1. “It’s no longer a question of if the Former American President is a Traitor, but rather if Republican voters are still Americans.”

    1. @jperryhal proof? Look at the Biden Administration a 12 year old can figure out that High Gas Prices, Inflation, A Europe war that could lead to the Third World War, Woke People, etc. is not good for the economy the world or our Nation thanks to Biden Administration or just the Democrats themselves we are now the most divided nation ever in our history besides the Civil War

  2. Trump is steadily loosing it. As each day passes he is apparently inclined to utter ever more and increasingly stupid things. By his own mouth he is slowly discounting himself for a position in public office of any kind and unless I miss my guess, these utterances are only going to become ever more bizarre.

    1. @Robin Lillian Biden is being investigated for colusion with China. He’s the real traitor. But you won’t realize that because your a child and anything that CNN says you believe. Biden is weak he’s begging socialists and communists for more oil to make up for the mistakes he made 😂

    2. @Ligma Johnson Imagine all that, plus National security threat, then planning a complete takeover of America, and etc? It’s called taking care of immediate threats first. Maybe your party shouldn’t have been so reckless and obvious of their intentions. Though, all that is wrong, there’s just something more about this guy I can’t shake, and won’t let it go.

    3. @Mary listen trump isn’t president now. Joe Biden is president and he has more federal cases open than trump. Do you know Joe has an open case for sexual harrasment? He forced himself on a few females. If you did your homework like you said you did than you would know that also. Joe and his son are perverts and like little kids. You do what you want I could care less 🤣 human trafficking and laundering money with China is way worse than Trump’s tax returns 😂 let’s not forget Epsteins list with all your Dems on that list that there hideing please shut up. Epstein was a democrat and donksted millions of dollars to your democrats he didn’t donate to Republicans so think about it

    4. @Norge Repairs Congratulations! You have been duped by another Fake News story. Do like being lied to? is it comforting to hear what you want to hear?

    5. @Luke York Trump will definitely go away. That’s kinda an absolute part of life. He also will never be prez again (he’s still cronically butt hurt because he got fired from that job).

    1. @Eduardo Oliveira Considering the losing, fascistic horse your backing I think its clear which side of the quote applies to you lol. Luckily the country is on the road to leaving people like you behind in the dustbin of its history that one will only speak of in grimaces and embarrassed foot shuffling.

  3. A GOP politician thinks under a Democratic president that the debt is out of control and needs to end. Shocker! It’s just that it doesn’t seem so important when they are in charge.

    1. @M Hall ad hominem, auto loss bud…you seem to be going in the wrong direction. You almost had a point or two, but you are descending into pure insults and name calling. That means 1) you lose every time. 2) you have nothing to debate with. 3) you are out of logic and reasoning and only have ad hominem (many who do this also try to strawman it, but I will give you that. You have not used a strawman argument yet)
      Care to try again? Just a note 🙂 the ad hominem will not irritate or trigger me. I have argued with your type for too many years and actually I am a very unique person. I have realized how little the ad hominem work and how much they mean you are grasping at straws. So please continue :)…but really a good debate is better for enjoyment.

    2. @Sarah Barrett There is no way he meant that. Republicans aren’t interested in health care or helping people.

  4. How come republicans were not concerned when trump increased the National debt?
    They didn’t mind raising the debt ceiling for him.

    1. @scambammer well he is a salesman thus went to the least trusted arena in politician 😂. Other than the spending I actually liked a lot of his policies though.

    2. @Brian K what policies? Tax cuts for the rich, slurping putin’s dong, or blaming everything on the immigrants that he exploits?

    3. @scambammer tax cuts for almost everyone, getting out of international agreements like the Paris accord that promotes China to build coal plants and not starting any new wars. In addition not letting millions of illegal immigrants flood the south border but keep being brainwashed by your overlords.

    4. @Biden is Garbage dude it’s a fucking game of whackamole with these conspiracies and it’s never really clear whether you’re meaning Nazis as a good thing or a bad thing.

  5. Move forward by stopping election denial and voter suppression. Move forward by prosecuting the criminals who tried to overturn the constitution, including some in Congress.

    1. @Daniel Hensley We are already in hell because people like yourself have no critical thinking skills and cannot vote wisely.

