1. @Yane YanYan they’re delusional its no use trying to get someone that stupid to believe anything that could even make the smallest amount of sense they’ll just die out from natural selection soon lol

    2. @J_a_m_i_e I’ll give you a hint on how to not sound upset on this comment thread, leave and do actual research.

    1. @Jim River More than that; McConnell’s wife’s family is part of the Chinese mafia. They not only have deep connections with the Asian underworld, but pay bribes and protection money to top party leaders in Beijing to enable the continuance of their activities. The whole thing is crooked as a dog’s wiener.

    2. If we had video proof of Biden r@ping an underaged girl, then CNN would try and bury the story. And democratic voters would still vote for Biden.

  1. Kevin McCarthy should have been screaming his bloody head off during the Senate trial. He didn’t. Just as guilty in my opinion.

    1. McCarthy should’ve given the recording of the phone call to the media instead of some typed out transcript for the media to read from as if it happened. Or, you know, have the impeachment managers add this to their little fairy tale of events. That would give more credibility to the Dems arguments, wouldn’t you say?

    2. @Jake Songster sounds like a good deal. Some good skin has to be removed in the process of scraping out a cancerous boil on America. Trump and the seditious republicans are that cancer.

    3. @Pat Mahinie it’s “made up”? Oh, really? Based show what? Your opinion? Do you know how ridiculous you sound? 🤦🏼‍♂️🥴🥴🥴

    1. ​@Ashley Rusher Everyone outside trump’s base should care. This will send a message to anyone who thinks they can become a dictator in America. If he gets away with it, it tell the next wanna be dictator we are alright with a dictatorship here.

    2. @J_a_m_i_e; Should we check with trump, cruz, or maybe Hawley, dude your such a lost loser, go play Russian roulette.

    3. @J_a_m_i_e; Any possible clue what a total loser you are, maybe you and junior can be best buds, you got to let Eric play sometimes, and stay out of their underwear.

  2. So McCarthy was candid in order to persuade other members to vote to impeach, but didn’t have the balls himself to.

  3. I hope Raskin is aware of this. I hope its not too late to bring up because this is the one piece that was missing.

    1. Because he’s on your side? The only defense is an issue with hierocracy.. It’s an easy win if the DNC learns some accountability.

    1. @Andy Bossert If you truly believe that then you have not been following events very well. He did not prove his point that the video was manipulated. There were multiple videos of that day from different angles and like a movie the Democrats showed a bigger picture from that day. While the news has said Trump was planning for that day for months I think more accurately he was planning this since 2016, when he said he would have won the popular vote had it not been for the millions of illegal ballots.

    2. @Mik’el Ban Rab’ah 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Russia,Russia, Russia. You people are great entertainment with your obvious stupidity

    3. @phillip wall again there brain dead he tried. Pelosi said no. Do I need to repeat it a few more times since you are so slow you don’t comprehend?

  4. What Kevin McCarthy says in private is inconsequential compared to what he says and does in public. Republicans will remain the Janus party — two-faced.

    1. @John Rand Stop equating fighting for an end to police brutality to a fight to brutalize police. They are not the same. One may have caused damage that insurance companies will pay out on, the other was a seditionous, treasonous attack on our own government.

    2. @John Rand Good then maybe you remember the testimony from the FBI director and DHS report teling us over 75% of last summers protest violence was from right wing extremists. I’m sure you will since you have such a good memory.

  5. Trump’s last words as he departed Washington were: “I’ll see you again soon.” In other words, “After you guys acquit me I’ll come back with a vengeance. We will get the coup done for real.”

    1. I’m starting to think this was just a training exercise, next time it happens they’ll be armed and know exactly where to go. In fact there are videos were these nuts are talking about doing just that. If they don’t convict Trump they are saying that they did nothing wrong that day and that a president is essentially a king in the last month of his term.

    1. 🤣🤣🤣yeah if it actually existed. Knock knock is anyone home? If this tape or conversation was exactly as CNN said why don’t they have the tape to prove their allegations? Easy without constantly reporting on Trump they wouldn’t have jobs so they have to fabricate to amuse you three ring circus freaks

  6. GOP: “oh man, that was close. We almost died. Anyways, Trump is innocent”


    1. GOP I think agrees that standards are good.. Double standards would not follow suit. Eat your own dog food then try again.

    2. @Brooke Baldvag ooh,geez, shut up! So sick of the people who stand by this Criminal! We will Always know what a Criminal is,and Who!! It’s not Biden.

    1. 5 years ago she started saying the election was stolen from her.. 5 years ago she started saying you had to fight lol.. Hypocrites!!

    2. @Joe Sniffs Kids We wore kitten hats, sang songs, and registered voters. Trumpers stormed the Capitol and killed a police officer. So…..yeah.

  7. “He was not sorry to see his unyielding loyal vice president or the congress under attack…” Why would he? Remember that this narcissist bragged about crowd size when visiting vicitms of the El Paso shooting spree.

  8. “These are not my people.” This sentence alone is his conviction. He violated his oath of office ( to protect,preserve and defend the constitution ) because he accepts the breaching and violence taking place at the US capitol.

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