New CDC rules: Vaccinated people can ditch masks in most indoor places | USA TODAY 1

New CDC rules: Vaccinated people can ditch masks in most indoor places | USA TODAY


The CDC says fully vaccinated people don't have to wear masks inside most places and outdoors.

Fully vaccinated Americans can discard masks and the need for social distancing outdoors and in most indoors settings, the CDC said Thursday in a dramatic announcement after months of mostly cautious measures.

The new guidelines announced by Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, represent a major step toward a return to normalcy for a nation battered and at times divided by a pandemic that has lasted more than a year.

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    1. @Voodoo Trucking My IQ is in the range of the high intelligent! I did work in infectious diseases and have doctors in my family. We know to take such a virus and its mutations serious.

  1. I wear my mask to hide from my ex. she is really mean. one time she said i dont have a good job.


  2. So does that mean that I can go to my local Walmart and not wear a mask? Tried that the other day and the front door greeter freaked out.

    1. Wh… Where? I have never once put a mask on to go into Walmart. I go in, do my business, check out, and leave without saying a word to anyone. Bless the south, I guess.

    2. tell them you have heart problems. lots of people do and you could technically have one and not know it.

    1. @Joseph Howard people like this guy love being told what to do by his democrat masters, good boy

    2. @actual chad anyone who likes being told what to do and when to go to the bathroom, obviously likes free money, health care and welfare, I say F it.

    3. “You vill get zee shot or you vill go to zee gas chambers…..for your safety ov course.”

  3. I’ll give them hmmm.., about two weeks and they will tell you to put those masks back on! You just can’t trust them anymore!

    1. VIDEO: CNA Nursing Home Whistleblower: Seniors Are Dying Like Flies After COVID Injections
      VIDEO: 29 dead in Norway after COVID-19 vaccination, Here’s the report | Norway vaccination | World News
      The CDC guideline makes sense to those people. It is obvious that masks are no longer required by those people.

    2. VIDEO: Questions over vaccine injection at UMC event
      You just have to trust their words, they say. When they say someone has been vaccinated at a vaccine promotion event, they want you to believe what you hear even though it contradicts with what you see.

    3. GOOGLE: Drug giant Pfizer to pay record $2.3B fine
      “The record $2.3 billion fine is for illegally promoting certain pharmaceuticals
      One of those drugs was the anti-inflammatory medication linked to heart attacks
      Company plead guilty for “misbranding … with the intent to defraud or mislead””

    4. GOOGLE: Urgent Open Letter from Doctors and Scientists to the European Medicines Agency regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Concerns
      Wonder when Pfizer is going to pay another huge fine for promoting something with deadly side effects that are being covered up?
      Probably not when the CDC is in collusion with it.

    1. All a game that their playing slowly taking away our rights, lock up your wife, kids elderly, and have a year worth of food and water just in case; walk close with god pray for some guidance as the world turns.

    1. @Fuc You

      Looks like you’re pecking at a mirror, birdie. Take care it doesn’t shatter.

  4. REMEMBER…CDC stated to congressional hearings that these mask guidelines are just RECOMMENDATIONS, not a fricking LAW! wake up people, you all are being played.

  5. Why the sudden change of philosophy?
    To cover for Jomentia wearing his mask outdoors with nobody around , then sneezing all over 100 year olds -Jimmy and Roslyn Carter indoors ?

  6. I love my vaccine! I got covid from my shot, it was great! Thank you for giving me COVID within 24 hours and cancer within 2 years. I want another shot in my other arm it was so good!

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  8. Ima keep wearing 3x masks everywhere at all times anyways… and especially when I’m driving around alone!

    That way, I don’t catch covid from myself!

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