New evidence Trump gave DOJ 'direct instructions' to back election lie 1

New evidence Trump gave DOJ ‘direct instructions’ to back election lie


House investigators have interviewed a former Justice Department official who drafted — but never sent — a resignation letter over what he said were former President Donald Trump's "direct instructions" to use the department to support his false election fraud claims.
Patrick Hovakimian, chief of staff to then-acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, wrote the resignation letter January 3 in anticipation that Rosen would be fired at an extraordinary meeting that day with the former President at the White House, according to people briefed on the matter.
"This evening, after Acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen over the course of the last week repeatedly refused the President's direct instructions to utilize the Department of Justice's law enforcement powers for improper ends, the President removed Jeff from the Department," the draft letter, reviewed by CNN, says.
It's among a trove of Justice Department documents turned over to House and Senate committees investigating events that led up to the January 6 US Capitol attack by Trump supporters who believed Trump's false fraud claims.

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  1. There is always this unassuming collaborator who is just waiting to do Evil’s bidding. In this instance, the guy was Jeffrey Clark.

    1. @Damian Mancl I am not surprised that someone uses the best defense they can in a legal case. You can argue this point of any msm host. Msnbc hosts cry when they find out that they are wrong because they’re so agenda driven. To call them “them most misinformed” is a lie. They’re no more led on by the msm establishment than anyone who watches CNN or MSNBC. They’re all about ratings.

    2. @Damian Mancl everyone is going to claim that their opponents viewers are the most misinformed. What about the Russia collusion? Can I say that msnbc viewers are statistically the most misinformed because that one host kept pushing the Russia collusion story, until she was crying at the conclusion of the investigation? All msm does is push nonsense. To say that “statistically Fox News viewers are the most misinformed” is just wrong.

    1. @Dakota Simons ironic that Trump has hundreds of cases of sexually molesting young girls and forcibly raping adult women and then paying them off with campaign money. Sounds legit 🙄 I think you should have trump babysit your daughters/nieces/grandkids, etc. I’m sure you’d be real comfortable with that. He’s a pervert with his own daughter

    2. @Dakota Simons Awwwwwww sweetie, I feel your pain trumpie. Do you need a hug, maybe a little reach around? How about some tissue? 9 months after the election and the trumpies are still whining. Such wussies, such sissies, such snowflakes.

    3. @John Lorraine When state election officials act BEFORE the election to make voting easier for voters and then other state officials — state legislatures — object to those changes, those objections need to be announced and objections filed in courts BEFORE the changes are used during the election –objections and litigation needs to be made BEFORE the election — to be relevant and valid.
      Their silence before the election was to not reveal how little they cared about the health of the voters. Their litigation having been made and their litigation having been filed only AFTER the election , only AFTER and when the vote doesn’t go their way, is why so very many courts, including federal courts with “45” appointed jurists, ruled against them in those after election lawsuits. It needs to be noted that Republican down ballot wins on the same ballot cast the same way were not subsequently objected to by those post election lawsuits. The 2020 presidential election was NOT stolen.

    1. Biden just unconstitutionally defied SCOTUS and asked the CDC (a non-legislative body with zero enforcing authority) to extend the squatters moratorium….. and CNN is still talking about Trump.

    2. This is CNN’s way to try to avoid talkin about the cover-up of Chris Cuomo and Andrew Cuomo sex scandal.

      Donald Trump in office who cares about him

    3. @F3L7P4D’s Smooth Gaming see that is all true but where do the racist take comfort in now where are they where are the white supremacists where are the neo-nazis what party affiliation are they? you tell me, because I know the answer do you?

  2. If the only recourse we have to fascism is offering resignations then there is no recourse and this country is inevitably going to fall.

    1. @Octos Alias we probably won’t come to an agreement, true. But calling Romney a RINO, is the same as calling Manchin a traitor to democracy. Authoritarian, hmmm. For that ideology you would still want and need more government power, which his policies along with the conservative voters tend to not agree with.

