1. Thank you CNN
    But you should also talk about
    Women and children who gets executed
    For just being palestinien……

  2. Wao, what’s happening? Would have never thought they will bring this up. I mean, nothing new. Do not worry, tomorrow you will see movies of what happened in the 40s, so we don’t loose track who are the “good guys”

    1. @Sina Bagheri Sarvestani Tell me you know nothing about guns without actually saying it! NAILED IT

  3. People need to remember that she was an American citizen and politicians, much of the public, and most American media, have effectively shrugged over her murder. This is insane.

    1. @Dark Elf Drizzt no, they covered this the exact day it happened. I watched it. Perhaps it didn’t receive as much coverage as deserved, but can you think of two reasons why that is? Perhaps there have been two mass shootings in the past 2 weeks.

  4. It’s a shame 😔. In America in the state of Texas our police fail as well to protect the innocent as well.

    1. @Bill Robbins cops only have one week of training
      It doesn’t take a genius to understand a gun

    2. @jihadi wingz Honestly, perhaps in this case. They’re suppose to go to training and get tested at what and when to shoot.

  5. They targeted her for assassination, just say it. Stop dancing around the matter. There’s a video of the IDF literally going over to a 5 year old kid riding a bicycle and taking it from him then kicking him down the road, just cause they didn’t like he was having fun. That tells me everything I need to know about the IDF.

    1. Do you have prove that this was a murder ? If not, then you shouldn’t jump to conclusion.

      You also use one individual example to paint a big picture. That’s not how objectivity works.

    2. Yes, when you shot on someone and kill him it’s a murder even when she was armed with a camera it still a murder

    1. Agreed to a lot of people they don’t mean anything. Which is the most disturbing part of it.

  6. Whoever lied to us and told us Americans are free to speak without consequences ,

  7. I hope the state department does it’s job for once, they screwed up big not condemning this act.

  8. It would be pretty hard to miss, given that they were clearly identifying themselves as the press. Now who will pay the consequences for this murder?

    1. So anyone who prints the word press on their helmet must be press. Is it possible that a terrorist could write press on its helmet ?

  9. “Hey guys, I have a great plan…”
    “But what if they have cameras?”
    “You think anyone will hold us accountable lol? The camera makes it better! Let them know its deliberate!”

  10. About 10 years ago people thought “oh with cameras everywhere the criminals will be held accountable now!”. Nope.

  11. Never have I ever thought that CNN would publish something like this. Also didn’t show that two other journalist was shot and the boy who went to rescue Shireen was also shot in the leg. It was deliberate for sure.

  12. I see & hear gunfire. That’s all. To say who killed her is sketchy at best. I don’t believe we are getting the complete story, something not right here.

  13. Just to put some perspective, approximately 20 journalists have died in Ukraine conflict, including a French journalist today in a vehicle marked for civilian evacuation. Journalists die in conflict zones all over the world. It’s a sad reality of the job

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