    2. @Not Entirely Apathetic I’m sorry I was rash, I should have just said aggressively miss informed. I don’t think its up to me to educate a cult member who will just put their fingers in their ears and say FAKE NEWS.

      The bull shite is too deep and the faithful recitation of party hyperbole doesn’t mke you sound like a receptive person to prove anything to.

      Not interested and just being realistic about engaging a dead ender.

  6. One of the sacred affirmations of a US President, sworn upon a holy book, is to uphold the Constitution …. not to put it in a dumpster if it doesn’t work for him.

    1. @Biden is Garbage They, whoever they are, don’t really have to do anything. Trump throws himself against the wall every time he opens his mouth or does anything.

    2. @Saki Thank you.
      I have to admit that I truly enjoy “trolling” the Oaf Creepers with hard cold facts and hearty satire.
      Oaf Creepers abhor facts and satire.

    3. @James Ryan only traitor there is in America are democrats ( the party of slavery, part of hate and racism)

  7. Is helping regular citizens with their student debt codifying gay marriage rights pushing for LGBTQ rights and making jobs helping climate change an out of control agenda? Or would you consider canning the constitution installing a dictator and throwing out elections because we didn’t win an out of control agenda?

    1. yes yes, perfectly put, they are all about projecting,, look over there at the problems I’m telling you about , that don’t even exist,, instead of right here at my problems which are true and in great abundance.

    2. @russ horcher ya exactly like the grooming thing. It’s gross when you look at how many gop members have been accused. Or what about the fraud that they are doing. Or trump literally being paid by foreign governments to do their bidding. It’s blatantly obvious yet they throw a ball and their followers look for it like a dumb puppy.

    3. @Robin Lillian I honestly can’t believe I forgot to put that to wow I feel so stupid. Thank you for pointing that fact out to

    1. Trump’s not wrong though because Democrats want to make a one-party system so the Constitution wouldn’t even be valid because the one China project that the president of China invited agreed on to follow through on American soil in other words the Democrats want us to be Communists like China and have a one-party system and a one-party system only this is why the whole thing about packing the court and controlling both the house in the US Senate they don’t want a Republican party to exist they want only rich and poor only & no middle class and no Republican party

    2. @Retro Wave Where in the HELL did you get that – The Democrats neither want – nor have they ever talked about a ONE PARTY SYSTEM. And NO, – Trump is NOT right, he is talking something very close to Sedition. If you are so proud of the US Constitution protect it by saying NO to Trump’s obvious attempt to become your dictator. You claim the Dems want America to become Communist ? – That is dumb even by Trump-Supporter standards, – and THAT is dumb indeed ! … If you want to talk about attempts to make America a Communist State – look no farther than Donald Trump, who – apparently – wants to Suspend the Constitution so he can do the same as China’s Xi … use your brains, for God’s sake !

    3. @Bob Bart you clearly haven’t heard the one party speech that Biden gave almost 2 years ago when he met with the president of China and how he agrees with their one China policy it’s history repeating itself remember the Confederate Democrats wanted to kill the Republican party during the civil war the Democrats tried again in 1950 where they convinced the supreme Court to make all public education democratic which meant what segregation! And Democrats introducing the dangerous philosophy of education over liberation that’s how a communist thinks a liberated person thinks the opposite liberation over education or happiness before education don’t be so serious in life

  8. If I was prosecuting Trump I would use his statements as a witness to his overall willingness to ignore constitutional boundaries and that it speaks to his willingness to ignore laws. Making it more likely that he did knowingly incite crimes on Jan 6 and that he did indeed mishandle classified documents with no regard to the law.

    1. @Eric Allen Big difference between criticizing the GOVERNMENT of Israel for committing genocide and being antisemitic 🙄

  9. The Republicans politicians have stated that if Trump is their party’s candidate they would vote for him. So it’s business as usual. Party before country! DISGUSTING.

    1. @Cheryl Burns we all know the answer..so if you would lie about your sex.. what would you not lie about.. means your fake as hell.. i will not lie for you or to myself.. i to cool for that

    2. @jeff mcgowan Yeah Jeff, you’re real cool. Now educate yourself on the medical realities of what trans people deal with. It’s not a choice. Who would choose that? No one.

