New Book Reveals Trump’s Defiance And Inaction On Jan. 6

New excerpts from the Book I Alone Can Fix It by Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig reveal just how much Trump pressured Mike Pence to overturn the election and who else he pressured aid his efforts. White House reporter for the Los Angeles Times Eli Stokols and former chief of staff for the CIA Jeremy Bash discuss.
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  1. Breaking news: everything you assumed about the last president was probably right! He tried as hard as he could destroy every thing we rely on, and he’s still trying!..

    1. Breaking news none of your puppetmasters are reporting the election fraud nesara gesara, fed under treasury, tribunal witnesses, coalition of 3000 calling out crimes against humanity, shedding spiked proteins after taking the experimental shot, tell me when to srop, sheeple…

    2. @1776 SAR SUSAN CONSTANT ..
      Careful they are tracking comments and thoughts. Need to go underground soon
      Like they did in Cuba. (In news now)
      Remember the rule they have to let us know blatantly or somewhat cripted before the next move .
      Keyboards and internet giving you trouble. Hope not sometimes i use my friends equipment , hardly ever home.
      Stay well interesting times ahead.

  2. How many Trump supporters does it take to change a lightbulb? None. Trump will say that he alone fixed it beautifully while his supporters are still applauding him in the dark 3 weeks later.

    1. Absolutely correct. I’m reminded of ‘1984.’ The success of the ‘Party’ was that you genuinely believed there were four fingers raised when only three were raised.

    2. @Gary Kelley I’ve literally never worked with a Trump supporter who was a hard, honest worker. Never. Not once.

  3. We all know this already! The question is… when will he be held accountable? The magnitude of Trump’s terror on Americans cannot go unpunished!

    1. I just binge-watched it the other day. So many recognizable elements that we’ve seen the last 4 years. Good series.

    1. 45 said he would walk to the Capitol with them. But he didn’t, he left his flock to deal with the consequences.

    1. He defiled and besmirched the office and integrity of the presidency, he’s a complete disgrace

    2. @Kevin Turner What??? By attempting a coup he stands for freedom? He lost the election fair in square but the deluded egomanic refused to accept reality and behave with dignity. What a disgrace to all his predecessors in the job

    3. @zog zog Back during Austria’s Nazi gov official Kremlin-backed pay-off scandal, these “politicians” stated that they “favored” Trump.
      PI ‘s then leader stated, “Trump is a strong leader who wants the same for his people (aka: his supporters).”

    4. @Derek S Yes. But as with all authoritarian regimes, the Hungarian state controls the press – which is directed by those same racist fascist gov officials. Poland has become another such country.

    1. @Dan Alexander Audio So you attack a Hispanic who delivers today’s news. This makes you a half wit and a racist..

    2. @Dan Alexander Audio – ‘Loblow’ needs to show everyone those photos where Rep. Petty *punched cops and broke windows* before her arrest… 🙄

    1. @CynAnne1 I reported that one.
      Do the same when you see duplicates. Check his start date, too.

    2. Yes, Yes, Yes. Never to have a child as President. Even if the childs cult followers wish to install their false idol as their leader and have the cult obey and follow instructions from their worshipful master.

    1. those traitors need to be rounded up, regardless if they were aware of how bad it was or wasn’t, they aided in this madness and must pay for their crimes. Strip them of their power, wealth, and influence, lock them up, for life if necessary.

    2. FOX helped, the electorate is uneducated incapable of critical thinking
      Without an educated population it will willingly succumb to authoritarianism. It’s too late I’m afraid

  4. I never would have dreamed that in my lifetime the chairman of the Joint Chiefs would accurately call a sitting US president “Hitlerian”.

    1. @Scahoni The NSDAP hijacked the word “socialism”. They were fascists. Once they gained power they put actual
      leftists in new prisons called “concentration camps” starting in 1933. The first official one was Dachau.

    2. And here all these years I’ve thought military service a waste of good intellects, and ‘military intelligence’ a contradiction in terms.

      As it turns out, here fifty years after MartinLuther King, Jr., and seventy after Mohammad Karamchand Gandhi, it’s top level military in this country who save it through effecting satyagraha (even without vaunting the name!) — passive resistance!

      We and many would do well to be instructed accordingly.

  5. The GOP will never give “permission “ to investigate their “cash cow trump” and their dreams of Fascism.

    1. @Kevin Turner there are two types of t=rumpers: too stupid to breathe, and racists. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    2. @Kevin Turner whataboutism
      the technique or practice of responding to an accusation or difficult question by making a counter-accusation or raising a different issue.
      “the parliamentary hearing appeared to be an exercise in whataboutism”
      Kevin I send you this from Ireland , we suffered from the same problem with Catholics and Protestants .

  6. I certainly hope that professionalism in the military will prevail. Lt. General Charles Flynn, brother of former NSA head Mike Flynn, was in the meeting to discuss deployment of the National Guard on Jan 6th…I hope we remember how that went!!🙄

  7. The depth of the corruption of morals in Republican circles is reflected by the fact that whilst the Vice President of the USA and his family hid in fear of a mob that threatened their lives, his brother (Greg Pence, Indiana Congressman) voted against the establishment of a Jan 6th Commission. A traitor to family as well as country.

  8. When Trump won I knew we were in for the worst years imaginable, always saw the thuggery of Trump. A friend from Barcelona told me to be careful because I was no longer living in a Democracy.

    1. I have never like the idea of a President with no, NO, NONE, NADA, ZILCH, experience in politics or law. Like was he ever class president in school?
      I mean just his word choice and how he talked about people and how quickly he switched from liking to disliking people, UGH, an utter embarrassment for our country and ALL former Presidents.

    2. @Ashley Green Absolutely, he expresses himself with 4th grade vocabulary, and he had the nuclear codes!!!

    3. @Trudy Zaldivar – I often opined that the ‘biscuit’ #45✳ carried was *actually* President Obama’s expired “Costco” card, with the logo scratched off. 💳

    1. @Mr Critical .. But you hated Trump even though he did the best job of any president in history? … makes no sense

  9. I really can’t stand the Lord of the FLIES🪰 but I have to admit I have a smidgen of compassion for that loyal lap dog. He couldn’t even trust his own security detail.

  10. Mike pence should never come out of the hiding. His days of politics is over. This book seals it 😬😬

    1. @JoAnn Holmes Mike Pence not leaving the capitol when he had the chance to get away says a lot. He stayed there because he didn’t know if he would ever get back to certify the electoral votes. If he had left and never came back due to trump not allowing him to, Trump would still be President. It was all those so called Christians who funded the rally and insurrection and continue to support trump that make me sick!! And those so called Christians are everywhere. Quite a few have even said they’d do it again!!!

    2. He danced with the devil. His “morality,” is bull. No one who truly loves the Lord can align themselves with Trump.

  11. You can picture Trump cackling like a deranged lunatic while his minions scaled the Capitol walls.

    1. @Scahoni name the 3 times please.What was their goal in each of the 3 ? Was there violence in all 3?
      You can skip the broad Clinton pardoned,I know that story and she shouldn’t have been pardoned anymore than Alice the trump family cocaine supplier.

  12. If Flynn was in 1-Term Fatty’s room instead of Milley, there would’ve been a military coup on 1/6, and likely bloody battles among generals.

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