New DNC Debate Rules Open Door For Bloomberg To Make Stage | MSNBC

New DNC Debate Rules Open Door For Bloomberg To Make Stage | MSNBC 1


The DNC has announced new debate qualifications for its February debate in Nevada, opening the door for billionaire Mike Bloomberg to join his fellow candidates on stage for the first time. The party scrapped, for the first time, the grassroots donor threshold, which has required candidates in every other debate thus far to received donations from tens of thousands of supporters to qualify. Bloomberg is self-funding his campaign and has refused to accept any donations.

2020 campaign embed Gary Grumbach joins Alex Witt to discuss reactions from other Democratic campaigns.

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New DNC Debate Rules Open Door For Bloomberg To Make Stage | MSNBC

81 Comments on "New DNC Debate Rules Open Door For Bloomberg To Make Stage | MSNBC"

  1. If you change the rules to suit one candidate, they’re not rules.

    • Doesn’t matter, he is a billionaire. You didn’t really think they would tax the rich, did you.

    • Turtlehands, my thoughts on Sanders’ socialism is based on the more nuanced Democratic Socialism model, but my comments on the oversimplified Socialism vs Capitalism critiques here are based on the ideas being wrought in this thread. Pure Socialism is bad, but Pure Capitalism is pretty evil as well.

    • @Napalmdog you have a good grasp of the biger problen. One of the solutions is funny at first. Problem with our model of capitalism is a commission structure by many names. The .01% buffering themselves with the 1% …with the 3% which at this point adds close to 50% of the cost to all products or services and on down. Why are we paying twice as much as Europe for healthcare is the greed that Bernie Sanders has talked about. Sanders revolution has had close to 30 obstacles last of which is Bloomberg for this very reason created in its path. The man is a rock. Average Joe is carried along with American dream stories in hope of some day living that dream. Meanwhile he chases the carrot and unknowingly give up what is his if he was awake. Socialism is the antithesis to capitalism and what we call social democracy is the synthesis. Joe will never wake up chasing his bills living in a 20 trillion dollar economy where his entitlements is spent on maintaining and growing a pyramid of trickle up. We need space force in a video game till a Gulf of Tonka type Flying Saucer incident says we need space force. Bernie Sanders 2020. It’s the best start and maybe last chance to save the planet too.

    • @TONY, not only that as he’s campaigning he can write off a sizable chunk of what he’s spent doing so.

    • Jeffrey Binder | February 1, 2020 at 8:55 PM | Reply

      In the Democrat Party the rules change whenever needed to cheat someone.

  2. Democrats changing the rules. Come on. lmao

  3. Just in case you democrats still think the DNC is not corrupt and its fighting for the worker class ! ahahahahha

    • I even suspect that the DNC cheated in the last Republican primary based on the fact that Ted Cruz won most of the closed primaries and Trump dominated the opens. If true you can add that to the list of things that have directly backfired on them.

    • david livermore | February 1, 2020 at 5:03 PM | Reply

      Gabriel G, no party cares for the working class. If you actually think the party you side with does, man you are just slapping yourself with the pie in your face………

    • @david livermore i know no party cares for the working people, I never said that one cares , its voting for the lesser evil these days, I rather vote red than blue this decade …. coming from along time democrat, NEVER AGAIN

    • Unless your a billionaire, shut up

    • @NJ Pro Signs Implying all Repubs are racist?

  4. It is in Mike Bloomberg’s best interest to not be on that debate stage.

    I’m more then confidant that he will get destroyed. He had a much better shot hiding behind his expensive TV commercials where nobody could challenge him directly.

  5. Way to go DNC! Mess with the rules just like in 2016 to cause division in the party. We know how that turned out you lunkheads.

  6. Of course MSNBC sees no problem with this.

  7. Translation: We want to screw Bernie and Yang

    • From your lips to God’s ears, bubba

    • Yeah prejudice against Asians is still acceptable in this society so of course the party of enslavement and segregation would choose to do just that.

    • @Tessmage Tessera they’re freaking out because bernie will be destroyed by Trump. Socialism dies in 2020

    • @Vander valid What positions do you like of Bloomberg? You would never vote for a socialist, I get it. Goverment smothering of liberties is a real concern. So what is appealing about the guy who is known for government madate of smaller sodas, stopping and frisking people without cause?

    • Of course. Their not billionaires

  8. Here we go again. The Corporatist Neo-Lib Elites that control the Democratic Party are engineering the winner. The leadership needs to be purged top to bottom.

    • @Navyboy2064 Actually, the Repub establishment hated Trump but in the end listened to their voters instead of trying to force an outcome. If anything this proves that republican voters still have control of their party while liberals are constantly snuffed by theirs.

    • You’re talking about two different things. Don’t get it confused. Currently all repubs have been behind this tyrant regardless of treasonous actions. Had Obama or another Democrat had done thr same the repubs wouldn’t have shut up about it like benghazi. Yet we never hear about what Trump does on a daily basis more than once because he’s enabled by the right to be as corrupt out in the open.