    3. @jeff mcgowan You cannot be serious! Trump never blamed anyone else?! That’s all he did and continues to do to this day. Thanks for the laugh. 😂

  10. Yes, people are concerned about the future, but they are also concerned with accountability for what happened. If there is no penalties for the past, there is no deterrent for doing the same in the future.

    1. @Biden is Garbage I don’t think this post is going to age well …. but you’ll probably have a different troll account by then right?

    2. @Biden is Garbage I know, Right. What I saw and heard live feed on Jan 6th didn’t happen. Time to bring your head back from Uranus.

  11. I simply love how the Republicans on any of these opinion shows describe the Biden administration as out of control or reckless and they do so as if the trump administration was totally in control! And as for the debt ceiling they totally ignore what trump added to the debt ceiling while also spending money like drunken sailors!
    The fact that this guy can say these things with a straight face is amazing!

    1. @Janzzen Really, Trump was solely responsible? There weren’t democrats clamoring to fill their donors pockets with loot? You’re only fooling yourself.

    2. @Moin No, CNN is leftist ideological propaganda (what is meant by “fake news”). The people you see on CNN (which I refer to as the Contrived News Network) are NOT fact-based journalist. When you watch it, you are consuming a prescribed narrative, which is fed to them by governmental influences, provided internally and externally. The gov’t and intel. arms of the Federal Government have assets inside ALL (yep, even Fox) mainstream media outlets. They have been doing this since the the 60’s. This fact was exposed in the mid-70’s during the C..hu-rch Committee investigation where “Operation Mock-in…..bird” was exposed (those were intended typos to make it more difficult for the Orwellian algorithm overlords to detect compromising truth and fact). Do some research, read the Committee final finding in the report and draw your own conclusion. Now, either I am saying things that have validity to them or just write me off as a conspiracy theory nut case. Your choice.

    3. @Riot GamerZ The embarrassing response to the pandemic was his fault, for certain. And I am no fan of Biden either, but at least he believes in peaceful transfer of power and the Constitution. Drumpf does not.

    4. @Slacker Man yeah the pandemic response was awful from him and yeah he’s acted like a child on the transfer of power. Elon Musk tweeted that Twitter has interfered in elections somehow so whether there was fraud or not, we won’t know.

  12. They always say Biden’s radical agenda but can never give any type of example of what’s so radical about what hes trying to do

    1. @Brother Big – If anyone is going to be a nazi its someone that was literally raised by one…. SPECIALLY when in that interview he says he has no remorse for what he did. I quote “if i did not do it someone else would have”.

    2. @Brother Big Tell that the nearly 20000 Amazon employees that will be out of jobs before Christmas – META and Twitter- Doordash – Netflix, Compass and Redfin to name just a few!

    3. @Keith Smith Adopting new epa oil and gas rules.
      Restricting or impending energy projects.
      Rejoining the Paris agreement without the consent of congress.
      Appointing unaccountable energy regulators.
      On day one of his presidency Biden managed to immediately kill thousands of union jobs and paralyzed americas energy industry with the excutive orders that killed the keystone pipeline

    4. @Tobias Birmingham Luckily, I am tracking the performance of these companies’ laid off employees on LinkedIn. It is really not a big problem for them to find a job if you know that after these companies laid off these many people, they still have more employees than they were in 2021. These people were just “robbed” from the smaller companies or non-tech firms by high salary.

  13. His inability to accept the 2020 election, his part in the Jan 6th insurrection and now asking to suspend the constitution should disqualify him from ever taking public office again.

    1. Absolutely, hes basically asking the rename the United states Trump World at this point. He only wants to be a fascist dictator and yet the far right still thinks he supports “freedom”, how delusional.

    2. @paulehot Ball and chain and send him to the Gulags in Russia. Dude loved the Russians and he sure changed tune when they decided to play WW3. Evil to the core

  14. Do you know what the “terminate the constitution” social media post reminds me of? When a serial killer gets bored that they lack recognition, and start leaving notes and calling cards. I swear he’s pushing the DOJ to indict him because he’s THAT narcissistic that he can’t help himself but keep pushing forward with his psychopathy.

