New Covid-19 Restrictions Could be Announced Tuesday in Jamaica | TVJ News - July 21 2021 1

New Covid-19 Restrictions Could be Announced Tuesday in Jamaica | TVJ News – July 21 2021


New covid 19 restrictions could be announced come Tuesday, July 27 as a cabinet subcommittee prepares to meet this weekend in the face of an uptick in covid 19 cases prime minister Andrew Holness made the revelation in parliament this afternoon.

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  1. Opening up entertainment was a very wrong move. You cannot give indisciplined people too much freedom at a time like this. The low percentage of vaccinations is a drop in the bucket. Restrictions are absolutely necessary.

    1. @Abidan Maverick exactly.
      This is about ushering in the new world order.
      And the mark of the beast.

    2. @Wavonne Nichols
      Go look up this patent on modern@’s V patent page

      Luciferase is in the shot

      Read through the the patents and google what you don’t understand
      Look out for these words
      CRISPR technology

    3. @Selanie Sanchez DONT @me, i’m NOT looking up for any superstitious nonsense!! …..i remain, I SAID WHAT I SAID

    4. @Wavonne Nichols jeez…
      I’m sorry. I never meant to offend you.

      Ons last thing though.
      this is on the company’s website, so how can it be superstition?

  2. Kmt like him neva expect this kmt mi tired a ppl now ppl too wicked .just low the ppl dem mek who dead dead and who live live cause no matter what u do it still ago spread so what now smh

    1. Yes, true. However, if you have a problem and want it to go away prayers alone won’t always help you. If you’ve got an headache and you want it stop, prayers alone won’t stop it you have to seek pain killers to help.

    2. It wouldn’t spread of they never created it in a lab and then blamed on bats.

      They wanna create a virus and then make a cure in NINE MONTHS and then expect people to be eager to get this thing that uses mRNA technology that has never been tried on people before.

  3. As usual andrew passing the dutchie as usual…. blaming everyone else ….putting the cart b4 the horse smfh….u didnt need a glasses or an oracle to say this would happen….the indiscipline started when you called the elections and gave a free lunch to tourists…

    1. Wen election was called in the early stages of this virus did you make the same cases, anywhere Jamaicans go most of them are undisciplined because most need had someone to show them

  4. Open unu eyes the opening is for a way more sinister restriction,we wrestle not against flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness in high places,this ia war we cant win only the almighty can and will diliver us out of the hands of the devil

    1. @Nicola Boyd say it louder for me… We are in a spiritual warfare. Is only God can deliver us. Amen!

  5. Thats what happened when you buckle under pressure from novices and not listening to health experts

    1. @Selanie Sanchez and a killer… So far it’s killed 5000 plus in Scotland and that’s a small country. It’s giving women miscarriages and bringing back periods after blood clots. The list goes on…

    2. @Perfeccionista you’re telling me?!

      I’m telling you, I went on a random YouTube video, a woman about 40 years old took her second dose and died shortly after. I then scrolled down to the comments section and if you could read the amount of people that knew family and friends who died shortly after getting the shot or got I’ll and then died later, it would break your heart.

      And as you said, that huge number was from Scotland alone….. Imagine numbers from other larger countries?

      Bless. And thank you for the info.

      Jesus Christ is coming, he’s at the door.
      Don’t take the
      Test swab (nose or throat)


    3. @Perfeccionista people are also getting
      Bell’s palsy
      Guillians Bar syndrome
      Neurological disorders
      Heart problems
      I saw a comment where someone’s realtive went blind
      And another lost hearing

      This is madness!

  6. The news need to state what people in the street are saying about the PM.the people dem a seh after him birthday gone him ago Seh spike den lock down bk the country.


  8. As usual…the public getting all hysterical over cases… they dont even care to ask how many of those ppl are actually sick… for all we know there could be a millions cases in Ja today…ppl need to wake up…look at other countries…what is coming to Ja soon… u wont have enough tears to handle… Only God can help us… ur politicians have made a choice to save lives… and those lives are not us…it’s their own…

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