New Data Shows Suicidal Thoughts Increasing In Children | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

New Data Shows Suicidal Thoughts Increasing In Children | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1


  1. This has been resoundingly debunked with the most recent data and this rhetoric has been shown to be the fearmongering of right wing propagandists. Typical pro corporate media to be duped by disinformation yet again. Good job!

    1. That’s untrue.

      Here in Ireland – hardly a bastion of corporate media control – we’ve seen similar reports by Irish medical people and psychiatric bodies saying similar things, highlighting a rise in self-harm ideations and mental illness amongst children, teens and young people.

      That’s also been echoed by the British press and medical peers ‘next door’, not just by their American counterparts, while I’m aware of international bodies also echoing the same points.

      To be clear, I’m completely for mask mandates and lockdowns etc, as a harsh but vital way of tackling the pandemic etc, but of course all this will have, and is having, a worryingly negative, harmful impact on many people, including children. Why on earth would you say otherwise? How could this Not harm some children?

      Thankfully, my nephews and nieces are doing fine – bored, but fine – but I’m certainly aware of the children of friends of mine who have severely struggled with all this, especially those with underlying issues.

      So, again, I don’t know why you’re rubbishing such realities for some children and families.

  2. When you have somebody like Trump and his lackeys destroying the nation in front of the world, can you blame the result? I wouldn’t want to live in this kind of world full of hate and violence and stupid conspiracies.

    1. @Adolescent Advocate Trump is also the one who called it a hoax, said it would just disappear magically, that masks don’t work, that mentioned injecting bleach, that wanted people to buy a drug that has little to no impact on the virus, didn’t set up a virus distribution system, didn’t test everyone of the 400k to come back from abroad to stop the virus, went golfing of a every 5 days last year, who gave billions to Wall Street instead of the people, and claimed no one has ever died of Covid. You can claim he was great, but telling the US to sacrifice seniors for the ecinomy was very sadistic…

  3. Stupid Media. Let’s scare the Bejesus out of everyone and then, under the “guise of concern”, start tallying up how many they’ve been able to drive off the deep end.

    1. The Republicans are the biggest perpetrators of cancel culture, censoring and primarying politicians who do not toe the idiotic Trumpian dementia.

  4. Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors has chosen to live in one of the whitest areas of California after purchasing a $1.4 million dollar home in an area that has a black population of just 1.6 per cent

    1. @Josef or what you’ll keep coming here to repeat the same debunked BS you do daily? Go get a job, it’s a better use of your miserable life than crying on YouTube about your bigotry…

    2. @CasinoVa Beach when your delusions meet reality they don’t match up, which is why people like yourself with extreme anger issues are on here all day making up BS and playing the victim of your own delusional beliefs…

    3. @Josef LMAO yeah, everyone that listens to the actual facts of the study is a sheep.
      Morons like u are why condoms come with instructions

    4. @CasinoVa Beach Well if ignorance is bliss for people like you, I suppose you’re in the clear.

    1. 👀 Look at all these idiots here. 👆🏼
      Sad that no one cared as much about you all as this lady cared for her daughter. But yes, please feel free to take this moment to shine a light on your stupidity and weak trolling, or whatever it is you call that. 😅😂🤣

    2. @Adolescent Advocate Yeah its just a clump of cells until one second after birth? Many people are just idiot’s who are not worthy of life!!

  5. Did you know that Dementia Joe is Americas greatest embarrassment? You should know that! AFT HAIRY LEGS,THAT,THAT,THAT,THAT,THAT CIRCLE BACK

    1. Actually, you are, considering the subject matter here has nothing to do with what you’re talking about. Troll…

  6. Not surprised, when your parents say they’re sick of you to the point they march to reopen schools then your self image is shattered.

  7. FREEDOM AT LAST.. FREEDOM AT LAST! Alabama is no longer under mask mandate. We welcome Concerts, Festivals, Gun Shows, Expos, and Restaurants/Bars !!

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