New Covid Surge Is Taxing Health Care Workers' Mental Health 1

New Covid Surge Is Taxing Health Care Workers’ Mental Health

Dr. Ebony Hilton with the University of Virginia's School of Medicine joins to discuss the toll the ongoing Covid pandemic – and the Delta variant-fueled surge – is having on health care professionals.
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  1. Medical professionals need to leave for places they will be appreciated like west coast and northeast and Chicago metro area

    1. @Ugh, the humanity! Tough to move when one lives at subsistence level.
      I would rather eat glass-filled dog sh!t and wash it down with anti-freeze than ever become a magat.
      But thanks for playing

  2. It must take enormous reserves of altruism to work your butt off caring for people who didn’t even have the decency to get vaccinated. A level of self less dedication which no Republican deserves.

    1. Yes their really heros putting themselves in harms way thats them all over the world their the soldiers going to war everyone should support then no matter where your at in every country

    2. @Bentley most countries go to war to solve problems like starvation, lack of space other life threatening necessities… Americans go to war because someone else has something they want, and America always gets what it wants

    3. @Octavius Chan Russia needs food, China needs space… what does America need? Nothing. They just want to be king.

    4. African Americans and Hispanic people are the largest groups not getting vaccinated.They predominantly vote Democrat.It’s a Democrat problem.

  3. At this point, the greater percentage of the sick are choosing death and disease. It’s a fight you can’t win.

  4. Hospitals should charge full med rate for any adult anti vaxxers and use money for first responders health and welfare!!

    1. @Neon Dystopia last I checked being overweight or having a drug addiction doesn’t mean the Healthcare worker taking care of them would catch being overweight or drug addiction.

    2. @Neon Dystopia A lot of overweight people have metabolic disfunctions, which causes them to gain weight. And there are certain genes that make some people more predisposed to addiction. So those conditions are not totally voluntary, being unvaccinated is.

    3. @Wark Mahlberg President Harris received the vaccine on live TV in December 2020. Don’t you watch news channels?

    1. Democrats: Covid 19 is serious and deadly.

      Also Democrats: Mayor Bowser caught partying with no social distancing and no mask.

    2. @Wark Mahlberg when you never comment again, maybe one of us will remember you were here, and celebrate the fact that you were taken by covid in all likelihood

  5. It’s what happens when you don’t value those who really contribute to society. You pay hospital managers a 6 figure salary whilst you pay nurses just above the minimum wage, what do you expect? As for medical staff not getting vaccines, they are not fit to practice.

  6. This vaccination issue is not hard to solve. All Biden has to do is sign an executive order that will prevent unvaccinated Floridians and Texans from traveling outside of their state to other parts of the United States. If they don’t have their vaccination cards on hand, they do not get to travel outside the state. It’s just that simple!

    1. @Wark Mahlberg constitutionally speaking, the federal government controls interstate commerce and travel.
      It’s a fantastic, and legal, proposition

    1. I agree. Unfortunately, my mother is “insane” and I’m stuck here taking care of here. And because of covid, quarantines, international flight cancellations, etc… I can’t even go back to MY home abroad for a visit. Texas is like a giant traitor park with a few fancy double wides scattered about.

  7. I work in a nursing home and this pandemic is very draining. It’s mentally and physically wearing down on all healthcare workers..

  8. Teacher’s unions are enabling vaccine refusing degenerates to endanger our children in classrooms accross America. Another year of home schooling is better than a child suffering long COVID for the rest of their life.

    1. Democrats are slave owners. Remember that. You don’t value people and you treat people like property

    1. As long as a victim (person) can sue both the insurance and pharmaceutical companies if there are side effects in the future……

  9. The nurses should move to the states that care about people – that are not ruled by ideologues who just won’t listen. .. . . .

  10. “I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down because I don’t want to create a panic.” Donald Trump

  11. “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China. It’s going to be just fine.” Donald Trump

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