New Covid Measures for Jamaica's Entertainment Sector | TVJ News - June 22 2021 1

New Covid Measures for Jamaica’s Entertainment Sector | TVJ News – June 22 2021


New protocols for the reopening of the entertainment sector in Jamaica will take effect in the coming days Prime Minister Andrew Holness outlined the protocols when he addressed the House of Representatives this afternoon. Now Mr. Holness also outlined the easing of other covid 19 restrictions come July 1.

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    1. How you mean Jamaican don’t respect any protocol you see the rest of the world how they going on wild and protesting

    2. @Azen Over
      What does rich or poor have to do with adhering to rules?
      Don’t expect you to understand a basic question. Hence my point.

    3. The so-called Jamaican governments are following everything that the United States is doing this is how I know they can’t think critical for themselves they have to depend upon the USA for advice it’s like a baby who definitely has to depend upon its mother

      The Right Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey said that any leadership that teaches you to depend upon another race is a leadership that will enslaved you .

  1. Mi PM shouldn’t have succumbed to the pressure. Anyways, I understand why he did it, so let us hope that the numbers won’t increase.

  2. Yes Andrew this a good sign I just hope persons will follow the protocols. The place is freeing up little by little. Also need more persons vaccinated.

  3. So are we having a pandemic or not..? I checked the definition of pandemic..seems it doesn’t care what time you are indoor outdoor at work or at home jus a guh kill yu …
    So what is really going on .?

  4. This is exactly what the government need to spike the numbers then he can without a doubt blame entertainment. Board game the government a play wid uno

    1. A big set up, JUST a small amount take the VACCINE, so BRACE YOURSELF, after summer comes the Great Fall.

  5. I hope that the promoters and selectors will really work with the Government so that they don’t have to close down again. The strictest discipline is a must.

  6. Open d country Andrew who wah live…live just watch wah go gwan all now 100 ppl nu dead a Jamaica yet a day

  7. This is so dumb is this a pandemic or what?? SMH them just a ask fi more ppl dead…..dah country yah mn .Some really smart ppl a run it

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