New Evidence Shows Fears About Legality Of Trump Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Ali Velshi reports on e-mails newly revealed by the Center for Public Integrity showing Trump administration officials showing concern about the legality of Donald Trump's hold on congressionally appropriated aid to Ukraine. Aired on 12/23/19.
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New Evidence Shows Fears About Legality Of Trump Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Another solid proof that yes, Trump did indeed extort Ukraine and was planning to do so before making the call.

    He’s as guilty as it comes.

    1. If you are using any talking points of the media to make your legal analysis you probably shouldnt be making one. The President did nothing illegal. That is why Dems haven’t sent the articles of “impeachment” to the Senate. The media is just trying in vain to somehow gain public support. Its not going to happen. PAIN is coming for Democrats.

    2. @Mark Shumate the reason Pelosi hasn’t sent it to the Senate yet, is because Mitch Mc-Con-nell and the GOP has made it crystal clear that they’re going to turn it into a kangaroo-court in Trump’s favor, while violating the law to do so.
      She demands a fair trial.
      The GOP are refusing to do that.
      That’s why it hasn’t been sent yet.

      Trump is guilty as it comes.

    3. @Mark Shumate Right, nothing illegal in subverting foreign policy for personal political gain… What level or criminality would you _not_ accept?

    4. Mark Shumate – If your Dear Leader is so darned innocent, why won’t he permit any of his senior leaders to testify under oath? Surely they are eager to exonerate him.

    1. @TheBase1aransas Which “Ukraine Arms Dealing/Drug Running/Money Laundering operation” are you talking about? Or are you just making things up to get a reaction?

    2. @TheBase1aransas So absolutely no evidence at all then? Big surprise.
      You’d be better advised to keep your eyes on the SDNY.

  2. McConnell wants to clear Trump of these articles fast and no witness’s to bring out facts. Dems keep pushing the courts to release things and keep investigating. Moscow Mitch gets him off the hook with first impeachment the new evidence will be the bases for Trumps second impeachment. McConnell will have to cover that up as well. Trump should have resigned before the impeachment vote. He may go down in history as the only president to be impeached twice. If Dems take the Senate he will be convicted the second time which will also be a record. Then Nancy will hand SDNY what evidence of crimes they have. Trumps face will be pale white and clothes will be orange.

    1. @Flashy Paws There are dozens of articles of impeachment drumpf can be hit with, I kinda thought they should have thrown the entire lot at him all at once, instead of just 2. But I guess there’s a bit of a strategy emerging now. I just think he’s going to do something to the constitution to postpone, if not cancel the 2020 election altogether. He’ll use these impeachments as an excuse to put the constitution through the paper shredder, in order to “protect” himself from those dirty democrats.
      It’s also the last place left that doesn’t have his idiotic fake name on already.

    2. You think there will be chances to impeach Mitch McConnell? Gaming the system by stopping all the bills indefinitely and not allowing a vote sounds like abuse of power…

  3. Mob boss con man Trump, the most corrupt president in US history, the true king of the swamp…🐀🐀🐀🤢🤢🤢

    1. If they cant put Trump in jail, why wont they put all the people around him that broke the law in the clink? Giuliany, Duffy, Mulvayney..etc. Everyone that was in on it and supported the efforts. Quit dismissing these guys.. Same goes for people ignoring legal subpoenas, put them in contempt and then jail… I get it, they want Trump but that’s not possible at the moment with the GOP’s unwillingness to be impartial.

    2. @Nossgrr With the lying partisan hack Bill Barr heading up the Department of Injustice, criminal prosecutions against the Trump henchmen is highly unlikely. Our only hope to avoid a complete dictatorship is to vote blue, blue, blue.

  4. If Trump and republicans withhold witnesses and evidence that are directly connected to what Trump is being accused of, it will be clear to the world that the Senate trial is an egregious  sham. It will go down as the  biggest cover-up in American history.

    90 minutes after Trump’s phone call, the call he used to bribe the President of Ukraine into opening up a fabricated investigation on the Bidens, Michael Duffey, a Trump-appointed senior official with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), sent this July 25 email to Pentagon Comptroller Elaine McCusker and other Trump administration officials.

    “Based on guidance I have received and in light of the Administration’s plan to review assistance to Ukraine, including the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, please hold off on any additional [Department of Defense] obligations of these funds, pending direction from that process.”

