1. Don’t panic, folks. The hurricane’s trajectory can be altered with a single stroke and millions will be saved. It’s a piece of cake. Who has a sharpie?

    1. You are spreading false hope in this information. Your post is despicable and you should be ashamed.

    2. Seriously, have you ever seen the track of Hurricane Betsy? That thing zig-zagged all over the place!

    1. You all might want to get a small generator and have several gallons of gasoline available for the generator so you can run your refrigerator, freezer and perhaps a microwave.

    1. Like anyone need a reason to impeach a president, your country is an absolute joke now! The world that loved and revered America is over! Even Hollywood cannot change what people think of America and her people, you’ve all been on show for the last 5 years the sht on the pavement happens NO WHERE else on earth! Smh your at war with each other over bs reasons and your country is on its knees! People are genuinely shocked at the level of IQ and the sheer anger and hatred you all show to one another! You’re all finished just too thick to know it! Look at the state of the president, he can barely walk and doesn’t even know what day it it, yet you’re all cheering cos it ain’t trump? Too ignorant to realise it

  2. I didn’t hear the advice to never drive through pools of standing water on the road. Does this mean it’s now safe to drive through pools of standing water on the road?

    1. Absolutely NOT. NEVER drive your car through ANY standing water. You don’t need them to tell you what to do. We should use our own good sense. You should not do this because you don’t know how deep it its. It can ruin your car and put you in danger.

  3. I’ve been watching this storm on a hurricane tracker. It has been wandering around out there in the Atlantic for about a week and now it has decided to head west. It is still a tropical storm and may be a Cat1.

    1. Omg, positivity in the comment section, I’m not sure how to respond! Thank you!! I’m hoping to one day visit your lovely state, it looks gorgeous

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