New Facts About Coronavirus As New Cases Surge In U.S. | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

New Facts About Coronavirus As New Cases Surge In U.S. | The Last Word | MSNBC


Dr. Peter Hotez, Dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, talks to Lawrence O’Donnell about new facts we are learning about the coronavirus: more symptoms than previously understood and how the coronavirus “lingers” in the air – and says that until the U.S. successfully interrupts community transmission, the pandemic will continue to “spiral out of control.” Aired on 7/7/2020.
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New Facts About Coronavirus As New Cases Surge In U.S. | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Lawrence should run for POTUS. He’d make an excellent one. And if Dump can be one, Lawrence can be a great one, since he’s actually intelligent, moral & a decent empathetic human being.

  2. When my lease is up I’m going to go ahead and purchase myself a used cargo van to live in becasue it sounds like America is going to probably shut down again which means I’ll probbably get laid off a second time ..Van life equals no bills and rent …..

    1. I think the Van life folks are impacted severely because of their reliance on public restrooms. If you can get on a piece of land where you can compost your poop, that would be the way to go. 24 hour fitness locations are shutting down and Walmart restrooms are risky.

      Another lying, scare-tactic, fake statistics report to scare you and keep you watching. Anybody who still believes this c-virus and pharmaceutical industry/media nonsense lacks basic intelligence. Nobody is sick or dying from this nonsense hysteria.

    3. @theWZZA If you have the money for a caravan or motorhome with inbuilt shower & toilet, that can be a good option, not sure what you call them over there, but the vehicles with that stuff plus beds & kitchen built into the main vehicle, or with a caravan/trailer that’s pulled behind it. The “grey nomads” in Australia that live in them fulltime haven’t had any significant issues. There’s been discussions about the need to address them, but mostly it’s been about organising caravan parks or areas with a tap, somewhere near the ocean, that they can stop to quarantine for 14 days if crossing state borders, as is required here, without coming into contact from anyone in any local towns that they could spread teh virus to if they’re carrying it. Once they’re quarantined & clear, they can then move on to regular caravan parks to hook up to the sewer lines to empty their portable sewerage holder things out, refill gas bottles etc & then stay at the caravan parks, or go off on their own again with new supplies for self sufficiency 🙂

  3. Another major factor in America’s outbreak, apart from the atrocious, deliberate mishandling by Dump & Co as he needs to push for economic recovery for his re-election prospects, is that America’s healthcare system is so f’d up that people can’t afford to be sick or to seek medical treatment. It’s no coincidence that the US has only 4% of the world’s population, yet 26% of all the COVID-19 cases in the world!

    1. In particular the lack of free health care for this virus early on to find imported cases. Australia got 15 cases from Wuhan in January, with over 500 “suspected cases” found & hospitalised in isolation to find those confirmed 15, you found 1 case & clearly had missed cases. Many of those people in Australia were NOT covered by the Australian free health care system & were up for thousands of dollars in bills, but an exemption was immediately made for this virus on it’s discovery, so as to ensure that ANYONE with symptoms, no matter their health care status would come forward for testing & treatment so all cases could be found. If America had done the same thing, even without making any other changes to it’s general medical system, the results would likely have been very different!

  4. Considering you’ve listened to scientists instead of politicians, these aren’t exactly “new facts”. Greetings from Europe and good luck to you.

    1. The U.S. has known everything it needed to know to do this successfully since the end of the first SARS outbreak in 2004. Testing. Contact tracing. Isolation. That’s all we really needed to know. That’s what we needed to do. We threw out the pandemic playbook, and propagandized our masses against belief in the virus itself and its severity. We were particularly disposed to this. Widespread anti-intellectualism that considers science a pillar of deceit. Ignorance is the rule here. You can see by who we elected as president.

  5. They’re still researching why it hits certain people so hard while being much milder for most people. They’ve found some genetic differences, but so far not enough to really explain it. It becomes a sort of “Russian roulette” that makes it potentially dangerous for everyone.

    1. One issue is DOSING, if the virus saturates the body there’s no chance for immune response. If tiny amount perhaps the immunity can pace the infection. This can explain symptomatic variance.

    2. ​@larryconcepts mostly it’s the immune system’s over reaction to the virus that kills the person though. Combine that with kids rarely getting it & the best hypothesis is immune system priming from previous coronavirus infections is involved in the amount of reaction. Differing coronavirus infections in the past could impact the level of immune response, it might relate to how many the person has had, or which one is the first they contracted & therefore that key priming virus. In kids, being younger, they generally haven’t had a coronavirus, so the immune system isn’t primed, so like with an allergy, the first exposure doesn’t cause death, but subsequent ones do. This is a scary hypothesis if mutations far enough removed from covid 19 that people who get covid19 can get infected with them evolve!

      We really need to be doing everything possible to avoid getting this virus at this stage! We really have no idea the long term effects of it & they could be very scary!

