New book shows top US generals planned ways to stop Trump in case of coup 1

New book shows top US generals planned ways to stop Trump in case of coup

The top US military officer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley, was so shaken that then-President Donald Trump and his allies might attempt a coup or take other dangerous or illegal measures after the November election that Milley and other top officials informally planned for different ways to stop Trump, according to excerpts of an upcoming book obtained by CNN. CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Jamie Gangel discuss. #CNN #News


  1. No commissioned officer swears an oath to the president…..they swear an oath to The Constitution

    1. @Chris Lockwood Since when is food or water considered “a gift?” You people will do and say anything to try to be right, and it just makes the most ridiculous things come out of your big dumb mouths.

    2. @Elsa Bean He’s talking about Delaware, all the right have been using that state as an example cause they don’t have early voting. But Delaware is tiny. There aren’t any huge lines like in Georgia, where people wait in line for 8 hours to vote.

    3. @Proud American IT’S NOT CENSORSHIP!!! My goodness stop saying that! On topic, generals reaction to trump. If you can’t see that the right trump followers are approaching seditious actions because of an unstable ex President. The gaurdrails temporarily staved off disaster. Trump followers need to realize and accept that they are on the wrong side of this. What more do they need to be convinced of the truth before starting a civil war that they will lose. No one of sensible mind wants that! Repeat, no one of sensible mind wants that!!!!

    4. @Los these laws are NOT about ID. They are about making thing difficult ONLY in Urban areas. They are about being able to change your precinct and sending you 10 to 20 miles when you live in a city. They are about what right do they have to tell a person who can and can’t drive me to a poll. The entire point of living in the city is to trade home ownership for the need of a car. Why is giving water to someone waiting hours to vote a crime? Some people like disabled or elderly people can’t drive. But even after the comparative advantage when they still lose they can get the courts or legislatures to disregard the will of the people. Virtually all states require ID. But some states do allow a provisional ballot that is only used after the identity is verified.

    1. @e b i know that, but people said they are not part of the military, and they are. They can go active and deploy. Their duties are different though

    2. democrat incited to stop States from asking for their fraudulent certifications Back , as they were doing , Nancy and her winkie guards could not stand for that . dems and biden so scared biden all over Pennsylvania this week instead of doing his job , to stop them from doing a forensic audit most of the citizens want . using dems good OLD standby lying rhetoric .

  2. Unbelievable, they all thought that they would get away with all of this.. Goes to show you how dumb they ere!

    1. @Anthony Grassi Anthony, the only reason that Trump didn’t shut down media outlets that displeased him was because he legally couldn’t. The president does not have that kind of power, but he repeatedly insinuated, suggested, and even demanded that he SHOULD. And even without that power, he constantly used the weight of his office to attempt to coerce compliance from those media companies, accusing them of “violating his free speech” and claiming that laws should be changed to impugn their disobedience, vilifying them to America from the bully pulpit. This was a blatant inversion of the First Amendment, standards which were designed to protect America’s citizens from the government. Not the other way around.

      As for “federal mandated education of CTR,” there’s no such thing. I think you’re referring to how Washington’s governor Jay Inslee approved a law that requires a professional training day for school staff that includes topics like diversity and inclusion. Individual school boards are allowed to decide how those requirements are met. It doesn’t actually have much to do with Critical Race Theory per se, despite the exaggerated headlines of various conservative news outlets.

      And then you claim that someone has “shut down Fox” and “demonized 50% of the country”. I’m not sure where you’re getting this, because Fox most certainly has not been shut down, certainly not by any governmental body, and still enjoys very favorable ratings. However, I have indeed heard nearly 50% of the country being demonized. Many outspoken conservatives seem to be increasingly comfortable with labeling the entire Democratic party as little better than monsters who want to destroy America. And last I checked, about 49% of Americans did identify as Democrats (or lean in that direction), as opposed to Republicans, who make up roughly 40%. So yes, both sides are hollering right now, but if we’re talking about numbers it bears mentioning that the country isn’t exactly split down the middle here. For what it’s worth.

      You go on to mention increasing immigration and reducing legislation. Frankly, I think legislation is too kind a word for the absolute farce that the last presidency oversaw. The issues at the border are complex, and absurd, brute-force solutions like mandated child separation and building a wall are nonsense. None of the Trump administration’s barbaric tactics were acceptable deterrents. In fact, illegal immigration was already on the decline when he took office. He reduced LEGAL immigration, while during his tenure there was a virtual collapse in interior immigration enforcement.

      I would say the key to reducing illegal immigration isn’t to tighten the road, but to widen it. Granting more access to legal channels of entry is a far more effective and humane strategy than Trump’s medieval methods, which he defended with misleading statements, propaganda, and outright lies.

      Thousands of children were separated from their families at the border. Some even died in CBP detention. Dozens of adults died in ICE custody. 3.6 billion dollars were diverted from Congressionally approved military projects in order to build his damn border wall, and some estimates place the cost as high as 60 billion. It was a disastrous, stupid strategy from day one, and an embarrassment to our country.

