1. @Matlockization You are saying democrats stance is their personal morals.
      Democrats think all women should have the right to what happens with their body’s and not tell them what to do.
      Republicans say they will choose what that women does with her body because they do not like it.
      Your argument is a little backwards don’t you think ?

    2. @TheHate FuLL1
      President Biden is doing a great job cleaning up trumps mess. As for you threatening to “burn Democrats down”,I doubt you could find the matches.

    1. How many Blacks have not been vaccinated? How many American’s are still in Afghanistan? How many gaffs from Biden on a daily basis? The Leftist are destroying America.

    2. @Snap Dragon no that’s the truth bud, do a little more research that’s not CNN news. DOJ just lost 5000+ migrant children btw, wonder where they went?

  1. Funny how the US has attacked many Muslim countries …. except Saudi Arabia
    Wonder why that is ? Here’s a clue $$$

    1. @James Guy Photography Interesting, thanks for the history.
      Can I ask a naïve question? It’s not rhetorical, I don’t know the answer. Could the US cut consumption by 11% and write OPEC+ including SA out of the equation? I’m sure it’s more complicated than it seems. The thought never crossed my mind before

    2. Alternately – what would the price per barrel and price per gallon of gasoline look like if we maintained the same level of consumption and cut off 11% of the supply? I know that is more complicated but seems, at least on the surface, very doable

    3. @Larry Jensen Electric cars are going to take over. The immediate question is whether we can increase electricity production quickly enough without resorting to burning oil.

    4. ​@Mary Lamb I can read a lot into baaaa baaaaa. First it tells me you are a trump bleater, a member of the flock, a follower of the Judas Goat.
      How am I doing so far?
      Next, you’re a boomer and indeed female. Anyone that would think that avatar is clever, cute, or whatever has to be over 55 and under 65 – statistically the best bet is 59, 60, or 61 years old.
      You long for something traditional, your county or state voted for Biden, but your neighorhood or city has recently seen an uptick in cultural diversity. Your husband would have gone to DC on January 6th. Tha traditionaism and living in a world that no longer exists is displayed in your former obsession with Kaneva world, and that probably places you i n Georgia and as a retired school teacher. Your knowledgeof history and world affairs is mostly informed by childhood lore, but you do watch some rightwing television. Just going from bleat bleat, I can’t really tell if you are in the religoius cult part of the trump tribe, I get heavy indicators but I also get the sense that youare nmore of a loner and probably had a falling out with your (babtist? no, pentacostal) group leader.
      You lost a son or a nephew in the middle east – wait – watchtower magazine (part psychich, part profiler)
      Ona scale of 1-10

      blah blah

  2. The US never won the hearts and minds of the Afghan people. The Taliban and isis had an endless supply of new recruits. Bush Jr was a fool for trying to install a puppet government in Afghanistan.

    1. @Homestead in the woods I’m talking about how democrat Biden made afghans think they could fly when their transport plane took off from the air base and murdered 13 American soldiers. democrat Biden should have stuck to Trumps withdrawal plan from Afghanistan.


    1. *Indian Hypocrisy*

      *1857-1947* Britishers occupied subcontinent and all those who fight against Britishers and liberated India is freedom fighters.
      *2001-2021* USA and NATO attacked Afghanistan and Taliban who fight USA and liberated afghanistan from foreign occupation is terrorist…
      *What a hypocrisy* 🤔👹🐕🇮🇳

    2. Yep and not one person lost their job because of the failure. Matter of fact those who tried to get them to pay attention became outcasts and marginalized.

    3. @UCobMQFEdP-nOHTsidIc9h1Q Because no one learned about the first Clown, who exhorted some 90 years ago, ‘Let’s make Germany great again (= MGGA) and ‘Let’s go clean up the…’Sumpf’ in Berlin! ‘ and neither until the Second Clown just took the same playbook and…(Diversion tactics!) said “China, China Virus!” and ‘Let’s drink bleach’ to help it go away…by itself.
      And …Mexico hasn’t paid for the wall yet. So, keep sending me your donations and contributions’ …

  3. America has been living “high and mighty” for so long back then no one would really think that anybody would be crazy enough to attack the US🤔

    1. I don’t know about that, we knew after the first Iraq war it was becoming a threat, then we saw the first World Trade Center bombing, and those terrorists came from my home town… Jersey City.

    2. Not exactly true. We had the World Trade Center bombing in 1993. It took hours to evacuate from the building. My good friend worked there when it happened. She never worked in NYC again after that.

  4. It’s funny, we often speak of what we would do if we had a time machine to tell the President. Sounds like that had already happened without any time machine..

  5. We will never truly know what the damage done by the Bush family. They have been running amuck in the oil fields overseas.
    It’s criminal

  6. I remember it being a major threat after the first Iraq war….I remember seeing many reports (one being on 60 Minutes) warning of Bin Laden as they interviewed him. I wanted to go to Times Square on New Year’s Eve in 2000, but I decided not to because of the possibility of terrorism.

  7. When New is 19 years Old. Here’s another Oldie: You Corporatists love Dubya. You lovingly stroked his policies without question for 20 years.

  8. I remember that 20 years ago French and Russian intelligence services warned the U.S. of airplanes being used as weapons. Arrogance and stupidity still let it happen.

  9. I heard that they are gonna hire the refugees to staff airport security across the USA ND well hope they do the right thing

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