    1. Australia’s deputy Chief medical officer’s response to this
      “With regards to the World Health Organization, the statement today regarding aerosolisation of the virus was in response to a letter signed by over 200 scientists commenting on increasing evidence that the COVID-19 virus is present in airborne particles and can stay suspended for longer than we might have thought.
      “The important thing to remember here is the AHPPC, like scientists around the world and the World Health Organization, pays close attention to this advice and determines whether things need to be modified, the advice needs to be modified.
      “Let me just but a little word of caution on that particular comment on aerosolisation: We know that you can find virus in the air around someone who is infected but those tests are largely done in laboratory conditions. We do not necessarily know the implication of that and how readily that means the virus is going to be spread beyond the 1.5 metres that we recommend people to socially distance.
      “We have to remember that the basic reproductive number is only 2.5 and that is more consistent with viruses that the primary mode of spread is contact and droplet rather than airborne highly infectious viruses like the chickenpox virus or like the measles virus. So we will continue to maintain watching brief on that but there is no proposed change to the recommendations at the moment.”

    2. Death is Not the worst thing about COVID-19

      I would rather die from it then be left with long term or permanent disability.
      Think of the Broadway actor who died recently.
      From COVID-19 complications he had a leg amputated, 2 mini strokes, both lungs severely damaged.

      We don’t know the long term, or permanent effects.

      Not to mention the horrendous medical bills.
      Over 1 Million Americans Yearly file for bankruptcy because of Medical Costs.
      How much will that multiple with COVID-19.
      America’s health insurance system totally stinks. You can have health insurance and still lose your life savings and go bankrupt with just 1 major health problem.

    3. For week ending June 20th CDC reported over 1,000 deaths as Pneumonia
      Flu season ended in May

      We aren’t getting Real numbers. Testing is still behind the need. And much easier to list Pneumonia then wait days to get a test result, especially if someone has already died.

  6. Fact is that CadetBonespurs tRump is unequivocally the worst POTUS that America has ever had in its entire history & we’ve had a few doozies but never one this bad & incompetent.

    1. Ever time I see anyone use silly and childish names to refer to the President Donald Trump I like to correct them.

      It’s Commander Bone Spurs Mcpussygraber, if you please!!! Get it right from now on!

  7. Trump​’s​ stupidity​ and​ flippant attitude​ to​ the​ pandemic in​ the​ beginning​ are​ to​ blame.
    It​ is​ just​ the​ flu!
    It​ will​ go​ away​ by​ itself!

  8. In the fall when the regular flu season returns, the death rate will increase beyond 4.6%. Meanwhile, all manner of survivable conditions become lethal.
    Its as if someone believes in “good bloodlines” and that the American Race will be purified, and the weak and poor should thin out a bit, should be willing to sacrifice themselves for the Dominant Capitalist Ideology under the thumb of Oiligarchs and Cleptocrats.

    1. Yeh, you have NO IDEA what’s coming for you in winter!
      All the best, love Australia 🙂

  9. *_good to see dr Hotez making use of this occasion to market his book “Vaccines Did Not Cause Rachel’s Autism: My Journey as a Vaccine Scientist, Pediatrician, and Autism Dad” in the background… listen to him, he seems to know what he is talking about – unlike Trump and anti-vaxxers_*

  10. The corona virus is expected to mutate to some extent.
    In this pendemic, U.S have to be sensitive to anything.
    Even if it is too much quarantine.

    The United States has failed in quarantine. I think the president has failed.
    The United States is not participating in the war right now.
    However, it has suffered too much human and property damage.

    If the virus cannot be prevented, a greater economic downturn will come.
    Is Trump mistaken for the virus to disappear naturally?
    If he thinks so, he is really too ignorant.

    1. I’m pretty sure trump sees the virus “disappearing” in other countries & because he’s never worked a day in his life, he can’t grasp the effort that went into control in those countries & thinks “it just disappeared” & is just waiting for it to do the same thing in America

  11. When you shout during a mass gathering, the infection rate is highest. Well, nobody would be that stupid.

  12. I’m in Houston and at where I work at there is a outbreak . Consistent amount of people every other week catching covid19 . The mandate on masks were too late . And people are shopping with just a face shield . So Houston is not going to be a pretty place real soon .

    1. what exactly do you expect masks to do? If they’re so effective, why didn’t you use them instead of a lockdown?

  13. With the US being the number one by far with respect to Covid infections and deaths, shouldn’t we give it its 20th proper name: the TRUMP FLU? That will secure The Leader’s name in history for centuries to come and
    grant him a monument. Where? In Tulsa?

  14. Here in Europe, we know this fact since 2 months. Do U.S medias talk with other journalists in the world or what ?

    1. @themetricsystem Curves speaks for themselves. It goes down in EU since a month while the U.S break records every days. U.S states still don’t know if they have to lockdown again or not so YES WE KNOW.

    2. @Chaden i know, i´m norwegian. usa is the country how knows best, many americans are smug, and usually will not search for, or take advise from a foreigner. it was a reply to your question “do u.s. medias talk….?”

  15. Doctors are now saying that even asymptotic carriers are suffering from lung damage. And they are demanding to open schools when we are setting records every day!!!

    1. Lung damage is FROM mask wearing, so many people are reusing or not disposing, or wearing too long…we aren’t supposed to be breathing in our “exhaust”, we need oxygen

  16. Deaths at home in Houston are rising. Like New York and Italy in March.
    What was happening then again? X_x

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