    And I am here for his continued obstruction on official proceedings and Sedition.

    1. The DOJ is a JOKE that has done NOTHING to protect our country from tRUmp and will continue TO DO NOTHING!

    2. ​@Potato HeroSpotted the MAGAt. I have NEVER encountered an intelligent Trump supporter, lol. You illiterate far-right conspiracy-theorists: are America’s orcs.

    3. For all those that are too stupid to read the whole quote trump did not call for the elimination of the constitution he said “ so, with the revaluation of massive and wud spread fraud and deception in working closely with bid tech companies, the DNC and the democrat party, do you throw the presidential results of 2020 out and declare the rightful winner, or do you have a new election? A massive fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and article’s, even those found in the constitution. Our great founders did not want, and would not condone, false and fraudulent elections!”

  15. Always telling when you hear the GOP say they were “elected to stop the Biden Agenda” – rather than saying they were elected to do their best for the citizens who elected them.

    1. @Justin Gates This has nothing to do with Biden, or Obama, or “Hillary,” or anything else. Anyone who supports Trump, or even tries to rationalize and equivocate his madness, is anti-Constitution, anti-freedom, and anti-American. If Biden is just Blue Trump, then Trump is just Orange Hitler.

    2. @R Wags Satan and peoples sins created covid and cancer, blame him and yourself. If the majority of people didn’t love their sins more than loving God we wouldn’t be in this filthy sinful place right now. And i’d much rather have free will like God gave us where he doesn’t interfere and we learn some lessons along the way to take with us into eternity other than to be a controlled puppet. Satan runs this world just like the Bible says. Do you walk by a house and say I wonder how this got here or who built this? Everything you see in this world is made by someone, including the trees, plants, water, mountains, animals and us. This place is our test. Which side are you gonna be on and where you want to spend eternity is up to you. Free will.
      Psalms 14:1 KJV The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

    3. @Dale Bradley Maybe the left are fascist bullies and areas that used to be apolitical have been politicized. You seem to have no problem with institutions like the FBI having a political bent. That’s pretty bad. The nation is almost 50/50 divided. You are the fascist tyrants. Conservatives can’t get work in fine art, movies, TV, writing because your party can’t put aside politics and work with people unless they think just like themselves. You need to take a hard look at your fascist intolerant party.

    4. Look who is preaching about doing the right thing. Haven’t you noticed what the Democrats have been doing for more than 6 years? Trying to stop Trump. And if the majority believe we are going in the wrong direction what republicans are supposed to do? Support Biden? You’re not thinking.

  16. Anyone that calls for simply “throwing out” the constitution, rather than doing an amendment through the processes that the founding fathers set forth, should not be eligible to even RUN for public office. After all, if he won he would need to take an oath to the constitution. There’s no way we could accept his oath as valid if he has called for simply “throwing out” the constitution.

    1. For all those that are too stupid to read the whole quote trump did not call for the elimination of the constitution he said “ so, with the revaluation of massive and wud spread fraud and deception in working closely with bid tech companies, the DNC and the democrat party, do you throw the presidential results of 2020 out and declare the rightful winner, or do you have a new election? A massive fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and article’s, even those found in the constitution. Our great founders did not want, and would not condone, false and fraudulent elections!”

  17. I’ve been waiting to see if there are any more decent Republicans like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinsinger to come out and do the RIGHT THING, but none have. So it’s now safe to say that there is no such thing as a decent Republican. The more thuggish they become, the more they’re embraced by their party. But make no mistake. Truth, Justice, Common sense and Decency will prevail in the end. It ALWAYS does.

    1. How has the Top Republican leaders responded to this idiotic claim by Trump?The same ones who denounced him after his dinner with Kanye West,have they spoken out on this?

    2. @Nameless Person Yes, Ms. Cheney is on the issues a very conservative Republican. She’s never claimed otherwise. I do not belong to her party nor share her political ideology. But she is also a staunch defender of the Constitution of the United States and our constitutional, democratic republic. That is what this is about

  18. They all took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and they have broken that oath. There needs to be severe punishment

    1. @Goran Andrijasevic The oath is to the Bible above all else. The Bible prophecizes Trump. So He is greater then the Constitution pal

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