1. It’s all anyone needs, and yet here we are bringing about policies that will result in the opposite.

  1. I’m unable to have kids so I can’t tap into this money. How do I get my share? I am being discriminated against due to a medical issue. Who do I sue??

    1. @Brooke Skylar Shields or pay for your own kids, cut taxes so parents can afford it instead of raising taxes so the government has to raise our kids

  2. Is that not what the baby bonus is supposed to be for I never received the baby bonus because I made too much money and I had to hire a babysitter to come into my home when my wife wanted to go to work and it cost her her paycheck plus $15 of mine just so she could work take care of your own children if you want to have a lot of them be prepared to pay a lot

    1. Moral of the story right here. Look after your own kids, others aren’t going to have the same values as you do, nor will they care as much. It’s worth taking a pay hit to keep your kids safe. (ie. making less money, by not working as much.) As a society, we used to value the ability for a family to have one member staying home to care for the little ones… Now THEY seem to have almost no values of any kind. Except for the sweet sweet cash grab that comes after their terms are over.

    2. How about one parent stay home and raise the kids, it’s tried and tested, and best for everyone as long as your aspirations aren’t to have a fat bank account.

  3. lol, 10$ a day childcare, just imagine who they will hire, and the quality … our children are in trouble!

  4. What about private daycares that will not get money from Government and will not be able to offer $10 daycare?

  5. My neighbours are both doctors. Family income over $700,000/yr. Why is the taxpayer paying for their childcare? I think the program should be more laser focused on lower income.

  6. What a nightmare this province of Ontario is becoming. Starter home going to cost you over 700 thousand dollars forcing both parents to work. Government doing everything they can to make driving a car to expensive for young families. Inflation quickly pushing healthy food off the table. A cell phone, internet and basic cable is what, 4 thousand a year. That little luxury everyone is so used to is going to be only for the rich. I can only imagine what a 10 dollar a day daycare facility will look like. No solution here. Can’t think of a way out of this worsening mess.

  7. Keep hands off our children‼️‼️‼️You did not vax them yet ❓MAYBE THAT WAY YOUTHINK YOU WILL HAVE RIGHT TO DO IT⁉️

  8. What about private daycares that will not get money from Government and will not be able to offer $10 daycare?

  9. Just another program that will cost 3 times more than estimated.

  10. They get daycare for 3 years after matt leave and their taxs go up for live

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