      Now, you may disagree with a lot of what I just wrote, and if you do, fine. We’re probably not going to convince each other to change our minds. But let me be clear: I don’t hate you, and I don’t hate America. I wish only the best for you and your family, and the only reason I’m sitting here typing all this out is because I care a LOT about this country. I love it so much that I want to be able to tell myself that I’ve done my part to address its issues. Because there ARE issues, and I consider it the height of patriotism to address a nation’s shortcomings in an honest, practical, and compassionate manner.

    2. Time to charge everyone involved in the insurrectionist. Failure would lead to future actualization of what trump and his enablers intended to do

    3. @Joe England That is probably the best comment of fiction I’ve ever read you gotta do short stories. Continue on comrade.

    4. @George Onyango If anyone who tried to destroy federal gets arrested I’d be happy. Not just Jan 6th. All the people from 2020 who broke the law. All those peaceful protests that burned down police buildings. Destroyed businesses. Lets find equality and get rid of both radicals

    5. @Joe England I like how you politely and succinctly corrected him, and his only response was a convoluted version of “Durrrrrr, no he didn’t!” As if Trump’s comments weren’t on record.

    1. @Joe BennettThank you for your Undying Loyalty to Donald John Trump! What the trump circle needs right now is a large cash injection so we can properly fight all the law suits and Fake News! Please make a “One Time Donation” of healthy Proportions and do not even try to cancel the monthly repeats on withdrawals of we’ve lost you to the Satanic Dems!
      Secondly we will be auctioning off 20 Gold Plated Commodes that Donald John Trump has personally soiled!!! Get in on this now and the bidding starts at the low low price of 1 million dollars. Use it as an Altar or a centerpiece on your dining room table.
      Lastly, Remember Ashli Babbit and we may need you to follow in her foot steps if this “Fake News” gains the upper hand and smears Donald John Trumps Beautiful Legacy!


    3. Ex-investigator says Biden nominee was ’nastiest’ suspect in case against dangerous eco-terror group

    4. @Sara Mill Thank you for your Undying Loyalty to Donald John Trump! What the trump circle needs right now is a large cash injection so we can properly fight all the law suits and Fake News! Please make a “One Time Donation” of healthy Proportions and do not even try to cancel the monthly repeats of withdrawals or we’ve lost you to the Satanic Dems!
      Secondly we will be auctioning off 20 Gold Plated Commodes that Donald John Trump has personally soiled!!! Get in on this now and the bidding starts at the low low price of 1 million dollars. Use it as an Altar or a centerpiece on your dining room table.
      Lastly, Remember Ashli Babbit and we may need you to follow in her foot steps if this “Fake News” gains the upper hand and smears Donald John Trumps Beautiful Legacy!

  3. I appreciate the fidelity of General Milley to actual patriotic duty, but I’m not sanguine about the inevitability of his underlings and successors doing the same, and following his example—after all, Michael Flynn wore the same uniform. We aren’t likely to find out whether the Milleys outnumber the Flynns until it’s too late to matter.

    1. @John Harrison They didn’t. Democracy won and your wannabe dictator lost, like the loser that he is!

    2. John Harrison you have to face facts. You are a slave. No longer capable of your own rational independent thoughts unless instructed by trump

  4. The more I learn about the general the more I respect him. There haven’t been many officers that I liked in my time but he is one of them. Would’ve loved to serve in one of his units

    1. Because he got brainwash half of the congress under his belt. He was protected by the brainwash GOP’s.

    2. WORK to ensure the consequence that the entire harmful & dangerous republican party do not hold any power for at least the generation it will take to begin to repair the damage their irresponsible lies & behaviour are responsible for!
      Pass this message everywhere!

    3. You mean how the FBI framed a general and admitted lying to a federal court and no one was punished?

    1. @No More Liberals I don’t think anyone ever called GIs loser and suckers like your Great Leader did[did you notice he never disputed saying that?] Biden was proud of his son Beau. That is the difference!

    2. @No More Liberals BIDEN had a real health problem. Trump had his father pay off a doctor for fake bones spurs.

  5. Good to know that the US military values democracy. it’s not this way in MOST of the World’s countries, the military is usually the culprits in taking power from the people.

  6. Hmm, with access to top secret info and briefings, the general reffered to them as Nazis. Says a lot that he chose that verbiage.

  7. I think when he said we are the guys with the guns that he was referring to much bigger guns than AR15S…

    1. The military uses M4s as the standard issue rifle.
      When he said “we’re the guys with the guns” he was saying we’re the ones who have real firepower and the ammo to back it up.

    2. All the ar15’s in the world cannot beat 1 tank…… so ye without military support it never works. Thats why the excuse to own weapons to overthrow the government is ludricous

    1. I agree. After reading the article today on Yahoo I came here to thank him for having the wisdom and guts to prepare to save our democracy from the bloated Orange fool. Thank you General Milley.

    2. @William Zinser but would he have needed a plan if they stood up and got rid of him at the first impeachment? I’m not a fan of any of these books that come out with all these facts. If you knew what was going on you should have stood up and made people accountable. Your last min statements mean nothing.

