New Covid Measures in Jamaica Curfew Moves to 9 PM | TVJ News – Nov 16 2021

New Covid Measures in Jamaica Curfew Moves to 9 PM | TVJ News - Nov 16 2021 1


  1. How u no what is coming for January is the prime minister what the hell is going something is not adding up father help your children we are leaving in a serious

    1. Because Andre and other world leaders including the Pope plan this so they know what’s coming. Biden said it would be a dark winter for them that means people a go dead like fly then they will say it’s beacause of the new wave. There are a set of lairs people wake up and see what the world leaders are doing to people.

    2. @Anime Mega Bucket thats what I have been saying they all back at it again we Jamaicans have to stand up the world Health Organisation and the deepstate and all of the world leaders they are into it they know what is going on but God win Andrew most go to prison for helping to kill is own people wake up Jamaicans wake up

    3. @Michael Evans We Jamaicans are not united that’s why politicians and treat we anyway we have rights and it’s being taken away from us in front of our eyes more to come.

  2. Andrew you see the tax office line no gathering more than ten people you see the market and downtown Kingston can’t be practical.

  3. Nothing naw hide again man dem a tell yuh straight seh a nex one coming, look weh the world come to we battling crime n outbreaks of diseases on a high rate.

  4. Even though we deserve God’s full judgment, we must speak LIFE. WE PRAY TO THE LORD GOD OF ISRAEL THAT THERE WILL NOT BE A FOURTH WAVE.

  5. So once it’s under 10 people COVID don’t worry catch u.. and if it’s at Church once u don’t have over 100 people COVID just say am waiting until it go over konju set number before me become active….am so foolish to the point i can’t spell his name so am asking a question here 😂

  6. Our treatment program is working Jamaicans, let us continue with our herbs , ginger etc… There will be no fourth wave here

  7. Andrew, have you seen the Christiana market?
    The taxi drivers, higglers, shoppers everyone in one small space. Talk about social distance.

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