      Secondly, the biggest con of the repub thugs is to have some say they are against him like Paul Ryan did and make him a martyr to get the vote. Now no one believes his daily lies and no witnesses and no evidence is not a trial. Its a cover up. He is a has been and the majority want him held accountable. Repubs will be voted out for all their enabling of this traitor. Everyone thought he was gonna be different and he turned out to be worse than anything anyone ever imagined. Just another corrupt pos, a failed con of a businessman. So many bankruptcies. Warming up to our enemies. The Republican party is dead and gone.

    • Arrogant hypocrites

    • @Navyboy2064 Actually during the 2016 every republican was against Trump If not for Trump we be looking at Ted Cruz for the 2016 rep nominee. The voter showed who they want and the republican backed him up after he won. The difference is the republicans work together and aim together in 1 direction. While the democrats are just scattered aiming for different things. We say this during Obama’s time as president. He had both house and senate in his first 2 yrs. Im not knocking on Obama just pointing out how broken the democratic party is. Just saying this before hand I don’t trust the republican either

      On your second point, what you think about those 17 witnesses/evidence during the house hearing? All of those are being showed in the Senate? Didn’t the democrats say its was enough to just removed Trump. If not does that mean they wrongfully rushed in impeaching Trump? The democrats KNEW they needed 20 republicans in the senate to have Trump removed from office. I also ask which one of those 17 witnesses that was in the house hearing you would actually call a witness, just name me 1? I blame the Dem they rushed when they should have taken there time and gotten everything. The senate is suppose to take what the House has and judge on that period. If your asking for more time that PROVES they wrongfully rushed the impeachment

    • No thats not true. Not every republican was against him. Or he never wouldve made it on the stage. He attacked his opponents and I’m not going to list his short comings and argue with you since you are obviously on his side. And blocking witnesses and evidence and obstructing subpeonas is not the actjons of an innocent person. Quite the opposite and everyone knows it. Stop deflecting their lies. Bolton, mulvaney, among others and everyone knows it.

  9. Joseph Seibert | February 1, 2020 at 12:37 PM | Reply

    Bloomberg is awful. He’s so anti gun his non profits petitioned the ATF to regulate 80 percent lowers. He’s buying politicians all over the country and owns the government of Virginia. Screw Bloomberg and the rest.

  10. A billionaire running in a party that has a large base that despise the 1%. Beautiful irony.

    • john basterson | February 1, 2020 at 2:45 PM | Reply

      Every single democrat running for nomination is in the 1%. EVERY SINGLE ONE. No exceptions. You do realize it only takes a household income of around 400k to mathematically be in the 1%.

    • YouCanCallMeReTro | February 1, 2020 at 3:20 PM | Reply

      john basterson I’d argue net worth is more important in determining the 1% though. And the top 1% of net worth starts over $10 million, which is estimated at over $500k a year in income.

      Most of the candidates are actually not in the 1% by these standards

    • madcheeseknight | February 1, 2020 at 4:29 PM | Reply

      @YouCanCallMeReTro Do any of these candidates live in homes worth less than a million dollars? And I’m pretty sure everyone on that stage has a much higher net worth than most of the country, even if they aren’t technically in the 1%.

    • YouCanCallMeReTro | February 1, 2020 at 7:32 PM | Reply

      madcheeseknight A million dollars for a home is really nothing crazy on the wealth scale. And obviously they’re higher than the average, because they come from higher-up career backgrounds that pay well. There’s nothing wrong with being wealthy, wealth only becomes a problem when it blinds them to realities.

      You make it seem like we need to start picking middle class income people as our representatives, but those people are more corruptible than the already wealthy.

    • madcheeseknight | February 1, 2020 at 9:05 PM | Reply

      @YouCanCallMeReTro That’s not my contention. My problem isn’t that these people are rich; of course people in government will end up being rich.

      The problem is that a bunch of rich white people are trying to pretend they’re morally righteous for fighting rich white people when they do nothing but help rich white people. It isn’t their wealth, it’s their hypocrisy.

  11. She's my President | February 1, 2020 at 12:59 PM | Reply


  12. Changing the rules in the midst of things just shows how superficial they are

  13. no one wants this ghoul to be president. just give it up already.

  14. And the DNC tries to rig the primary once again

  15. They even cheat their own people. Despicable!

  16. “News Flash”

    “DNC / cnn and MSNBC accept bribes again. Stack the deck against the American voters! “

  17. The DNC has been “Pay To Play” for decades, they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

  18. Democracts always like changing the rules to fit their narrative. And when it back fires on them they start accusing Everybody.

  19. Great another billionaire buying his way into the DNC it’s always about money

  20. DNC should endorse Trump if they hate Bernie so much

    • @Ricky Fontaine Really??? Creepy Biden has criminal charges filed against him in the Ukraine from Victor Shokin. The MSM whores don’t say anything about. Wonder why??? LOL!!!

    • @C Cage What?? LOL!!!!
      That was the communist party’s last “Hail Mary.” They’re ALL dead meat. Why don’t you wise up and watch the John Bolton(their star witness lol) interview video from August? He was asked about the calls between Trump and Zelinsky and answered ” The calls were warm and cordial.” Yeah, Schiff’s big hero. LOL!!!!

    • @joedsavage it isn’t over till senate votes so I just keep my mouth shut until then. The DNC wants Biden because they think he’ll get all of Obama’s lower class black voters.

    • If they screw Bernie, we all get trump. I’m staying home.

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