  8. The military pledges allegiance to the constitution, not the president. If a president dismisses an election held under constitutional standards just so he could stay in power, the military has a duty to act. For what it is worth, I commend General Miley.

    1. @Edgard Pinheiro Then why would they be worried about an insurrection. Why are they demonizing Americans who want a simple ID to vote? You need an ID for everything, and you definitely should have one to vote!! That’s how they got away with it! Mail in voting.

    2. @Troy Cote -Abuse of his power
      -Impeached 2x
      -Continually failed to protect the constitution….his oath
      – continually tried to override the Constitution.
      -Used his office for personal financial gain
      -Nepotism in his cabinet. Element of dictatorship.
      -He was grossly derelict in marshalling the requisite resources for covid 19
      -could have used the wars powers act to increase ppp supply the country …did not
      – which caused our GDP to go into decline and sent millions applying for UI
      – where was his health care plan? Still waiting for that…
      – trump did not lower gas prices nor did Biden raise them. Opec, the dump of our GDP during the pandemic did. The reopening of economy boosting the price
      – His tax cuts for the most part benefited earners in the 90-95 percentile..300k up. For the most part the middle-class did not benefit . For those who did they are set to run out in 2015.
      -Whereas the taxe cuts he gave the business are permanent. How do you like that?
      – was an embarrassment on the world stage- aligned himself with dictators and in fact fawned over them. Kim Jon, Putin.. it was sickening
      putting the United States in a position of vulnerability on the world stage.
      -refusing concede his defeat and instead instigated an insurrection.
      I could go on and on. But that would take far too much time.

      I hear often times from Republicans that they’re worried about communism. This country is in no danger of becoming communist LOL but was certainly in danger of being led by a dictator under his presidency. He’s a con man, he always was. His business are a failure, his father propped him up. What I don’t understand is this allegiance to one man…one single man… Which goes against everything this country fought and stands for. You are delusional if you don’t think that all those people came out to vote to get rid of a wannabe dictator and you’re going to blame it on CNN.
      BTW I’m a former Republican and a history teacher.

    3. @Jeannine CanzoneriBidens a puppet for the NEW WORLD ORDER ONE WORLD GLOBAL GOVERNMENT!! TRUMP WAS OUR LAST CHANCE!! THE GREAT RESET IS INEVITABLE!! CASHLESS SOCIETY, SOCIAL CREDIT SCORES, CARBON TAX, AGENDA 21 is them having total control over all of this earth’s resources including you and I!!!! We are no longer free!!! The snake has its coils around us!!! They demonized him for four years! The only Russian Collusion was Hillary’s bought and paid for fake fizer report she should have went to jail for!!! Look up Rosa Kiore, a liberal from California who worked for AGENDA 21 GOALS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT! Rosa Kiore AGENDA 21- 2030 Exposed

  9. I salute all our military leadership.
    Always defending the United States, from enemies without, and enemies . . . within.
    My blessings upon you for honoring your oaths.
    And having far more integrity and honor than some presidents of the past.
    Thank you for your service to our country.
    You may never know it, but your actions may have kept us from descending into anarchy.

  10. So now imagine US have different tribal and major religions divide.
    This is what we’re dealing with in Africa.
    So sad

    1. Uh, the constitution dictates that the military doesn’t stage a coup, which is what milley just confessed to planning to do. And after listening to him say he wants to understand “white rage,” but have nothing to say about riots outside the whitehouse it’s clear he’s a political hack and not a soldier

    2. He sure fudged that up, then. Beijing Biden is destroying the Constitution! Wake up. I won’t spoon feed you.

    3. ​@Billsbob Nope, this would be Milley protecting the constitution after the former leader attempts to seize power because he lost an election. Trump is not the constitution, and he is not even close to a good enough man to be worth overturning it.

  11. Hitler got the German military to swear allegiance to him. Dumb trump tried to pull the same trick

  12. Christ. But Trump is the logical end of letting the rich have their way as per Reagonomics.

    1. If only it was the end—with the conservatives it’s a continuous process. The roots of their ideology was born on the plantations, where a small group of armed and violent white people had all the power and the rights. The vast majority of the population, which consisted of millions of slaves, and poor whites, had neither. They want minority-rule, no matter what the majority wants.
      And as the general told us—these people are nazis. Actually, he just confirmed what we all believed based on what we’ve seen.
      I hate nazis, and I’m glad we’re finally beginning to call them out from the top.
      Speaking of Reagan, note that many of these nazis who invaded our nation’s Capitol on January 6th, 2021 are around 40-50. They were born into the ugliness of the “reagan revolution”. Very bad for children.

    2. I have to be impressed that you “democratic” Party NPC drones still have not noticed that the majority of millionaires in congress have been members of the “democratic” party for more than 50 years.

    3. @Ray Stanczak Sweetie your Progressivism like your “democratic” Party was born on the plantations whether you trace your founding to Jefferson, Jackson, Sinclair, or Wilson.

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