New Capitol Police Chief Manager Speaks Out Ahead Of Jan. 6 Hearing 1

New Capitol Police Chief Manager Speaks Out Ahead Of Jan. 6 Hearing


Garrett Haake talks to new Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger about why he came out of retirement and next steps for the department after the January 6th attack. 

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New Capitol Police Chief Manager Speaks Out Ahead Of Jan. 6 Hearing


    1. The participants of the 6th January were heroes and patriots. Furthermore, Trump was the best president, the USA ever had. Trump will be a president again. No job, and prices are up for 500% since Trump left the office. We need Trump back ASAP

    2. @Cameltoe Harris Democracy is the concept of electing people to represent constituents.
      Sometimes words have two meanings.

    3. @Tim a democracy is a system of government by which the majority rules, we are a constitutional republic…

  1. Call Orange Peel to testify: “Spanky J Bonespurs, what did you mean when you said If you don’t fight, you won’t have a country anymore?”
    Call Fooliani to testify: “Drunk old man, what did you mean when you shouted trial by combat?”

    1. , all the federalas say, could have had him any day, only let him go so long, out of kindness I suppose ( Willie Nelson )

    2. @Jennifer Lehnherr We both know nothing will happen to Cuomo. There is not justice in this country. If your party is in power, nothing will happen. Same with the other side. Justice? Lol

  2. The Republican Party is devolving into a fascist organization. They’re falling apart, and really have no chance in 2022. Most of the occasional white voters that showed up to support Trump in 2020 won’t bother to vote at all next year, and the Republican Party’s alienation of suburban voters will most likely result in substantial gains for Democrats in both the House and Senate.

    1. @Regulatory Affairs Biden imposed mask and vax mandates? Seriously? Whoever coined the phrase, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” was prescient (look it up).

  3. I know what has to be done. Throw Trump and his Denier allies in jail where they belong. Trying to over throw a government is against the law isn’t it.

    1. @Beach Bum Apocalypse *….ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying your YT account is fake. Who are you working for then? Russia? China? Trump? The Republicon party? Anyhoo, have fun playing YT commenter!*

    2. That is what should happen, but him being a former President that will never happen. We are too interested in appearances to ever do that.

    3. Attempting to overthrow the government without arms? Ehhh ok. A few hundred unarmed idiots. You are more dangerous on your keyboard spreading rhetoric.

    1. Keegan Penney – Unlike ‘one-term’ Bone Spurs who ONLY thinks about himself, to exclusion of ALL others.

  4. I feel sorry for a man who retires, then turns on the television to see that he has left his department in the hands of incompetents. No one knows that job better than him, and no one will accept the same level of expertise as him. It’s time for We the People to back him up with some funds, equipment, and manpower.

    1. Totally agree with you, even though I’m . And if I’m remembering correctly, isn’t that fairly similar to what brought Biden back into the game as well? The theme of the 2020 election season.

    2. We have enough worn out mush brains, ordering us around, go to the nursing home great great great grand pa, thanks for winning the civil war

  5. Sure buddy…it was “training” all along. Our country saw with their own eyes the slop that tried to overturn our democracy.

    1. Training did not seem to be the problem. It is clear that there were not enough officers. Such obvious shortcoming in security needs to be investigated, and supporters of 45 are obvious suspects.

  6. Tom Manger is a man with integrity and a moral compass. How refreshing in these times! Thank you for your service and returning to the job. We need you!!!!

    1. @carl armstrong No big deal they spit on our constitution and they need to go to jail… they’re animals

    2. @carl armstrong they don’t spit, they swallow. They all blew the golden spur. Orange stains on those teeths.

    3. @carl armstrong I’m not a millitary supporter whatsoever. But the majority of our men and women are 100% dedicated to the health and happiness of our country. It’s even more of a kick in the teeth to them to us civis. Brings shame seeing those millitary members that obviously have high integrity get targeted politically.

    1. There were numerous reports that Trump delayed the response as he was enjoying watching it unfold on television.

    2. @Tim Trump was waiting for his KFC delivery of Original Krispy. The fat man can’t sing until he eats.

    3. @Tim Odd that those reports didn’t come out during his second impeachment. Maybe, they were so focused on doctoring evidence that they forgot about that evidence?

  7. I’m glad he came out of retirement, true heroes are stepping up to serve to protect the American people, democracy AND TRUTH!

    1. Iran wants them. We should send them over. It would help to restore US/Iran relations. Thats a bingo!

  8. There were 7 house republicans who gave tours at the Capitol on January 5th, with gym Jordan being one of them. Guess that’s part of what they’re trying to hide.

    1. “Censorship is real” = 1 week old troll account
      Don’t bother with it’s derpy questions

    2. @Random Internet User you must be from the White House.
      The feelings police. Trolling YouTube

  9. I’m just going to call BS. They always figure what to do when Black are protesting. For the last years they knew what todo. But they forgot on Jan 06. GTFOH

    1. No political upside to blacks protesting…January 6th was great to reinforce the “deplorables” narrative

  10. Yes, him. I want him there. Those were good answers from a man responsible for protecting the seat of our democracy.

  11. It has nothing to do with policies or training. It has to do with who stirred the pot to start a riot.

  12. AOC and the other Congresswomen who are being starked by greene need to file a complaint against her to the Capitol police.

  13. It’s shameful and embarrassing that the Capitol police have to defend against their own president, just because he’s not man enough to accept defeat. The rest of the country also needs to be defended against him, because McConnell let him get away with insurrection, utterly failing to protect the constitution.

  14. Welcome to Joe Biden’s America. “If you haven’t gotten the vaccine , you ain’t black” -Joe Biden

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