    2. The “Big Cough” was created and released. It didn’t cone from bat soup like you left morons believed. The “Big Fix” for the “Big Cough” was created before we all got sick. The fastest meds man has ever made. Trump lied to us or was lied to. I will not abide. The dude does not abide, man.

    3. The whole thing is a big frickin story and you libtards per sitting down. 🇺🇸30 round mags and a pile of brass🇺🇸

    4. @Cole H
      Speaking of current strains, seems the ppl against vax and masks are perpetuating the virus to do what it does best…evolve.
      There are 127 children experiencing severe symptoms in a Louisana hospital right now. And 40 yr olds and under are showing up in hospitals everywhere right now.
      Don’t get the jab. Just don’t become upset when the moral majority in this country ostracize those who choose to be a host to the very disease we are trying real hard to eradicate.
      Mask up buckaroo.

    5. @Ben Smith What “rights” do you think you have that are being taken away? There is a long-standing precedent (Jacobson v. Massachusetts (1905) and Zucht v. King (1922)) that gives the government the authority to mandate vaccines and regulate the unvaccinated’s participation in society. You will have to go to court to argue for the right to refuse a vaccine because you do not have that now.

    1. He’s said he could go on street and shoot people down too and get away with it, said that publicly. he knows darn well all crimes he committed and doesn’t care, he’s above the law.

    1. According to the American Declaration of Independence, people enter into political society for the sake of protecting their inalienable rights, which are otherwise insecure.

      The question then arises: what can the people do if the government betrays its trust, and violates their rights?

      The Declaration’s initial answer is “that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.”

      The Declaration of Independence devotes more space to the right of revolution than to any other single concept.

      The people create the government, but in so doing they do not forfeit their right to vindicate their own rights, even against the very government they created.

    2. @Jason Borowski That’s it !!??
      THAT’S the best you can do!!?
      Putin is wasting his rubles on you pal .😶

    1. @The Morally Superior Democrat lololololololol, you poor thang, are you triggered trumpie? I feel your pain cupcake.

    1. @ellixt exactly my friend, Biden going to jail, for what? These people are so out of touch with reality…

    2. @ellixt don’t say ‘your party’. It makes you sound like you can’t comprehend that each party is made up of individuals. Or you can but you are too lazy and blaming a group of people makes you feel better than thinking there are only a percentage of people that are gung ho about Trump. Trump won’t run for office in 2024. You can calm down.

  3. Now they can charge the DOJ
    for there involvement in Jan 6
    didn’t I say that there all going to end up in prison because of trump and now look what happening , DOJ is DONE

    1. @Christopher Parks Just to piss off The Terrorist Organization known as the Republican Partys operatives who may be reading this ( I know it’s a long shot but ya Neva know )
      It’s the same place where FREEDOM FRIES WERE BORN !!😶

  4. Imagine what would have happened if the a/AG went along with the lies, and subsequently multiple DOJ officials, who saw the coup taking place in real time had submitted their resignations? I a, sure they would have been quickly replaced by cronies and there might have been a different ending to the story. The era of the Trump presidential period and in particular the way in which it capitulated is likely to be a focus of political and legal scholars for many generations.

    1. The Political Electoral System in America is Outdated & Broken…’The Majority Win then the Majority should Rule’… The Electoral College & Filibuster should be thrown in the bin, as it just allows the minority to create Chaos & Division…

  5. There’s no question about Trump’s coup attempt. The question is why are our Federal laws are so lacking that he got so far!

    1. Like the dems talking about Russia interference the entire time Trump was in office. Strange how they say he worked with Russia but there was no mention of Russia after Biden was elected.

  6. Imagine going on for 4 years straight about an election being rigged, and then suddenly you start shouting from the rooftops that our elections are impossible to rig, because you happened to get the result you wanted.

    1. Who claimed for 4 years that fraudulent votes were cast? Who claimed for 4 years that votes were thrown out or counted several times. Who claimed for 4 years that election officials were undertaking illegal actions?


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