2. I Alone Can Fix It but I’ve preferred to destroy everything since I’m a narcissistic and the FIRST EVER Impeached Twice Former Incompetent President. Adolf Trumpler is DANGEROUS for Humanity!

    1. @rwhunt99 The worst ‘virus’ to hit America is called TRUMP STINK…more deadly then COVID, as evidenced by 74+ million ‘so-called’ Americans.

    2. @rwhunt99 Nobody explains what is so obvious is that they are not held accountable because they are Caucasian. Different rules for different folks.

    3. True. This is all he knows and it’s sad that anyone follows or puts any stock in what he says or his intentions. He is a cancer that is fed by his infinite narrcessism.

    4. Your newly elected Brain Dead Joe is doing such a Much Better Job ,,, There is absolutely No comparrison

    1. he was wrong about comparing humans to animals. trump supporters aren’t even close to being animals. He was right

    2. @G D the name the comment she responded used about justice Thomas was, clearance Thomas not Clarence Thomas. She was making fun of the comment

    3. @edward cunha A “clearance sale” means the price has been discounted. You are the one that doesn’t get it. Lol.

    1. @loribernardisunwell I can state facts too: Stephen Breyer has hired law clerks for next year and plans to stick around a while!

  3. I’m guessing Rudy will do anything for money. I’m guessing he did the same lies for Bush after 911.

    1. “Christie’s Contentious Relationship With Rudy Giuliani”. They were lovers you see.


    2. Its just wrong for someone deny you access to the COVID vaccine, after Trump went to all that trouble in “Operation Warp Speed” to get it to you.
      And who denied you anyway?

    3. @mike briganti
      Who was this great leader you speak of?
      What was the cure?
      What facts did media hide?

    4. @mike briganti Conald let
      600,000 American citizens die. Warp speed was a half
      assed attempt to make him look like he was doing something..anything which he wasn’t. The people that died because of Conalds
      ineffectiveness as a leader are the real American Patriots.Funny how there was vaccine for him and
      anyone else he wanted to give it to but us..typical conman! We are blessed to
      be rid of that creep.

    1. Yup. I knew it the day he was nominated, and that is the day I left the republican party. Trump always – ALWAYS – was a total narcissist. He ticks off every box from the DSM-5 to be properly classified as mentally ill, so much so that a raft of top psychiatrists banded together and wrote a letter to Congress telling them to keep the nuclear football out of Trump’s hands.

  4. This is all coming out just six months after Trump left office. Imagine what we’ll know in a year.

    1. The messed up part? It will take Decades to fix the damage, and some of it ,were going to find ,is irreparable

    2. I want to know the personal deals trump and Mike Pompeo, two pompous lying narcissist’s, made with the Saudi’s!! I believe I know the secret names of the Arabs who helped trump move the temple, that whole deal was hatched up in secret, as in “SECRET COMBINATIONS!! What kind of kick back did trump take from shady steel companies while pretending to BUILD HIS WALL,. IT WAS ABOUT dONALD tRUMP, NOT IMMIGRANTS AND HE LIED ABOUT IT, CONSTANTLY!! Was he complicit in Bannon’s BUILD MY OWN WALL,” making 25 corrupt million dollars off it, pardoned by his partner n crime!! It will take a very long time to come out, trump’s NEW REPUBLICAN PARTY, the “tRUMP REPUBLICAN PATRIOT PARTY, complicit with trump, led by old MOSCOW MITCH (GOOGLE the Republicans who have taken money from Russian oligarchs, M.M. got a 200 million aluminum mill for Kentucky, he got trump to lift Obama’s sanctions off the murdering OLEG DERIPASKA), THEY MESSED OUR COUNTRY AND OTHERS UP SO EVILY!! GENERAL BONE SPURS IS STILL RILING HIS CULT SOLDIERS, UP, BRAINWASHING THEM WITH HIS SAME HATE AND RACISM, WHAT AN AUTOCRAT!! THESE PEOPLE ARE trUMP’S PATSIES, THEY ARE THROW~AWAY”S FOR HIM, VERY FINE PEOPLE, LOVING PEOPLE, FOR HIS SECOND ATTACK WHEN HE COMES UP EMPTY NEXT MONTH!! WE GOTTA KEEP THOSE ROWDY, FLAG BEARING TOURISTS OUTTA OUR CAPITOL BUILDING!! THESE FLAG BEARERS USED IT AS A BATTERING RAM AT THE CAPITOL DOOR

    3. @Sharon Snow Oleg D. is said to be the one who will make your skin crawl. Wait til Russians start getting the jobs at the aluminum mill.

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