New Fauci Warning: Current Covid-19 Deaths Are The Unvaccinated | MSNBC 1

New Fauci Warning: Current Covid-19 Deaths Are The Unvaccinated | MSNBC

The Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, issued a stark warning while speaking with MSNBC’s Ari Melber on vaccine hesitancy: “If you look at the deaths due to Covid-19 in the United States, 99.5 percent of them are among unvaccinated people.” In this wide-ranging interview, the duo also discuss the recent surge in coronavirus cases, “breakthrough” infections, the rise in cases among American youth and the White House’s approach to handling new variants

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  1. Next the Epsilon and Gamma Variants. At this point it’s going to happen it’s only a matter of when.

    1. @Ralph Boyd look up Klaus scwab and world economic forum YouTube page, it’s all on the world economic forum website. They want to have everyone injected with poison and graphene oxide in the jab. It’s all part of the new system that will be implemented, It’s not conspiracy theory it’s fact.

    2. @Dino Ferrante I get a feeling of Glee when no one wants to take your poison depop jab, people are waking up to this lie.

    3. @Mike Ghibelline of course, it’s all tied into them. All these billionaires and tech CEOs etc.. Are all somehow related to each other.

  2. Why do none of the media outlets choose to focus any longer on the death rate ?
    Everything reported now is about infection rates. No longer do they focus on mortality.
    Pay attention

    1. @Peter Hansen 95% of the deaths occurred before vaccine rollout (all unvaccinated of course). It might be true that the remaining 4% of deaths was from the unvaccinated since Feb, but vaccinated deaths (either due to covid or vaccine side effects) might never be fully counted or made public. And a bunch of severe vaccine side effects not ending up in deaths might have been totally ignored.

    2. @Chris Barbeau haha you proved me right still. you couldnt even do your math right with those numbers. With the numbers you provided its still 0.02% not 2% are you still confused

  3. When they say “misinformation” what they mean is, anything going against their disintegrating narrative

    1. Nurses quit jobs due to them lying about the numbers last time . Now they see we won’t take the vaccine now I guess we’re in danger ??? After living like this for 1 almost 2 years?? Get out of here

    2. @Rick Ramsey the media is the problem. They’re the type to tell you it’s not from a lab and that’s all a conspiracy. Then a year later they tell you it might be from a lab.

    3. @Rick Ramsey the media is what spreads misinformation. And we the people should be allowed to contest these “facts” that seem to change every week. They really think we dont have common sense

    4. Agreed! Been working in restaurants for almost 9 years now and have ALWAYS taken sanitary precautions every place I have worked and managed even at full capacity during this time of craziness with the COVID virus. Have not been sick not ONCE aside from a sinus infection. Had many friends vaccinated and two of them ended up in pretty bad shape and still claim they don’t feel the same or if they will ever feel the same again. The rest are fine but one ended up passing away with no warning signs prior to then being a health freak. Misinformation doesn’t come from truthful facts. Get your heads straight and stay woke.

    1. @Mama Petillo you WILL DIE if you listen to these guys. here is a tip, turn off your tv and covid goes away

    2. @YEP wow Lauren! Thanks. Now if I forget how to read, everything ignorant said in comments goes away! Why didn’t I think of that?
      Almost sounds like you’re threatening me…watch your words.

    3. How many Americans have perished under Biden’s watch?!

      FTR – I don’t subscribe to either political ideology. I just can’t help but point out the hypocrisy.

  4. If only they could give a straight answer about those who had Covid and if their antibodies will protect against future Covid strains..

    1. I want to say I had covid. 2019 I had gotten very sick Oh, I thought it was the flu but for me it felt ten times worse. I had to take a couple of weeks off of work. All I know is some people do not and won’t take any vaccinations. My children for one.

    2. According to Israeli studies naturally acquired immunity seems to be protecting better against reinfection than the vaccine.

    3. @Brent Harrington a bit misleading. This is only true if you got the delta variant. Not the original alpha corona virus. The vaccines available are proven to keep one out of the hospital. Almost all deaths from corona are among the unvaccinated. So getting the vaccine can prevent death and have been proven to make the disease less severe.

  5. Good news for democracy. The Republican effort to limit votes for the Democratic Party is being neutralized by them encouraging their own voters to come down with Covid and possibly not vote at all.

    1. Limit Voters? You mean keep voting to the people who are legally allowed to vote. If all the Democrats can do is court illegal voting, that sums them up completely. Biden did not win fairly, honestly, or by the votes of law-abiding legal Americans.

    2. @Alf Fetticini No, he doesn’t. The Republican party has been trying to limit votes for decades now, including removing polling stations in high population districts and increasing barriers to voting. You already show your ID when you register to vote, and that ID is used to match your signature for when they check your ballot. This system works, so why are you spreading weird conspiracies about Biden losing? He literally won an election. Get over it.

    3. @HobbsO You and I both know that Trump won. Unfortunately for the democratic party, their sloppiness will be their undoing. Besides, just like your parents told you…lies will always be exposed.

  6. Simple solution; get the vaccine and try to live; don’t get the vaccine and hope you live. There really is no more debate; just wait a little while longer and we will see.

    1. 95% of all fatalities occurred in people over the age of 50.

      Over 80% of all fatalities occurred in people who where overweight or obese.

      The statistical chances of severe infection of those under 50, healthy and of healthy weight are EXTREMELY low.

    2. it’s not about getting the vaccine or passing? It’s about preserving your right to choose!

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