    “Given the sensitive nature of the request, I appreciate your keeping that information closely held to those who need to know to execute the direction.”

    Sept 9,
    The whistleblower’s complaint is delivered to the House intel committee. Trump now realizes that he’s been busted, and the JIG IS UP!!!😲

    SEPT. 11
    Two days after the House intel committee is notified of the whistle-blower complaint and opens an investigation, Trump reverses course and releases the hold on the military aid after withholding it for 55 days.

    Michael Duffey’s email to OMB Pentagon Comptroller Elaine McCusker on Sept 11, informing her that Ukrainian funds will finally be released.

    Duffey: “I will be issuing an apportionment this evening to immediately release all USAI funds for obligation. I will alert you as soon as I have signed the apportionment.  Thank you.”

    McCusker: “Copy…what happened? Thanks

    Duffey: “Still waiting on my staff to send me apportionment.  Hoping to sign tonight yet. Glad to have this behind us.”

    1. @deamonomic – Under your theory if the Speaker of the House doesn’t want the President to lose office they can withhold the impeachment trial from the Senate until after their term is finished.

      The House has sole power of the impeachment, they could have gone to court and got any witness they wanted if the court agreed.
      They are blaming other ppl for something they had sole power over and never consulted the Senate?

    2. What The I have a bachelors in rhetoric from UC Berkeley. When what you are saying dissolves into name calling you no longer have an argument.

    3. @Felicia Bridges – That is actually a degree? Wow, they really are raking in these student loans.
      That would be a Bachelor of Rhetoric then, not a Bachelors in Rhetoric… Rhetoric is mostly used to describe persuasive speech that lacks substance and is meaningless, so it all makes sense hahaha.

  5. Trump and his administration are so hopelessly corrupt, that they will never be able to cover-up all of the lies and crimes that they have committed. Trump and his cronies are literally committing new crimes, in their attempts to cover-up all of their past crimes. And then they are forced to commit even more crimes, to cover-up their most recent crimes.😄

    Michael Duffey should definitely get a lawyer, and then his lawyer should get a lawyer.😄

    1. Anyone out there who still believes Moscow Mitch and the trump-Mob-Cult cares about our Constitution, our Laws, or, any of the 99% of Lower Class of “We The People”? NOT ME, just for the “record”.

    2. @David J Very well laid out, thank you! Here’s another “count” that I haven’t heard much about, although it is a big thing, legally speaking! I’ll take Witness Tampering/Intimidation for $500 Alex! 😎
      What has happened to Ambassador Taylor since his testimony? Who is Sec. of State Pompeo’s aide named Ulrich Brechbuhl? Oh, that would be the dude who on Dec 11, 2019, fired Ambassador Taylor because, “His testimony angered the pResident.” Golly Gee, I’m no country lawyer, but what message does that send to future witnesses for either side & in fact, members of the Senate who vote against this Impeachment?
      Watch this space & buckle up everyone!

    3. They are still covering up the guilty murderers who assassinated President John F. Kennedy, etc. criminals with GOP Monies hide whatever they want. I think they believe they can hide ALL from God.

    4. David J   …………….   This is the ‘smoking mushroom cloud’ that we were warned of before ( the phony one ) .  You are totally correct . trump and his cronies consistently flaunt and break the law . The question is: Will others that are supposed to be responsible and protect all of us from rogue criminals do what is right ?

  6. Those officials should be charged, along with all other Trump enablers. The ones who quite should be given the opportunity to return under protections when a real government returns to power.

    1. I call them rethuglikkkans; party of rats, liars and hypocrites. Though I guess this batch are more like tRumpthuglikkkans.

  7. USA is being turned from up-side-down to the right-side up!? Is this finally a 180% turn-around!? Little wonder all witnesses have been obstructed…SHAME

  8. Reagan was another lying SOB about Iran Contra. Congress had made it illegal to give the Contras weapons, so old Pruneface uses Ollie North in the Whitehouse basement, to give Iranians weapons so Contras could be armed 1986. Now there is someone who should have been impeached.

  9. So why hasn’t Duffy been arrested? Law enforcement has become a accessory to these crimes by failing to enforce blatant criminal behavior.

  10. Trump said so himself, so why can’t people understand that TRUMP IS PERFECT?!!!… I mean perfectly crooked. LOL 😆

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